Pit Bulls » Do Pitbulls Have Lock Jaws? – Debunking the Myth

Do Pitbulls Have Lock Jaws? – Debunking the Myth

Pitbull is a breed that is often misunderstood due to its breeding history. Now, there is even a myth or common belief perpetuated by the media that Pitbulls can lock their jaws when they bite, making them seem to be even more dangerous.

This myth has been circulated for years, inciting more fear and misunderstanding about Pitbull. For this reason, it’s essential- to examine the truth behind this notion and dispel inaccurate information.

Do Pitbulls Have Lock Jaws?

No, Pitbulls do not have a locking jaws ability. They do not have any unique physical mechanism or facial structure that allows them to lock their jaws.

In fact, it has been established that the anatomy of a Pitbull’s jaw is similar to that of any other dog breed. That said, there is no evidence to support the existence of a physical or anatomical locking mechanism in their jaws.

Do Pitbulls Have Lock Jaws? - Debunking the Myth

So, where does this myth come from? Well, the origin of this myth could be traced back to Pitbulls history as bull-baiting dogs. They were trained to bite and latch onto bulls, often required not to release their grip. This persistence and determination made people assume that Pitbull have a locking jaws ability.

Then, this myth was further accentuated by Pitbulls’ strong biting force. You might have heard about their strong bite force compared to other dog breeds. Indeed, Pitbulls do possess a stronger bite than some other breeds. Still, this impressive bite force does not equate to a locking jaw.

In summary, the fear and misinformation about Pitbulls having lock jaws are unfounded. Their tenacity and bite force might give the illusion of a locking jaw, but this notion is far from reality.

Remember that it’s crucial to base your understanding of any breed on accurate information and rely on facts when discussing their characteristics.

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Which Dog Has The Strongest Jaw?

Regarding jaw strength, different breeds of dogs possess varying levels of bite force. While Pitbulls may have a reputation for having strong jaws, they are not at the top of the list.

Based on the information gathered from various sources, here are some dog breeds and their respective jaw strengths:

  1. Kangal: Known for their protective instincts, Kangals have the strongest jaws among dog breeds, bearing a bite force of about 743 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  2. Mastiff: A gentle giant in nature but can be pretty protective, Mastiffs have a jaw strength of 556 PSI.
  3. Rottweiler: As mentioned in the search results, Rottweilers are family-oriented dogs with a strong bite force of 328 PSI.
  4. German Shepherd: These dogs are highly intelligent and renowned for their loyalty, possessing a bite force of 238 PSI.
  5. Pitbull: Despite their fierce reputation, Pitbulls’ jaw strength measures around 242 PSI, following the German Shepherd.

It’s worth noting that the bite force of a dog often correlates to its size and breed history. For example, the Kangal and Mastiff are bred for guarding and protection, which explains their powerful jaws.

Nevertheless, individual temperament, training, and socialization are still the major contributions of a dog’s behavior and its potential danger.

Do Pitbulls Have Lock Jaws? - Debunking the Myth

In summary, while Pitbulls have strong jaws, other dog breeds have even more significant bite forces. Being well-informed about a particular breed’s history and characteristics is essential before making judgments or decisions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no dog breed, including Pitbulls, possesses the ability to lock their jaws. According to research by experts such as Dr. Lehr Brisbin from the University of Georgia, Pitbulls and other breeds lack unique physiological traits that enable their jaws to lock.

The belief that Pitbulls have lockjaw likely stems from their historical role as bull-baiting dogs. In the past, these dogs needed to bite and latch onto bulls for sport, resulting in the misconception that their jaws were locked.

However, their jaws function like any other dog, with no distinct features allowing them to lock their jaws. In essence, the characteristics of a Pitbull’s jaw are consistent with those of other canine breeds.

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