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Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

Should I let my Pitbull sleep with me? This is a question that is frequently on the minds of new Pitbull owners.

Depending on where you look, you may get a different answer to this question. Though opinions are mixed on this topic, we’ll offer you our take so you can be better informed in your decision.

Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

We do not believe that letting a Pitbull sleep with you is an inherently dangerous act. Still, allowing any dog to sleep with you involves its own unique set of risks, and this holds true for Pitbulls.

One risk a dog’s owner might face is accidentally being harmed by their dog who suddenly startles awake. Conversely, accidents may also happen to the pooches. For instance, one may accidentally kick their pet dog in their sleep, or worse, crush them.

Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

Regardless, the decision to sleep with your Pitbull is ultimately in your hand. If you’re comfortable with the risks, then sleeping with your pittie can be a beneficial activity for them.

There are plenty of benefits to look forward to in letting your Pitbull sleep with you. Knowing your precious pet is near to you, you will enjoy a sense of safety and protection. This sense of security is even stronger for those that live alone.

Of course, things can get a little trickier if you’re a light sleeper and it might be best to not sleep in the same bed with your Pitbull. Dogs can be restless during the night. They can easily wake up in response to stimuli that humans can’t detect.

You also need to consider that your Pitbull may take a substantial portion of the bed, which can lead to a less comfortable sleep. In addition, some pitbulls might even snore in their sleep, which in the end causes you to not have a quality sleep.

All in all, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of sleeping with your Pitbull before you make the decision.

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Do Pitbulls Enjoy Sleeping With Their Owners?

Generally, dogs do enjoy sleeping with their owners as it’s a good bonding activity. However, it still depends on the dog’s personality and temperament.

Thus, it’s not a surprise to hear stories about how some Pitbulls enjoy sleeping with their owners, whilst some are not keen or comfortable with the arrangement. So, if your Pitbull is the latter, avoid forcing them to sleep with you. If they prefer to sleep in a dog bed or different location, they should be allowed to do so.

How Old Should My Pitbull Be To Sleep With Me?

Technically, there is no specific age of when it’s acceptable for your Pitbulls to sleep with you. A variety of factors should be weighed before deciding to let your Pitbull sleep in your bed.

Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

First, you need to take into account the size of the dog. Ideally, it’s not advisable to let puppies sleep in the same bed with their human. It can be a little dangerous as the puppy might fall off from the bed or get crushed by their human. The best is to wait until the Pitbull is nearing its adult size before allowing them to sleep in your bed.

Additionally, adult Pitbulls usually already have adequate training than puppies. Incidents like peeing in bed most likely won’t happen with a grown Pitbull. Besides, puppies are usually very active, which means you will surely face a restless night.

Altogether, more consideration needs to be put as well as giving adequate training, including potty training to your pitbull puppy before letting them sleep in your bed.

Can My Pitbull Sleep With My Child?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not recommended to let a Pitbull sleep with a child. Reason is children lack the understanding of personal space and are still unable to control their strength. They may grab, poke, or push a Pitbull aggressively, which can result in the Pitbull acting out.

As a dog owner, you need to remember that even the most well trained dogs can be unpredictable. Although Pitbulls are loving pets, letting them sleep in the same bed with a child is certainly not a good idea. Also, both children and Pitbulls are too unpredictable to be left alone with each other.

Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me If They Have Separation Anxiety?

Pitbulls with separation anxiety have a difficult time being away from the owners. Depending on the severity of your dog’s separation anxiety, they may not want to sleep without being close to you.

It can be touching that your Pitbull has such a strong desire to be near you all the time. Still, you need to think thoroughly if allowing them to sleep with you is actually in their best interest.

Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

In other words, letting a Pitbull with separation anxiety sleep in your bed might calm them down, but is it the best choice for them? As a pet’s owner, it’s inevitable to leave your pet alone at home on certain occasions. So, if such a situation occurs, what will happen to your Pitbull?

Besides, continuously allowing a Pitbull with separation anxiety to sleep with you actually blurred down the dog boundaries. For that reason, you might face difficulty in commanding and disciplining your Pitbull.

In short, in dealing with a pitbull that has separation anxiety, as the owner, it’s wise to consult and ask for help from the professionals.


Overall, there is no one straight answer on whether you should allow your Pitbull to sleep in the same bed as you. Some will say it’s a bad idea, while others express that it’s perfectly acceptable to let your Pitbull sleep in your bed.

Ultimately, the owners know their dogs the best. Hence, the decision in allowing Pitbulls to sleep with their owner should be on the owner’s judgment itself.

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