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Why Do Pitbulls Smile

If you’re one of the lucky owners who own a pit bull, or have the chance to get close to one, you might have seen the smiling face of a pit bull. You may wonder, are they smiling at you? Or is there something else behind that smiley face?

Anyway, with all the groundless bad reputation surrounding pit bulls,it’s easy to think of it as a fluke. The thing is, Pitbulls do smile at their owners and close companions. Now, the question is under what circumstances will pitbulls smile.

Without further ado, let’s get into details.

Why Do Pitbulls Smile

Most of the time, pit bulls show their adorable smile when they’re relaxed. Which is to say, they will smile when they feel content, safe, and secure with their surroundings.

However, this is not always the case. Pit bulls will also smile for other reasons. For example, Pitbulls will have a smiling face when they’re tired from activity, or when they’re overheated. Sometimes, that smile can also be due to them feeling nervous.

Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Moreover, pit bulls naturally have a wider mouth than any other dog breed. Thus, just a little upward motion on their mouth area, it will give them an overall smiley look.

All in all, this expression of emotion is somewhat similar to how we humans express ourselves. Just like how some people will laugh when they’re anxious, or cry when they’re happy, dogs will do the same too.

Hence, being a smart dog owner, understanding your dog, especially their emotions, can be very helpful in knowing your dog’s needs. By learning the type of smile they’re displaying, whether it’s a happy smile, submissive smile, or nervous smile, you can take the right action for your dog as well as taking control of the situation.

The Different Smiles Of Pitbulls

Happy Smiles

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons pitbulls will smile is because they’re feeling happy, relaxed, and secure. This smile can happen at any time, from taking them for a walk, playing with them, cuddling them etc. Sometimes, it is simply because they can be next to you.

Positive Reaction Smiles

Dogs can read our body language, tone of voice, and other expressions to understand our emotions. So, when a dog receives a positive emotion or reaction from their human, they will smile back at us. These positive reactions include petting them, complimenting them, laughing and taking pictures of them, and more.

Why Do PItbulls Smile?

Smiles From Exhaustion

Pitbulls might portray a smiley face from exhaustion too. After an intense playful session, the dog will pant, which can look like a smile. As a matter of fact, panting is a natural way for dogs to cool themselves down.

Submissive Smiles

Unlike what the media always portraying — pitbulls are aggressive by nature — pitbulls are actually very gentle and will be submissive. When a pitbull is being submissive, they often lower their head, wag their tail, and show their front teeth by pulling back their lips, mimicking the look of a smile.

This submissive stance with humans is to indicate that they’re friendly and not a threat, and it is something that every dog does. After all, it’s just downright adorable when you look down at a dog wagging its tail and smiling at you.

Final Thoughts

Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Now you know that pitbulls do smile, although it can be for different reasons. But do all dogs behave the same? While most dogs do display some sort of smiling behavior and bubbly personalities, not all dogs will smile when they’re relaxed or happy with their owners.

Consequently, this is a unique trait that makes pitbulls stand out, giving people another reason to get a pitbull for a pet. Additionally, this trait also lets pitbulls’ owners have the chance to connect with their dog on a deeper level.

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