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How To Discipline A Pitbull

Anyone that owns a pitbull, understands well the difficulty in the task of training this fellow canine. But what is even harder is knowing the best methods on how to discipline a pitbull.

Pitbulls’ strong and muscular physique and breeding history have led to the misconception that one needs to involve exerting force to successfully discipline them. On the contrary, there is no need to use force to train them.

So what are the methods? Well, read on to learn the best way to discipline a pitbull.

How To Discipline A Pitbull

One common problem you will face when looking for ways in disciplining a pitbull is there are many different opinions around. Though different opinions abound, the best way to discipline a pitbull is using positive reinforcement.

Pitbulls, like every other dog, learn best when you use a positive reinforcement method during training. With positive reinforcement, there is no need for you to raise your voice or lay a hand in disciplining your canine companion.

How To Discipline A Pitbull

Positive reinforcement works by rewarding your pitbull when they behave well and listen to your command. Vice versa, when they misbehave, you refrain from showing them any positive attention.

So, how to reward your pitbull’s good behavior? Well, there are many ways to reward your furry friend! You can give treats, pet them, or verbally praise them.

Now, your pitbull will start to associate certain behaviors with rewards. In turn, they will learn what actions are acceptable and will behave accordingly.

Using Positive Reinforcement

Now you have a rough idea about positive reinforcement, but how should you go about disciplining your dog using this method? In addition, what approach should you take if your Pitbull inevitably does not meet your expectations?

Positive reinforcement is quite easy to implement in training. All you need is to only give rewards when it’s a positive behavior and withhold these rewards when they misbehave. For instance, you will give out treats to your pitbull when they are well-behaved.

How To Discipline A Pitbull

If they aren’t, the act of giving out treats needs to be stopped until they understand their behavior is unacceptable. In addition, you may need to desist other actions that are associated with rewards like petting them or praising.

You might be tempted to use a stern voice and tell your pitbull ‘NO’ when they mess up. Frankly, this action is not necessary and may actually have an adverse effect.

After all, the key in disciplining your pi using positive reinforcement is to avoid force – both physically and verbally and raising your voice or being forceful with your pitbull.

Using Force During Discipline

Many dog owners have the misconception that to effectively discipline a Pitbull, force is necessary. Not only is this notion incorrect, it is actually very dangerous.

When a Pitbull misbehaves, you should not be forceful or aggressive with your dog. Displaying any sort of force or aggressiveness may startle your pitbull. As a result, they might end up lashing out and injuring you or themselves.

All in all, force is not necessary and will certainly backfire on you. So, it is best to avoid showing your pitbull force while attempting to enforce discipline..

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Are Pitbulls Easy To Train?

Due to its breeding history, Pitbulls have a reputation of being aggressive, imposing that they’re difficult to train. But is this really the case?

In reality, pitbulls are trainable dogs. They are intelligent and are naturally inclined to please, which explains why they thrive on positive reinforcement methods.

Like every dog, the best training starts at a young age. Not only will you establish a bond with your pup, starting training at a young age will help a Pitbull to establish a routine as they work to learn your expectations.

But what if you consider adopting an adult pitbull? Well, worry not, all’s not lost, they can still be trained. However, you may need to show a little more patience, get necessary help from dog trainers to train adult pitbull.

How Tp Discipline A Pitbull

Regardless, consistency is the key when it comes to dog training. Establishing a routine together with the right training method, your pitbull will surely master your commands in no time.


While there are plenty of tips out there regarding how to discipline a Pitbull, the best way to train a pitbull is through positive reinforcement.

With the positive reinforcement method, it’s easier for your pitbull to learn what behavior is acceptable and not acceptable. After all, they will associate good behavior to reward and bad behavior to no reward.

In no circumstances force should be used while disciplining your dog. Not only you won’t get your pup to listen to you, you are actually putting your and your pup in danger as they might turn aggressive from being startled.

Last but not least, to make sure the method works to its best, consistency and patience is necessary.

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