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PitBulls.org aims to be the premier resource for American Pit Bull Terrier and their humans. This site is run by Matthias and some other Pit Bull enthusiasts who help with article writing and pictures every now and then. I (Matthias) used to own a ridiculously adorable Pit Bull named Blaze.

This is the place to learn about the breed, and for owners to share and grow their enjoyment. We are not vet specialists or veterinarians by ANY means, no information contained in articles and or content in this website is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, veterinary medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. PLEASE always consult your vet!

Pitbulls About Us

This blog was started in 2008 and has always tried to portrait Pit Bulls for what they are without the myths and stereotypes that follow the breed but also adding an emphasis on the responsibilities that having a smart, strong and energetic pet carries.

We have in the past created a big community where our followers could upload your dog’s bio, vote on other bios, win prizes with photo contests, meet new people, and find resources to help you raise your dog. At this moment this is too expensive and time consuming for us to maintain but we hope to bring back those perks to our followers and friends.

We hope the information you find here is useful for you and your Pit Bull. Feel free to follow us on social media, comment in our articles, join our mailing list (you will get a free training mistakes report) or just send us an email.

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