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He’s too defensive.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training He’s too defensive.

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    You know what Alice, why should you bother…really. Those people don’t know nothing about pits. If this lady wants to get ride of her dog, the dog will be better of like that trust me. Cause no dog should liive in a house of ignorant people, who believe that their dogs can turn on them.

    I am sure that  this dog will find a better family,

    O btw miss “i heard on the news that they will turn on their masters”…the news forgot to tell you that THE FIRST THING THAT SOMEONE WHO OWNS A POWERFUL BREAD SHOULD NEVER DO, is to actually believe that his dog will turn on him. IF YOU DON’T TRUST YOUR DOG, your dog will feel it, and won’t trust you back. And then don’t be surprise if one day he’ll jump on you.

    As Alice said, puddles and labs bite much more often then pits.

    Pits are wonderful, amazing dogs…but as this site tells…it belongs only to SMART PEOPLE. When news tell you that PITBULL ARE MEAN you believe them, WHEN NEWS TELL YOU THAT BEN LADEN IS STILL HIDEN IN HIS MOUNTAINS, THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALL CRIMINALS AND THAT ISLAM IS THE DEVIL.. you believe them…so what now, you will believe them when they will tell you THAT TOMORROW WE WILL ALL BE EATEN BY GEANT SPIDERS…COMMON MAN, have some common sense. Dont believe everything you see on TV.

    go ask alice

    this site is actually full of really good information, like the blog “Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?”
    and if you didnt watch the video from before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jh2_2z92mw





    all these site are really helpful, and i really do respect that your trying to educate yourself.
    i promise after a little more learning, you will find yourself much more attracted to the breed then you are at the moment.

    hope i helped!

    Colton Shook

    You did and thanks!

    go ask alice

    I definately get what your saying, but theres a 80% chance she’ll end up keeping the pup, and if thats what she decides then the least we can do is try and help for her and the dogs sake.

    I agree, pit bulls definately arnt for some people, especially for people who have no experience, but every 1000 mile journey must start with a single step, maybe this will be hers.

    I just hope for both of there sanitys that they do the right thing and either get educated, meet with some trainers ect, or give her to a good home who would enjoy the pup more.


    Colton Shook


    Colton Shook

    Your right


    Well, that is true. I guess that she can get some help to learn about those dogs.

    I get so frustrated when it comes to pitbulls. I am sick of hearing the same stuff over and over again. We should not discriminate the bread, but discriminate the dumb-ass that use them for wrong reasons…they are the criminals, not those dogs.

    But I guess that you are right, it is better to help and prevent.

    Well I guess that the best thing to do is watch CESAR show…it sounds cliche but he knows a lot on pits and there is plenty skills that anybody could use for trainings (but be careful! What Cesar uses on his show are not always good things to do for people who are not really experienced with the bread!)

    Alice, you are the superwoman of the site looll


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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