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Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

A running dog is an amazing sight to behold for any dog owner. Small or big, all canines love letting out an occasional little run.

Needless to say, how much they enjoy running is evident by their smile while doing so. If you love to run and you love pitbulls, you probably asked yourself: are pitbulls good running dogs?

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

Yes, pitbulls can be good running dogs. Whether you’re looking for a jog or run, your Pitbull can keep up with it. Besides, they are always happy to come along.

You see, the agile and athletic nature of a Pitbull is well suited for running. They can be your determined running buddy that motivates you to take that extra lap around the block. In other words, they will be a good personal motivation coach.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

Additionally, it’s a great intensive exercise session that lets your pitbull burn off that extra energy. Nonetheless, always monitor your bully when you’re running. You don’t want to over exercise them.

Pitbulls are also amazing stranger-repellent, a great option for female joggers. The fierce and muscular build, as well as their loyal and protective nature means pitbulls will protect their owner at all cost.

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Tips Before Running With Your Pitbull

Although running is a relatively cheap sport that does not require too much gear, there is still a bit of preparation before running with your Pitbull.

First, ease your Pitbull into a running program. You can begin at a comfortable pace where you can communicate with your dog easily. The last thing you wish is to be winded when trying to slow an energetic pup down on the road.

Start with 2-3 miles for each run, with at least 3-4 runs per week. After a week or so running at basic pace, slowly add an extra 0.5 miles or extra 10 minutes in the routine.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

If your Pitbull tolerates the increase effortlessly, increase the pace or the running frequency. Once they can handle the base mile, you may start to increase the distance to 4-5 miles per run.

Bear in mind to never overdo it with running. Your pitbull’s body, as well as yours, need to recover. Have at least one (if not 2) rest day as suggested by many dog trainers.

So what if you can’t commit to the running program due to your work, well, sign up for a dog running program near you.

These programs are usually designed by professionals who know how to get your four-legged friend getting familiar with the sport. Which also means it will be less trouble for you when you take them out for a run.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the process. Just remember to be a responsible pitbull’s owner. Same as walking, appropriate leash manners are necessary when running with your pitbull . Also, always clean up your pitbull dump, other joggers will surely thank you.

FAQ – About Running With Your Pitbull

How Old Should Your Pup Start Running?

Your dog should not go for runs until their growth plates are completely closed. Remember that growth plate closure is subject to the individual and breed but normally is about 18-24 months of age.

Regardless of your Pitbull’s energy, the vets say you must wait until the growth plates close.

What Should You Bring During Your Run With Your Pitbull?

Any time you leave the house with your dog, always bring poop bags. A water bottle your dog can drink from is also smart if you are not running near water and will be out for more than a few miles.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

What Time Of The Day Should You Run With Your Pitbull?

Early morning runs are ideal because they are the coolest (and safer). However, dusky runs will keep your Bully cool most of the year.

On the other side, hardcore winter runners might wish to time their runs during the afternoon sun to prevent freezing.

What About If My Dog Pulls?

You can start training for canicross. In this sport, your pup helps pull you through a race. Your dog pulling is probably good if you have the proper setup.

If you would rather not have your Bully pulling you, take the time to teach your pitbull loose leash walking. However, if the pulling sets you back, a dog training harness or anti-pull harness might be a good solution.

How Often Should You Run With Your Pitbull?

It depends on your Bully’s fitness level and age. A young, healthy Pitbull can be exercised multiple times daily without a problem. Older dogs may require more rest and recovery time between jogs or other strenuous activities.

A good rule of thumb for adult pitbulls is to exercise them for about 10-20 minutes per day at a brisk pace. It can be broken up into several shorter sessions throughout the day or longer sessions at night before bedtime.

If your pup is overweight or has any medical conditions, always consult your vet before starting a running program.

Final Thoughts

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

To sum up, pitbulls are not the fastest of all dog breeds, but they’re high on the list. Their speed, athleticism, and strength make them the perfect running buddies.

Whether you wish to train your dog in running or jogging, a Pitbull would be more than glad to work by your side.

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