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Jealousy & Training issues.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training Jealousy & Training issues.

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    go ask alice

    So recently i brought my older dog Smokey to live with us because she was pretty lonely with my dad considering he is alwaaays working.
    Only problems are, 1. she smells soooo bad because shes shedding. 2. she gave alice ear mites. 3. shes a off leash dog who has a mind of her own and i DO NOT want Alice picking up on her habits. Smokey is a husky, wolf sheperd chow x .
    I suspect im gonna get people saying “leash that dog blah blah blah” but shes just.. not a leash dog. shes 8 years old and never been on a leash but i feel alice is just gonna get frusterated that shes not allowed to do most things but smokey can.
    Smokey is a pretty good listener but when she doesnt wanna come, shes NOT going to.
    Last night she was so confused as to where she was, she went and sat on my neighbors doorstep for an hour until i relised where/what she was doing.

    I know im probably just being a crazy over causous dog owner but i really feel like shes gonna ruin alice’s and mines relationship or just screw up alice’s training all together.

    Any sort of advice would be greatly appriciated, i love them both to the moon and back but right now is a really important time for alice and i dont wanna train her the wrong way like i did with Smokey.

    Thanks you guys, much love xo


    I don’t think that Alice is going to get ruined by Smokey…but dogs do pick up what other dogs do.  I would keep working every day, several times a day, in short bursts with Alice’s training.  Keep doing it and it will continue to reinforce what Alice has learned.  Try to get Smokey involved with the training too.  If you are lucky, Smokey will see what happens when Alice does good, and will start offering up tricks and whatnot to get treats too. 

    Make sure that you spend time with Alice ONLY and without Smokey so that “jealousy” doesn’t result and Alice resent Smokey for being there.  That could spell trouble in the future.

    Make sure that you keep Smokey indoors or behind a fence if outside to keep Smokey from wandering off.  You don’t want something happening to Smokey.  Non-leash dogs can be taught to be leash dogs.  It takes a lot of work and training, but it can be done.  This is where a slip-lead would come in handy, just to get Smokey used to something around her neck.  If she wears a collar, attach a leash to it, and let her drag it for a bit, then remove it.  Treat her constantly to let her know that it is ok and it is a positive thing.  After some time of this, pick up the leash, hold it, treat Smokey and then let her go.  Gradually, you should be able to get her moving with the leash on.  Again, it will take time and patience, but it is really important that Smokey be trained. 



    So I have dealt with this before,  and my dog did begin to pick up the habits of the other dog. My dog was like, hey! look at that! that dog can do this and that and doesn’t have to listen to Grace, maybe I dont either! And so it began. The only way to stop it was to trian the other dog. It was a chore because the dog was sort of old and I had just finished with my dog’s training, and the thought of going through that process again was very undesirable. After I began working though, it wasn’t so bad. I think unfortunately thats just how it is. Dogs copy other dogs. You just have to train the other dog or else Alice will learn the negative behaviors. I know thats not what you wanted to hear, but I’m just being honest based on my experience. Actually, after I got going with the other dogs training, it was kind of fun to watch her progress. It took some effort, but it was worth it. She was pretty smart! You can do it! I hope this helps you, it’s tough to imagine having to train another dog, but once you get going it can be rewarding. I also think Cesar Milan might have some good resounces about training older dogs as well. Good luck! I hope everything goes well:)


    p.s. Alice is as adorable as she ever was


    Hello again, I just realised that there is  group on here called “teaching an old dog new tricks” Not sure, but maybe it could help.

    go ask alice

    Thank Yasminpix!

    Yeahi understand that i’ll probably have to train my older dog aswell, but its jusst frusterating because shes hardly even my dog, more so my dads and as soon as i leash her or anything he acts like im killing her and starts saying “whaaaaat, what are you doing that for? look! shes miserable, thats just stupid take it off.” sure you may think its stupid but i dont.
    I definatly know what your talking about, anything my older dog does she jumps right in and does it to, like my older dog desided to eat some of my cereal when i left the room, alice is to short but if she was taller she would have been eatting that cereal to. I was so mad, its like i had Alice on the right track and now its going in a totally different direction.

    Lately tho i’ve just been doing the same things with her as i would do with Alice, kind of putting my foot down on all of her bad habits, its been working so far.

    Its not like i dont know how to train dogs, its just this isnt exactly my dog. But if its gonna live in my house shes gonna have to learn.

    Thanks again! and your pup is suuuuuper cute aswell (: love the ears!


    Hey guys! I read all your comments, My  dog is very well behaved, but also very independant (if he does not wanna do some, he wont)…but since few months we mooved in a new place where there is already this  other dog from our neighbour, and he is only 8 months. He is very very smart and nice, but then when it comes to behaving, forget about it. I see that he is willing to learn, but it is still hard, The two of them are just alwaysssssssss together, they just get along soooooooo perfectly.

    The thing is that most of the time, we would want to spend some quite time with our dog, but the other one get very jealous and always comes to have his share of kissing and loving.

    So we started to only allow our dog into the house…but then I am afraid it would lead to some serious jealousy issues. Do you think that this dog understands that he is not our dog, and so he has more restrictions then our dog?

    What should we do to make understand this dog that he is not supose to come between us and our dog, knowing that our dog dont really have any problem with sharing(he even shares his food and water).

    It is one thing to train a dog, but it is very difficult to train one that is not yours, especially since we only know him since few months.

    Thanks guys

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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