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    go ask alice

    i recently got my pup fixed for $50 because i went with a rescue called “Big Heart” and all they ask is for a $50 donation and if you cant give that donation they’ll still do it anyways.
    dont feel hopeless yet, there are many societys that would be happy to help you, even the spca! i would do some more research before getting to worked up over it, im really sorry for your situation i’ve been there before to.

    Goood luck!

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    go ask alice

    Thank Yasminpix!

    Yeahi understand that i’ll probably have to train my older dog aswell, but its jusst frusterating because shes hardly even my dog, more so my dads and as soon as i leash her or anything he acts like im killing her and starts saying “whaaaaat, what are you doing that for? look! shes miserable, thats just stupid take it off.” sure you may think its stupid but i dont.
    I definatly know what your talking about, anything my older dog does she jumps right in and does it to, like my older dog desided to eat some of my cereal when i left the room, alice is to short but if she was taller she would have been eatting that cereal to. I was so mad, its like i had Alice on the right track and now its going in a totally different direction.

    Lately tho i’ve just been doing the same things with her as i would do with Alice, kind of putting my foot down on all of her bad habits, its been working so far.

    Its not like i dont know how to train dogs, its just this isnt exactly my dog. But if its gonna live in my house shes gonna have to learn.

    Thanks again! and your pup is suuuuuper cute aswell (: love the ears!

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    go ask alice

    Also, i would just like to mention at 11 weeks old they still need to be taken out at every chance you get, and set your alarm clock at night for every hour and take him/her out until she goes, then set it for three more hours and try again.
    Obviously not alot of people are willing to do this due to work and what not but if can, it will make the process alot easier.

    Dont expect alot of progress at first, she/he still just a baby, but with constant training and corrections, she’ll do great!

    My girl is 4 monthes now and she still has the odd accident in the house but its usually by the door, (which means no one was around to let her out so its not her fault.)

    Good luck!

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    go ask alice

    i wouldnt worry to much about it, i have a 4 month old female pit and a 8 year old wolf husky shepherd x and thats all they ever do.
    Alice (my pit) is always wanting to play, but my older dog will growl, push ect ect but its not like she wants to kill her, its because shes trying to teach her her own boundaries.
    Just like us, dogs have there limits, for example, i saw alice trying to sneak a bite out of the garbage yesterday, i immediatly corrected her, showing that i DO NOT want that, just like your older dog, she DOES NOT WANT a puppy jumping at her face, so she’ll let her know, after awhile and once the pup relises the older dog is not interested, she’ll move on.
    But always give your older dog a helping hand, if the pup is jumping at her face tell her “no jumping!” or get her attention with something else, dont reward her for it tho, you dont want her thinking jumping up is a good thing.

    I definatly dont think its a disaster waiting to happen, i’ve always had more then one female dog, usually pit bulls to. What your older dog is basically saying is your a puppy, im not, dont treat me like im a puppy because im not.

    Im really sorry to hear about your dog passing away, i understand how hard that is.
    Just keep up with corrections, routine, exercise and love and you and your dogs will be much happier, like the saying goes, a good dog is a tired dog.

    Good luck!

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    go ask alice

    I definately get what your saying, but theres a 80% chance she’ll end up keeping the pup, and if thats what she decides then the least we can do is try and help for her and the dogs sake.

    I agree, pit bulls definately arnt for some people, especially for people who have no experience, but every 1000 mile journey must start with a single step, maybe this will be hers.

    I just hope for both of there sanitys that they do the right thing and either get educated, meet with some trainers ect, or give her to a good home who would enjoy the pup more.


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    go ask alice

    No problem, anytime! (:

    Liver is a cheap meat and it is sooo good for your dog, you can but it for $1.50 at the grocery store. Chicken breasts, ground beef and all that stuff is a really good thing to add to there crunchies once you break it up into little pieces too.

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    go ask alice

    this site is actually full of really good information, like the blog “Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?”
    and if you didnt watch the video from before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jh2_2z92mw





    all these site are really helpful, and i really do respect that your trying to educate yourself.
    i promise after a little more learning, you will find yourself much more attracted to the breed then you are at the moment.

    hope i helped!

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    go ask alice

    “Notice that I keep using the generic term “dog”?  That is because this applies to all breeds.  Dogs need structure and they need a routine.  A dog will give you in return what you give it.”

    thats EXACTLY right.
    dont think an abused or poorly trained golden retriever if given the chance wouldnt take a bite out of the side of your leg.

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    go ask alice

    thank you KaylasMom (:

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    go ask alice

    well then why did you adopt one?
    i have NEVER heard of a well trained pit randomly attacking its owner?
    this breed of dog (more then others) gets very attached to its owner, it would die for you before it would attack you.

    I think you should do your research because what your thinking isnt correct at all.
    when i was a baby our pit was my brother, i could sit on him, pull on his ears ANYTHING and he put up with it the whole time and protected me with his life, i even have his bio on my profile.

    those are professional dog trainers and behaviorist who also say this breed may have been bred to fight, but it doesnt have to be a fighter.
    the only way a dog like this would turn on you is if it was beaten or poorly treated which in my mind, then you deserve it.

    i hope you change your mind about this loving and gentle breed of dog.

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    go ask alice

    what i dont understand is why do people come on this site to say “your pits ugly” “mines mean, were gonna get rid of him” “all pits are mean”
    all of you obviously dont know anything about pit bulls so in my opinion you shouldnt own them.

    people like that are the reason why pits have such a bad rep.
    im younger then most of you and i control my pit with no effort.

    i hope that someone who can care for and who is a loving forever home ends up with your pit, because anyone who is willing to “get rid of him” shouldnt HAVE him at all.

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    go ask alice

    i agree with KaylasMom,

    Not telling them the breed isnt lying, its just being safe.
    It seems like alot of the time the trigger word for people is pitbull, and if they watch alot of news then im sure they would picture an agressive, huge, uncontrollable dog which 95% of the time isnt true.

    There are some great organizations that can help you find an awesome home for your pit, like HugABull or if your in the states then Love-A-Bull is a good one to.

    Im currently looking for an apartment for the summer when i move and i was really surprised at how many of them allow dogs as long as you put a deposit down.
    So dont think the only option is to give your pit away, there are many other things you can do to keep your dog.

    Good luck!

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    go ask alice

    as i always say, whatever works for you!

    there are always gonna be people who are going to tell you that what your feeding you dog isnt what you should be, sometimes there right and sometimes there just being ignorant.

    My pup is 4 1/2 old and i started making dog food for her, sometimes mixed with crunchies, and i’ll make her scrambled eggs sometimes and mix bacon grease (only suggested if your dog isnt over weight) with rice and vegatables with some liver and she loves it.
    Everyday i usually change her food up, she seems to enjoy it and her coat and heath is absolutely perfect!
    then other times i’ll just feed her wet food and crunchies (you should probably check the  ingredients first before buying).

    So i would say whatever works best for you and your dogs, everyone is different, sometimes you just gotta check out other options (:

    Good luck apollo & dukes mom!

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    go ask alice

    congradulation on the new pit!
    my girl is gonna be 4 1/2 monthes old soon, i dont know what i would do without her.
    good for you for rescuing him, my dad and i have rescued pits since i was a baby, there is nothing more rewarding!
    hope you have on this site, it had some really good information and well educated dog people who you can ask anything, have a good one!

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    go ask alice

    It sounds more like fear then aggression,
    Was he a rescue dog?
    I would suggest taking some obideince classes and curb this behavior right away, you definatly wouldnt want him biting someone.

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