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Do Pitbulls Have Underbites?

So you just brought back a pitbull pup, and as a first-time pitbull owner, the feelings can be pretty mixed. On one hand, you’re excited and have been reading tips on raising a pitbull. On the other hand, these tips can be confusing and make you wary.

Nevertheless, it’s normal for you to feel this way. After all, you want the best for your pup. In this article, we will specifically discuss underbites in pitbulls.

Let’s find out if Pitbulls have underbites and what you should do if your pup has one.

Do Pitbulls Have Underbites?

Despite being part of the brachycephalic breed, Pitbulls are not known for having underbites. With that being said, pitbulls that have underbites are usually due to genetic defects.

Underbites, also known as canine malocclusion or undershot jaws. It’s a condition where the dog’s lower jaw sticks out further than the upper jaw.

Do Pitbulls Have Underbites?

In many cases, underbites won’t pose a significant health issue. Instead, it’s more of a cosmetic issue. However, a severe misalignment can cause the dog’s teeth to wear down unevenly, leading to eating problems or oral pain.

Nevertheless, underbites in pitbulls are certainly not common. Even if your pitbull has underbites, they could still live a happy, trouble-free life. Besides, you can always consult the nearest veterinarian clinic for further advice and underbite treatment.

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What Are The Effects Of Untreated Underbites?

Although a pitbull with underbites may look cute and endearing, it can be bad for the dog. This especially when the misalignment is quite severe.

In the long run, a severe underbite can lead to serious health problems when left untreated. Some possible issues of untreated underbites in Pitbulls include:

Difficulty in eating

A pitbull with underbites may have problems properly biting and chewing their food. This prolonged difficulty in eating, in turn, can lead a Pitbull to malnutrition and weight loss.

Pain and discomfort

Due to the misalignment, the Pitbull’s teeth will constantly run against its gums, leading to irritation and chronic pain.

Do Pitbulls Have Underbites

Dental issues and infection

Pitbulls with underbites are prone to dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. When dental problems keep occurring, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause oral infections.

Indeed, there are also instances where underbites didn’t cause any health problems that needed medical attention. Still, it’s important to keep an eye on your pitbull and get veterinary care when you spot any symptoms.

All in all, as a responsible owner, it’s best to let the expert check on your Pitbull’s underbite condition. At least you could be sure of the proper action to take in handling this matter.

Is Underbite A Genetic Problem?

Unfortunately for underbites in pitbulls, it’s mainly because of genetic problems. This means that such defects can be passed on from one generation to another. Thus, it’s important to know and understand your pitbull pup’s origin and its parents genetic history.

The best way to get all this information is through the breeders. This is also the reason why one should always get their dog from breeders who adhere to ethical breeding standards and practice.

As part of their moral practice, they will tell ahead of the genetic conditions of your future pet. In addition, they tend to refrain or refuse to breed dogs with genetic problems.

What Causes Pitbulls To Develop Underbites?

There are several factors that can cause the Pitbull to develop an underbite. Some of these reason include:

Genetic defect

If both parents have underbites, there is a higher chance that the offspring will also develop an underbite.

Improper feeding or unbalanced diet

A diet that is too hard or too soft can affect the dog’s jaw. In addition, making sure that they are given a balanced diet protects their dental health and keeps their jaw strong.

Do Pitbulls Have Underbites

Physical injury or trauma to the jaw

Any accident or a brutal hit on the dog’s face and mouth can cause bones to misalign over time.

Treatment and Care For Underbites

According to The Spruce Pets, underbites can be fixed by getting dogs braces and orthodontics. This is a specialized treatment which needs to be done by a veterinary dentist. In other cases, treatment of underbite requires the removal of affected teeth.

If the underbites are quite mild, to ensure that the it does not cause any dental issues, make sure to brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Seek the recommendation of your veterinary dentist for the best toothbrush for your pitbull, as well as the type of toothpaste or oral wash for your pet.


Do Pitbulls Have Underbites

To conclude, pitbulls can have underbites. Although this condition is not typical with this breed, it is still possible for Pitbulls to have it. The key is to make sure that you are aware of your dog’s genetic lineage.

In addition, whether your pitbull has underbites or none, they should get regular vet check-ups. This ensures that their health is being looked after properly.

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