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Guide For A Responsible PitBull Owner

Pitbulls are not your average pet. Due to the perceived dangerousness of the breed, it is the duty of every Pitbull owner to ensure that they are always responsible and that their dogs are never out of control.

By being a responsible pitbull owner, you can prove that this breed is as good of a dog as any other.

If you are looking for a loving and loyal dog, then a Pitbull is the right breed so let us tell you more about them!

Are Pitbulls Good For First-Time Owners?

Pitbulls are great for first-time dog owners as long as you have the time and patience to take care of them and train them properly.

Certainly, they are not for everyone, but a Pitbull may be the right breed if you are looking for a loyal, loving dog.

Here are some reasons why Pitbulls are suitable for first-time owners:

  • Pitbulls are intelligent and can be trained to follow commands and perform tricks
  • They are also good watchdogs
  • Pitbulls are great with families
  • They require relatively low maintenance (once trained)

Why Are Pitbulls Good For First-Time Owners

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Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Not Suitable For First-Time Owners

Pitbulls can be dangerous to themselves and others if not trained and socialized correctly.

They are also often stereotyped as “dangerous” dogs, complicating finding homeowners insurance.

There are several disadvantages to owning a Pitbull.

  • They are not a singular breed, this can be confusing for a first-time owner
  • Pitbulls can be aggressive, especially toward other dogs and animals.
  • They require a lot of exercise and can be destructive if left alone for too long.
  • They also have strong jaws that can cause severe damage if they bite.

To Be A Responsible PitBull Owner

1. Always Leash

Pitbull on leash

Gone are the days when dogs were allowed to roam free.

Although some dogs can get away with off-leash activities, the pitbull owner there is responsible for ensuring that their dog is always in control.

All it takes is one incident with a fussy poodle owner to paint your dog as the “vicious” type.

It must be leashed whenever your dog is outside in a non-fenced area.

2. No Unsupervised Play

Along the same line, whenever your dog is interacting with other dogs, no matter how socialized they are, they must be supervised at all times.

One unfortunate characteristic of the pitbull is that they have incredibly strong jaws and sharp teeth (and can be stubborn with them), meaning that a chance encounter with the wrong type of dog could be disastrous.

3. Always Spay Or Neuter

Any type of dog is more volatile when they still have its reproductive organs.

Females and males alike become aggressive and have a tendency to escape when it is time to breed, whether you want them to or not.

Responsible pet owners should spay or neuter their dogs before they can cause any damage – generally at around six months old.

The only exception is for responsible breeders, who should take precautions to ensure that their females do not interact with other dogs when they are in heat.

And also that their male dogs are always under control.

4. Socialize With Care

pitbull Socializing

When you have a dog, you first want to run down to the closest dog park to let your canine have some fun.

Unfortunately, more incidents involving dog fighting happen here than anywhere else.

People tend to be perfectly comfortable with letting their dogs run wild at dog parks and don’t take any notice of poor behavior.

The majority of the time because dogs are worn out and get frustrated with the antics of another dog, which results in an altercation.

You are better off attending a class that focuses on good dog behavior and sticking to long walks, and the occasional play date with other well-behaved dogs.

5. Exercise Daily

A tired dog is a happy dog, and the pitbull is no different.

Since this is considered a high-energy breed, owners can expect to spend approximately one hour per day exercising their dogs.

Failure to properly exercise a pitbull can result in anxiousness, increased aggression, and destructive habits – such as destroying your favorite pair of shoes.

If you find that walks alone are not burning off significant amounts of energy, then consider enrolling your dog in an agility or flyball class or introducing them gently to a treadmill.

You will find that regular exercise makes your dog more relaxed and fun to be with.

6. Confine With Confidence

Whether your dog is in your backyard, your basement, or another room of the home when you are not around, you need to ensure that they are safely and securely confined.

Pitbulls are quite intelligent and if left to their own devices will attempt to open the door or dig under fences.

Before you leave your dog at home alone they should ideally be crated, unless you are sure that they will not get into trouble.

In most cases a dog will be happier and safer in a crate when you are gone.

7. Be Their Advocate

The best pitbull owners do their best to be advocates for their dogs.

The first step is to understand the breed and its challenges before getting a Pitbull, and then only do so if you are completely comfortable handling this breed.

The second step is to raise a happy, well-adjusted, trained, and properly socialized dog.

You can then show others how great Pitbulls can be and hopefully teach a few people that these dogs are not all they have been portrayed to be.

8. Be Prepared To Do The Right Thing

pitbull with muzzle

Sometimes, no matter what you do or what type of breed you have, you end up with an unstable dog.

Part of being a responsible Pitbull owner is knowing when your dog can no longer be around others.

Many adolescent dogs become aggressive for no good reason, and you need to watch for signs that perhaps your dog is one of them.

If you have any concerns about your dog, you need to ensure that it cannot hurt anyone.

This may mean a muzzle, professional behavioral training, or in severe cases euthanasia.

This may be a difficult decision, but all owners of potentially aggressive dogs need to be prepared to make it.

Pitbull Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about Pitbulls. Many people think they are aggressive and dangerous dogs, but that is not necessarily true.

Pitbulls can be great dogs for first-time owners as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to train and socialize them properly.

They can be great family pets if raised with children and other animals.

However, because of their strong jaws and robust build, Pitbulls can be very destructive if not trained properly.

It is important to remember that Pitbulls are not naturally aggressive or violent dogs; it is typically how they are raised and treated by their owners that determine their personality.

If you are considering getting a Pitbull, do your research first. Many resources are available to help you learn about these beautiful dogs.

Once you have decided that a Pitbull is suitable for you, be prepared to commit to training and socializing your new pet properly.

With love, patience, and consistency, you can have a happy and healthy pitbull that will be a cherished member of your family for years to come.


While owning a Pitbull has pros and cons, they can make great pets for first-time owners.

With the proper training and socialization, Pitbulls can be loving and loyal companions.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog and are considering a Pitbull, ensure you have enough time to commit to training and socializing your dog.

This is one way to turn your pet into that loving and patient dog you desire.

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Author: Matthias

Hey all! I’m Matthias and I love Pit Bulls (as you probably can guess lol). Until a couple years ago I had Blaze next to me while writing the articles for this blog and he was my inspiration, he still is but - hopefully - from a better life 🙂

I am not a veterinarian or veterinary health care specialist, so nothing in this blog should be taken or used as a substitute for professional help. Use our content as information to have a basic understanding about Pit Bulls but always look for expert advice, specifically when treating or diagnosing your Pittie.

Hope my articles are of any help to you, your family and especially your Pit Bull. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

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  1. First I’d like to thank all

    First I’d like to thank all the RESPONSIBLE pit owners that have taken the time to share their knowledge. I have been the proud daddy of 3 rotti’s in the past and am in full agreement that certain breeds seem to receive negetive looks and comments. Recently we opened our home to 2 pits ( 1 that will stay with us and the other is to be raised by my daughter) that are loving sisters only 8 weeks old. they sure have nothing but love and attention to give my family and very quick to understand what the word no means as they lick us as if to say im sorry daddy. I have gained alot of knowledgeable information from the site regarding do’s & dont’s but hoping for a little more information regarding temperment testing. At what age is it recommended? also at what age could food agression start to show if at all? this would be new to me as that is something we’ve never had to deal with before.

  2. I have a American Pit terrier

    I have a American Pit terrier that has been with a greyhound and Boston Terrier since she was 6 weeks old.  I have never seen a more loving dog.  She gets along with both dogs and we have quite an odd family, but good!  People need to always be responsible when owning any kind of pet and do research on the breed.  I would get another pit in a minute, but right now, I’ve enough responsibility with these guys.


  3. Hi everyone I’ve had my

    Hi everyone I’ve had my female pitbull since she was 5 months old.I adopted her from the pound when I took her to the vet they told me she had distemper and her chance of survival was about 30% .i brought her home nursed her and she survived so I spoiled her let her sleep in the bed,get on the couch gave her extra extra attention because I fealt bad for her I fealt like she needed all the extra attention. I walk her everyday for about an hour give her a lot of love and attention I noticed that she sometimes pees when people greet her and there has been two separate incidents when she’s snapped at random people ,she just recently bit my sister my sister has come around a few times. It was random my sister wasn’t looking at her or she was bending over with keys in her hand it seemed like she wanted to get the feathers on her key chain, it freaked my sister out and she started yelling and crying ,the dog ran out the room,my sister wasn’t hurt just a lil shooken up ……. I just recently found out I am pregnant I’m scared that this might happen again with my baby because my dog might feel replaced or ignored since she won’t be the princess anymore PLEASE HELP ON HOW TO HANDLE THE DOG BITE AND INTROUDUCE A BABY TO MY DOG …… I feel  guilty for spoiling my dog so much PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE HELP 


  4. Great article, my wife just

    Great article, my wife just forwarded it to me since we are now the proud and happy owners of an adopted pit from the SPCA. 

    She is well trained from her foster parent and such an incredibly loving dog.  We know that with our giving her a loving and happy home, keeping to her training and the guidelines noted in this article, she will be another success story for the breed (although it’s people, not the breed, that are the real issue). 

    Cheers to happy and healthy pits!



  5. hope you all can enlighten

    hope you all can enlighten me…..never had pit bull…Abby nine months  lab/pit from shelter we got june 30…high energy for sure,yet sweet,yet aggressive……he works all day and i have health probs so its hard …..she is very healthy and striong and spoiled  already! we lost our lab mix casey after 12 and half years in october …..i just dont want anyone to get hurt cause i cant handle her by myself.shelter said lab/bulldog

    dr jon agreed with me that she looked like a pit bull,,,,,okay well we love her anyways just worn out heheeeee


  6. Great article. I do all these

    Great article. I do all these things already with our pittie boy Dexter, so I guess I’m on the right track! 🙂

  7. I’m a groomer and I have had

    I’m a groomer and I have had some experience with all different kinds of breeds. First off a toy poodle would bite before a pit, lol. I know first hand from experience. I have a 5 year old Lab and a week ago I rescued a beautiful blue nose pit. The guy I got her from had her eating Kibbles and Bits (Ewww) She would pick through it and only eat certain parts of it. For a pit she is really small. She looks like a 8 month old puppy but is a year and a half. I have her on the best kind of dog food since my Lab is alergic to so many different things (Wheat,Corn, Chicken, List goes on). I was happy that she actually eats the food and doesn’t pick through it like she did with that icky brand. When I got her she weighed 30 pounds and now she is 33 pounds after a week of having her. I also updated all her shots and treated her for worms just in case if the weight issue was due to that. I asked the Vet and my co-workers what would be the best way to up her weight and they told me can food with high fat. Problem is she won’t eat it, She won’t eat table scraps not even treats. She will only eat the hard food. Don’t get me wrong I think that’s awesome, can food is bad for their teeth but she is way under weight. All around she is really sweet. My family loves her to pieces. She is not aggressive towards anything but the dog door. She keeps attacking the flap. I have been trainning her on leash to go in and out and each time she does it I make her sit. The only reward I can give her is praising her with pets and telling her “Good Nala” Some days she does really well and days like today she tore a chunk from the flap. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get her weight up? How to get her to stop attacking the flap on my dog door? She is great with everything else why is that the only thing she attacks?

  8. Sadly we live in an area

    Sadly we live in an area where someone didn’t listen to #8. I recently trained my Blue Pit Violet to run along side of me while I ride a bike. So for about a week we have been riding through the development behind my house. However yesterday we saw another pit walking down the road. Violet got excited but I didnt exactly have time for a “meet’n’greet” so I figured we would pass them. We were roughly 50 feet away when the man was laying on his dog, hitting it in the face and covering its eyes. He wasnt a small man and I figured he had it under control. In the blink of an eye the dog squirmed out from under him, broke her choker collar and made a bee line for Violet. Sadly my Violet couldnt run away fast enough because the dog got to her. It chewed up her leg pretty good and she wound up needing a couple stitches and some pretty serious meds. I just hope that these people realize that their pit is 2 years old and will always be agressive, it is not the dog to be going for walks. I am just glad it was a tough dog who could take it like Violet, because if it was an infant child it would not have survived. I love my pit and I hope that people realize how great a dog they can be if you train them properly. If you keep your repitition in training, you will have the best dog ever.

  9. Hi Everyone, This is my first

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time being on this site, and reading all of these post have already gave me alot of answers, I just baught a babygirl pitbull a few weeks ago, she is only 9 1/2 weeks old. I already love her so much and am so suprised how smart she already is, she is always using her paws (its soo cute) Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on raising her. I have a huge heart and ever since i got her, i litterly havent really left the house. Other then taking her with me in my car a few times.. but anyways, everyime i have no choice but to leave her at home and in her kennel, she cries and cries and eventually starts barking for a longg time, finally she i guess cries her self to sleeep? But does anyone have a tip on what i could do to get her not to cry in her cage? because she keeps me up all night, waking up every 2-3 hours crying and so i have to wake up, take her outside to pee,lay with her for like 10 mins and then i put her back in her cage and she crys for awhile then i finally get to fall back asleep, or can anyone give me an idea how long this might go on? im trying so hard to break her habbit, although i will admit, when she is in trouble, she knows it and doesnt cry a bit when i put her in her kennel, basically me and my boyfriend just got her, and its our first real responsibility and believe me, she is already so love and now we are a family, i think she is going to be very protective over us but we are training her every single day her learning new things. People talk about pitbulls like they are some kind of demon… ,I have quite a few friends with pits and they are the most sweetest loving pets, yes they will check you out when you enter, sniff you.. and walk away. I have one friend with 5 pits in her house and it really is all how your pit is brought up, how it is trained and raised.. It makes me so mad that people look down on them, But moral of all this.. i am just wondering if someone could give me some tips on teaching tricks, maybe something for punishment if she starts trying to dig in the corner of couch (its so cute tho) but then start to chew and try to rip it.. i am constantly having to watch her.. shes a baby though, a puppy.. i understand that but i think i might be babying her to much if that makes sence? im trying to word my questions right but i just want some info on raising a pitbull and maybe any tips…Somebody told me when a pit rolls over and lays on its back and puts its stomach up towards you, that means they submit to you? is that true? and also someone said that they are a “one master dog” meaning they will llisten to one person,giving them no problems and the person, it never listening to you..is that true?? me and my boyfriend want to have our ms abbie forever and a family dog, were thinking about having a baby also.. so anyone thats got some tips on raising a female pit bull, please let me know.. oh and one more thing, i was reading on other sites and it said to always get them spayed.. why? what if i want to breed her later in life, i want the pitbull breed to last forever.. im rambling, sorry thank you for reading 😉

    • Phew that was alot to take

      Phew that was alot to take in,  First thing that really grabbed my attention, NO dog should be punished, what do you mean by punished, and if she knows she did wrong what are you doing?  Do Not ever approach your dog in anger or frustration, you will not earn her trust.. big mistake…  also you need to leave your house, when you kennel her or put her in her crate are you talking to her?  “mommy will be home soon blah blah”? LOL  if you are Dont!!! thats creating more anxiety and besides she has no clue what you are talking about, all that talk will make her crazy with anxiety waiting till you get back to give her this big amazing greeting, NO NO again.  come home put your purse down go pee lol  and then without talking take her out of kennel and out to do her business when she is done give her praise and lots of it..  Don’t ever bang on her crate in the night to quiet her up or yell at your pibble,  she is a puppy and pibbles want nothing more than to please you.  give her time.  Ignore her and she will get it.. put her crate in another room if its bothering you  but do not yell..  Yes she should get spayed  its healthier for her and you dont want to breed her, leave that for the expierenced pitbull breeder.. I would get to know your own pibble first and love her and teach her with praise and set her up to succeed..  do not punish.. if she is doing something you dont like ignore it  or if shes chewing your sofa  just a No will do and replace with one of her toys.  good luck

  10. Advice no. 6 needs to move up

    Advice no. 6 needs to move up to no. 1.  My dog was killed by a pit bull type of dog.  Something to consider, it escaped from its own home through a screen window before it forced itself through the bars of my wrought iron gate.  My dog could have been a person.  We read of it too often…the pit bull SOMEHOW escaped.  This needs to stop!

    Your pit bull has no buisiness at the dog park, or at Petsmart, trying to prove that it’s”just a dog” and you are some kind of wonderful benevolent lion tamer.  Remember your pit bull’s D.N.A., respect it, empathize with it.  Preventing the SOMEHOW, that’s your job.   Be vigilant, but heaven forbid and should SOMEHOW happen, be kind and pay restitutions and put your dog to sleep. Thank you. 


  11. We have a 4 year old pit

    We have a 4 year old pit boxer mix (Brindle) that is a lap dog and very loving all the time in the house. She has played with other dogs in the sub we are in and their has never been an issue. What happened twice in the last month is my fault. We don’t have a fenced yard but we do have a steel cable that she goes on most of the time. I sometimes let her run loose out in the back yard when I am out there with her. About a month ago she ran out into the street and go it a fight with a black lab. Fortunatley the other dog was not hurt. I never saw that side of her. Well we got a shock collar two weeks ago and I have been letting her out in the backyard and always am out with her or watch her. Today I let her out to chase the squirrels and went to get my shoes and she was back at the door. A few minutes later the neighboor came knocking on the door saying Jersey (our pit) attacked her dog. Lucky for us her dog was OK. This all happened the matter of less than 2 minutes. Well we have learned our lesson. We are getting the back yard fenced in the spring and she will be on her cable until then. We are on our way to petsmart to buy the neighboors a gift card! It could have been a lot worse. I still like and believe in Pit bulls but realize now that it’s best that they are always in a fenced yard or on a leash!

    PS Could letting her chase squirrels cause this agression?

  12. I just stumbled on you site

    I just stumbled on you site while helping my 12yr old son prepare a research paper on pitbulls.

    I have been working in dog & horse rescue & rehab for over 40yrs.  I’ve been working exclusively with “pitbulls” in the last 25yrs;  and I like most of what I’ve read here.  However, I will make one comment on this blog posting.

    I would not own or keep any dog I didn’t trust to be alone with my other animals or my children.  One of the BIG pluses of owning pitbulls is they are GREAT “nannies” if they have been socialized well.  My children & their friends love to play hide & seek with my big PT (protection trained) male; and my current female loves nothing better than tug-o-war or go-fetch.  They also sleep in my kids rooms every night because they have a responsibilty in my house to “protect” my family.

    One other thing that can cause GREAT problems with this breed is to MUCH confinement.  My latest rescue spent 14-16hrs a day inside her crate while her foster mom worked at a vet clinic.  When she came to me, she was a complete & total neurotic pitbull in danger of being put down..  She had scatched a hole through the bootom of her crate and through the floor in her foster home.  She was also very rebelious, disobedient & extremely dominant; (though non-agressive).

    The very first thing I did was allow her to come & go freely from her crate.  It has taken over a YEAR for her to overcome her neurosis and regain her mental health.  There still is the occassional trashcan raid while we are at church.  Otherwise she is NOW a 100% health, happy & stable dog!

    I feel it vitally important that as someone who is a pitbull advocate and someone that many people will turn to for advice, one shouldn’t state any “absolutes” when dealing with animals.

  13. Sorry Rescue gurl, I don’t

    Sorry Rescue gurl, I don’t think you read all of my postings (Starting 7-6-11) if indeed you are even responding to my postings. I never said that My dogs were aggressive.In fact I said that my dogs would not bite a human!What I DID SAY:   Is that as my girls got older they became less tolerant of each other and that they got in a fight over a bag of potato chips .I know food is a trigger.I said I was rotating them in and out of their kennels for their protection.Once you have seen your dogs fight with an intent to do serious damage to each other as I have, you do your best to avoid another fight. As I  have grandchildren who live with me and I can’t always be sure that they will not be carrying a cookie or another goody that could trigger a fight I will keep rotating.But my girls would NEVER BITE A PERSON.It is well known that in many cases same sex pairings don’t work! Not just in Pit bulls but in other breeds as well!And I believe that there are some who may make the case that 2 females who live together are more likely to fight than 2 males as pittygrammy did in her post (7-7-11)I don’t know where this” they snap at a certain age” comment came from but I certainly DID NOT SAY THAT NOR WOULD.I have had 3 Pit Bull in 10 years and I consider myself an advocate for the breed.I have recently started helping a local Pit bull rescue group at their Saturday adoptions by holding leashes and you can rest assured that I would NEVER perpetuate a negative stereotype on these dogs and I recent your implication that I have.


  14. The last part of this article
    The last part of this article is completely untrue! Pitbulls (or any breed of dog for that matter) DO NOT “become aggressive for no good reason”! This is a horrible myth that this breed “turns” or “snaps” when it reaches a certain age and it is absolutely not true! Adolescent (around 1-2 yrs of age) dogs of any breed become less tolerant of things as they mature but they dont just “turn” aggressive. If a dog is behaving aggressively there is always a reason and its up to you as a responsible owner to find out what is causing the behavior and to either prevent it or work through it and help them change their way of thinking. The rest of the article is very good but that part is ridiculous and is only feeding the very negative stereotype people already have about these dogs.

    • Its not untrue.  Some dogs

      Its not untrue.  Some dogs are unstable due to overbreeding or bad breeding practices, and can be sick in the head, just like people can be sick in the head. It’s just not specific to a breed. 

      It’s this type of blindness toward pitbulls that can pose a danger if something like this becomes apparent. Its about balance.

  15. A Dog Park is a bad idea! I

    A Dog Park is a bad idea! I have 8 dogs and having some of my 8 together is a bad idea. My recused from a fighting ring Pit is always leashed. If people are around always controlled. We have been working for a year getting him used to other people. It is slowly happening.

    I may now need to walk him elsewhere, my neighbor has five or six dogs off leash, no fence. They look like a lab mix. But these lab mixes come after us, stalking us. Neighbor will not fence or control his dogs. We have been walking with a Marine Air Horn and cane to scare these others away.  But this is not a good walk for Diesel, he is tense.  A tense Pit is not easy to walk, we have a choke collar and a prong collar.  My guy is so on high pain tolerance he ripped out of the prong collar, cut his head and neck up and got a nice fun trip to the vet  $$$$$. Since he was fought before I got him he has the radar ON always when another dog is around.

    Only been biten one time breaking up a dog fight, but both dogs got me. He was one of the dogs. I hold no grudge, he ripped out of his collar, I went to get him and they got me. MY FAULT! I needed another person. Either dog is strong enough to body slam me. But we will move out walks to the end of a road where the fire house is as soon as it cools down enough for that much hill hiking!

  16. I disagree with the “Always”

    I disagree with the “Always” spay or neuter rule unless you are a responsible breeder.  I agree that people that aren’t responsible should probably spay/neuter, or better yet not own a Pit Bull let alone any dog for that matter.  My previous Pit was intact his whole life and lived a happy 13.5 years before he passed on, he was never bred and never exhibited any aggression towards people or animals at all.  He was originally left intact because I showed him in both UKC and ADBA which require them to be intact.  After he Championed we moved on to weight pulling which he also championed and ACE’d in.  next thing you know he’s 5 years old and still intact with no issues at all.  I’m not a breeder nor do I plan to breed, I show and weight pull for fun and as an outlet for my animals.  There is no medical reason what so ever to spay or neuter.  Some people will say that neutering will eliminate the chance of testicular cancer, of course it will, no more testicles means no cancer, but it also GREATLY increases the risk of colon, prostate and bone cancer to name a few,  When you remove the testoterone from the animal, you open a whole new pandoras box of possible health problems.  There is plenty of studies out there to prove this, it’s the same in humans.  Read up on men with hypogonadism or the risks of low testosterone.  The problems are the same in female dogs as well. 

    Basically, I don’t agree with the spay/neuter rule.  Be responsible or don’t own the dog to begin with.  I don’t have any children and have no plans on having them, maybe my wife and I should be spayed and neutered, it’s basically the same thing.

    Other then that one rule, I agree with pretty much everything else.

  17. It is important not to forget

    It is important not to forget any of these facts. Pit bulls are very energetic dogs and need you to spend time with them and teach them proper behavior. My dog has never taken a liking to large male dogs, especially alpha males. To put him in a situation where he’d be loose with one would probably result in a fight, a nasty one with severe injuries. So guess what, I’ve never done that. He’s allowed loose in the house with our cats and he can be loose around our beta female dog but he doesn’t run loose about the neighborhood because that woud be irresponsible. Due to the pit bulls natural dog aggressive behavior, it is advisable to take caution even if you think your dog is not aggressive. Humping is not directly aggressive but it means that there can be a fight, as this is often done to subordinate the other dog. We must fight BSL and get people to realize that it is not the dogs fault that their owner does not know how to properly care for them. There are so many important aspects of these dogs that owners must never ever forget. Dogs should come when called, and never ever show aggression towards their owners. Be careful and be informed. Very important.

  18. The importance of PROPER

    The importance of PROPER socialization and training can not be overstated. In my opinion it is animal creulty to ingnore this aspect of K9 ownership. To not properly socialize and train your dog (pit bull or not) results in an unstable and neurotic animal that is at best unpredictable.

    HI Jems, and rkncwgirl! 


    HI Jems, and rkncwgirl!  Jems, I love your post.  You are really doing it all right.  About the breaking stick. Yes, they are illiegal, because dogfighters use them.  It should not be necessary for you to have to use anything, if you continue doing what you are doing with your girls.  What so many people do not realize about dogs, especially the larger breeds, is that female dominance issues are more prevalent than male dominance issues!  To clearly understand this, you must understand ‘pack mentaltiy’. Dogs, in the wild state (or natural state) live in packs. There are two ‘alphas’; one male, one female.  The male alpha is mainly responsible for making puppies, and helping the alpha female keep order.  The alpha female is the Boss Mamma!  She rules the pack with an iron paw, to the point of being the only one allowed to breed.  The rest of the pack helps to raise her pups, but no other female is permitted to have a litter,  If this does happen, the alpha kills the pups, and drives the mother out of the pack.  Brutal, yes, necessary for the packs survival, yes, passed on thru genetics, yes.  This is why breeders and animal behaviorists recommend a  having a male/female or male/male pair in the home.  Females are just way more dominant than the males! Since both your girls are spayed, the hormone factor isn’t there.  I would suggest, though, instead of isolating them from each other, and not allowing them to play, or interact, try feeding them at different times.  Don’t leave food (ie the potato chips) sitting around, and suprevise them when they are out together.  At any sign of agression, put them in the crates for a 10 or 15 minute time out. Or try distracting them with a game of fetch, have someone else call one over for some loves, while you pay attention to the other one.  This can be overcome, but its just going to take lots of time and patience. Good luck to you and your girls! rkncwgirl….Continue to follow this site, and the posts, and learn  from other pitt owners.  They are great dogs, they just need  a little more time and training, than other breeds, and living with one involves alot of responsibility!  Good luck with your baby!  🙂

    • Thank you Pittie Grammy for

      Thank you Pittie Grammy for your kind words And your great post!.I knew about in the wild that there was an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female in each pack and that they were the only breeders.But I was not aware that it was actually the Alpha Female who in essence was the Pack Leader,by being” Big Bad Mama”.Very interesting how many Matriarchal Societies There are in the Animal Kingdom from Elephants to Honey Bees Also thanks for the sound advice on the situation with “MY Saucy Little Wenches”.My girls aren’t truely issolated from each other.Bambi’s kennel is in the home office and Lexi’s kennel is in the livingroom.When Bambi is out many times I find her in the living room laying on the sofa next to Lexi’s kennel and when Lexis out she is many times in the office laying next to Bambi”s kennel.They don’t HATE each other, in fact yesterday they were licking each others mouths through the wire on Bambi’s kennel.It is just  with my grand children living in my home I don’t have to worry about them coming upstairs with a cookie in their hands and triggering a dog fight if the dogs are being rotated in- out of their kennels.And the dogs are not unhappy,Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!I am sure I will eventualy be able to have them out together supervised that is my hope anywa.:)


  20. One more thing I think a

    One more thing I think a responsible APBT owner should know is how to correctly break up a fight if it should occur.There are several videos on UTUBE that demonstrate how to correctly use a Breaking Stick.In the video I watched the gentleman used a plastic wedge not a true Break Stick.He said that in some places just being in possession of a “REAL” Break Stick is illegal and that you could be indited for dog fighting. He said that plastic tent stakes or tree stakes work well and that you can’t get in trouble for having them.Oh he also said that Break Sticks only work on Pit Bulls.

  21. A knowlegable owner is a

    A knowlegable owner is a responsible owner.  I am recently a new owner of a pit mix, and TRUST me, I will be speaking to my vet and reading everything I can get my hands on.  I will never take for granted that anything can happen.  I am also the owner of a 3 year old lab that I would do anything for.  She is the most gentle creature you could ever meet.  Always do your homework people in anything that you do.  Never blame an animal for the irresponsibility of the owner.  

  22. I have an APBT and a

    I have an APBT and a APBT/English Bull Terrier mix(She looks like a APBT except with the Bull Terrier’s big ears. Both are spayed.Until recently they were pretty good friends.But with each dog getting a little older(2 1/2 years and1 1/2years)they got into a fight. It was at our house and was triggered over a bag of potato chips that was sitting on my desk..I was there in the room when it started and my son -in-law and I were able to break them apart.I don’t believe I could have separated them by myself.Neither dog required vetting although both had numerous bites and there was much blood.We kept the wounds clean and both dogs have recovered, but both have some scars.In the past I would run short errands and leave my girls out unsupervised.I never  dreamed they would go at it like they did.NEVER Again will they be out unsupervised.In fact since their fight they have been being rotated in and out of their kennels.When Bambi is out Lexi is in and vice a versa.I set the timer for hour or hour and half intervals, I thought it would be hard rotating them. But it isn’t at all. And the girls seem to enjoy their private time with me without the other stealing their thunder so to speak..After the fight my first thought was to rehome one of my girls because I was frightened.(Not for myself.Let me be clear on this. Neither dog made any attempt to bite me or my son-in-law when we were separating them during their fight!!Neither dog is human aggressive!!!!!II WOULD bet my life that neither dog would bite me or anyone in my family or anyone invited into our home.Lexi MIGHT bite a burglar.She is a bit more wary of strangers than Bambi.I know she would at the very least bark at him, I am sorry to say Bambi would lick a burglar to death.)I was frightened to have them fight again! It started so fast.But rehoming either one of my girls would have been heartbreaking to me.Plus I was afraid that they may fall into the wrong hands.So I started doing a lot of research and educating myself more on the breed.Which is something I should have done earlier,I have had terriers for years(Cairn’s)And assumed that since Pit Bulls are terriers that they would be the same as My Cairns, and they are like other terriers in most ways,But these terriers were not just bred to chase and kill vermin, these dogs were bred for bull baiting and dog fighting. That changes things a bit. There is an awful lot of misinformation out there on both extremes.Pit Bulls ARE NOT MONSTERS nor are they Angels.They are just a breed of dog. A breed that I happen to love. Challenging at times? Yes. But I feel they are well worth the time and energy that MUST be put into these dogs if one is to be a responsible owner.So in a nut shell here is what I learned I hope it is helpful1..Most Pit Bulls are not human aggressive. In the Pit a dog that bit a handler was destroyed.They didn’t want “No Man Eaters.”In fact most Pits like people so much that they make miserable guard dogs2,.Most MATURE Pit Bulls ARE NOT Dog Social(A lot of immature Pit Bulls are dog social as puppies usually are)Most MATURE Pit Bulls are either Dog Tolerant or Dog Selective with some being Dog Aggressive This means that off leash dog parks are not a good idea for most Pit Bulls.Your Pit Bull may not start the fight but He probably won’t back down either.If you want to socialize your dog with other dogs pick a select few for doggy play dates and don’t leave them unsupervised.3.Most Pit Bulls have a fairly strong prey drive.Translated don’t leave your dog and cat together unsupervised.Nor should Most Pit Bulls be off leash in open areas for both the strong prey response and the Dog Tolerance factors.4. Most Pit Bulls should not be left outside in a fenced yard unsupervised as they tend to be escape artists and your typical backyard fence will not restrain them.5, Most Pit Bulls are considered High Energy dogs and require a good work out daily.A couple of mile walk at the very least.( A tired dog is a good dog.)6.If you are going to have more than one Pit Bull(or any other dog) they will be less likely to fight if they are of the opposite sex.Also they will be less likely to fight if they are not related.Mother’s and Daughters and Sisters being the dogs that are most likely to fight.One study I read said female dogs were more likely to fight another female that she knew and that male dogs were more likely to fight another male that were strange to them. 7.All dogs need to have at least some basic dog training and it is particularly important that Pit Bulls,because of their bad press,are trained and have good manners.8, A spayed or neutered dog is also less likely to fight,Let me close by saying what a great breed this American Pit Bull Terrier is!!,Like it’s been said.When you have a Pit Bull you are not just responsible for your dog but you are responsible for an entire breed.


  23. I have the sweetest little

    I have the sweetest little girl imaginable and she found us. She is a 70 pound AmStaff that the kids named Baby.  Baby walked in my door one day and decided not to leave.  Someone in our apartment complex had just left her behind when they moved.  I think it was the best thing that could have happened to her and us.  She was skinny and it looked like she had been abused by her former owners.  We took her in and she has proven herself to be a true member of our family.  We take her everywhere with us.  She loves snow days in the mountains and days at the lake.  She is the best friend my 2 children could ever have.  

    Baby gave us an unexpected gift as well.  My oldest child has epilepsy and it turns out that the dog is able to understand when she is having a seizure and will come and let me know.  She is now registered and aknowledged as a Seizure Response Animal.  

    I wish more people could see the giant teddy bear and kind hearted personality that these dogs have.  There is nothing better than a big hug from your dog when you come home from work or the cuddles on the couch watching tv.  She is a lot of work, but the love you get back is well worth anything that she needs.  

    I hope that someday soon all the stigma about these wonderful animals passes.  It makes its rounds to different breeds so there is still hope.  Maybe one day soon we will all be hearing about the Chihuahuas terrorizing the neighborhoods.  LOL.  We can dream.  Until then, lets all just show the world how wrong they really are.  


  24. Hi, I am looking for a dog to

    Hi, I am looking for a dog to adopt.  I would be a first time dog owner.  I love animals and grow very attached and fall in love easily.  Visiting rescues and the human society, I saw so many pitbulls of all ages waiting to be adopted and even though I was not intially considering the breed, I’m started to fall in love with some of the dogs I’ve met! My question is: are they suitable for a condo/apartment? Do they do well on jogs?  I like to go for runs and would like a running buddy.  Would you suggest another breed for a first dog instead? Thank you!

    • I live in a condo that is

      I live in a condo that is approx 807 sq ft with my pitbull, a shepherd and a cat and we all get along fine. I am lucky to have a small yard but we do daily walks and soon he will start going on my bike rides. Pitbulls are typically active dogs that require alot of activity and socilization so I would think they make great running partners. Good luck on your search for a pitbull. Nothing compares to comeing home to a smiling pitbull.

  25. Im suprised at how many

    Im suprised at how many people are on this site protecting the name of their pits. After reading all these posts im amazed of how many people there are who own pits and are not afraid for their saftey and their families saftey. I recently bought a pit out of an abusive family. And that did scare me at first, but these posts have put my mind at ease completely. Even though my pit Jazmyn is a big baby and i knew that already, i was cautious about her being around younger kids. But she is used to going everywhere with me, since shes very attached. Im just more confident that she would not be the one to start a fight if a dog comes up to her. I know for a fact she would never hurt me, she won’t even growl at me when we play rough. And she loves playing rough where im pushing her around and making her fall on the floor, its her favorite thing to do. But im lucky enough to live in a place were i have not gotten any dirty looks and people love to come up to her and pet her. I just wish more people would know more about pits because where i live pits are not allowed to be put up for adoption, and i think its wrong. I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on here defending this breed.

  26. So many good comments!  As

    So many good comments!  As for the lady whose mini schnauzer was attacked.  I feel bad for you and the dog and I hope his recovery is going well.  That being said, you ignorance is appalling!  First mistake: saying pitbull owners are in denial. Believe me, we know what our dogs are capable of! As my ID implies, I don’t own pits, but my daughter does.  She has had several pits over the last ten years, and they were all good dogs.  Two of her males did get into a fight twice, while she was in the room with them, however, her male Zeus, would not fight back!  The other dog, Zane, was taken to  a local humane society on a Sunday, and went home with his new owners on Tuesday:neutered, and in a single pet home.  Over the course of the first year of ownership, staff from the humane society would make unnannounced home visits, and required reports from the dogs vet as to shots, illnesses, injuries, etc, to assure that the dog was being treated well, and not being used for fighting.  The new owners were also strongly advised to keep the dog undercontrol at all times, to take him to obedience training, and to exercise him daily.  Her male, Zeus, and her female Maya,(both of whome have crossed the Rainbow Bridge) were awesome ambassadors for the breed!  They loved nothing more than going to the bus stop to get my grandson, and they always interacted well with the kids, their parents, and the other dogs that came to get their ‘kids;.  They were always leashed, but never muzzled (more about muzzles later). She now has two puppies, both male, one nine months old (and 68.3 pounds!), and the other 9 weeks.  The older pup has an  ETC (electronic training collar) simply because he is so big.  He loves kids and other dogs.  Took him to PETCO to get a harness the other day.  He met several dogs and people, about wagged himself apart for each one. Snippy little terrier type snapped and barked at him; he was totally confused and backed away!  

    Although I feel muzzles do have their place, they should not have to be a requirement, unless a dog has several DOCUMENTED cases of people/animal aggresion.  The electronic training collar is another controversial training aid, but a great one when used properly with a large,strong dog.  Bandit is such a lover, but he is big, and going thru that clumsy, adolescent puppy stage.  My daughter isn’t strong enough to handle him without something to help,  He responds now to the sound that the collar makes, or simpy to picking up the remote.  He has recieved only three or four “zaps”, and those were very low voltage.  In the wrong hands, and instrument of torture, but when used properlu, invaluable aid with the strong breeds like pits, dobes, rotties, labs, etc.  It is all in responsibility, supervision, proper training, and socialization.  Not a Fan, while your situation was unfortunate, you are as much to blame as you neighbors. Two wrongs don’t make a right.  You need to heed the advice as to responsible pet ownership that is being put forth here by those of us who know and love our pitties, and take good care of them,and everyone they come in contact with!                      

  27. hey guys can i get some help

    hey guys can i get some help i have this lil dog he fun and like to play alot and then my dad got a all white pit bull with blue eyes they play together all day and ever thing fine the pit bull grew alot but he still a puppy….do i have to look out for some thing?…btw i think the pit bull no that he run the show lol cuz he does not pay mind to the lil dog thankzzz

  28. hey guys can i get some help

    hey guys can i get some help i have this lil dog he fun and like to play alot and then my dad got a all white pit bull with blue eyes they play together all day and ever thing fine the pit bull grew alot but he still a puppy….do i have to look out for some thing?…btw i think the pit bull no that he run the show lol cuz he does not pay mind to the lil dog thankzzz

  29. I bet you are the type of

    I bet you are the type of people who if you had to choose to run into a burning building to save either a little boy you don’t know or your dog youd save the dog. That is some crazy shit. Everyone is so quick to protect their dog or blame dogs who attack, on their owners. Really? Yes it can be on  the owner but dogs should not be loved this much its pyscho to me. See the below picture? Tell this babys mother to her face that it was her fault for not watching her kid and the dog owners fault for the dog attacking her baby. Dogs attack and people don ‘t know why, don’t sit there and tell me its the owners fault every time this happens to a baby. I see pictures people post of their new baby next to a pitbull or any other dog and It blows my mind! All I see is this… this pic of this baby who for the rest of his/her life will be disfigured because some dog attacked. Why should people have to be informed of anything about dogs why can’t they just live happily without having to worry about any type of dog.  Next time you freaks pet your nice dog who would never do anything like this remember this picture because the owner said the same thing. And please feel free to post what you want about your dog or its the owners fault or whatever but c’mon really if this happened to you or your kid is it your fault? The dog bit not the human and don ‘t go off on rants on how the owner could of prevented it. Keep your freak love of your pet to yourself you all make me sick.  


    • @Xander:
      Question: WHY, if


      Question: WHY, if you feel we are all such “freaks”, would you take the time to:

      A) REGISTER yourself on a PIT BULL site

      B) READ through our posts

      C) RANT yourself?

      Seems as though you should seek some therapy…perhaps avoid sites that have people belonging to groups that “make you sick” because clearly, you have too much time on your hands.  




    • If you feel this way, why are

      If you feel this way, why are you here? You are obviously ignorant of what it is like to share your life with any dog, let alone a pitt.  We would rescue both child and dog; that is, if the pitt hadn’t rescued the child before we had the chance!  I suggest you remove yourself from the area, ASAP. We know whereof we speak, and you aren’t going to change our minds.  The dog is the only animal that was created to be a helper and companion to humans exclusively.  We have created the various breeds through selective breeding, and, sadly, don’t always take the best care of our creations. That being said, those of us who comment here know our dogs, know dogs in general, and realize that being irresponsible, whether it be not training dogs properly, or allowing someone elst to mistreat a certain breed to the point that it gives all pitbulls a bad name, is just wrong.  And we have regard for ALL LIFE, human or animal.  So, your comment is totally inappropriate, and unwelcome!

  30. There are just so many things

    There are just so many things I want to say, I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start with this: When I was in high school I volunteered for a veterinary clinic. In the time I worked there I was bitten several times by several different breeds of dogs for one reason or another. Never once was I bitten by a pit bull, even though we treated several, some of which came in in extreme pain and were obviously stressed. I learned that ALL dogs WILL bite. The only thing is finding the trigger. Whenever I hear someone say “my dog would NEVER bite….” I have to fight the urge to laugh because it’s a big fat lie.

    Also, while in high school, my mom and stepdad bred rott weilers. Never got bitten by one of those either, though I would walk them daily, often two at a time and chuckle and shake my head as people crossed the street when they saw us coming. I just kept on walking. I figured if they crossed it just gave me and my dogs more room to move!

    Now, for confession, and trust me, I am borderline humiliated to share this little piece of information:

    I have epilepsy. A few years back, my assistant at the time called me while she was on her lunch break and asked if she could bring her puppy to work with her. I said, sure, go ahead, as long as you realize YOU are responsible for any and all messes made! She brings the “puppy” in, and I almost screamed! This was an 8 month old 50 pound dog! I asked her what the breed was and she said “oh, boxer/pit bull cross”. I just shook my head and told her to be sure to keep the dog by her desk, and not let it scare away any customers. A little while later, I got up to do some filing and the dog lunged across the room and pushed me back into my chair, growling at me. I gave my assistant the standard “what’s the deal” look, and tried to get back up. Again I was knocked down and growled at. I was never scared, even knowing the breed, I was just getting mad at the disruption to my routine. A third attempt to stand yielded the same result. I don’t remember anything after that point until I was looking up through bleary eyes at my co-workers and felt a weight on my chest. I had had a seizure and the dog had laid across me the entire time. My assistant asked me if I would like to have the dog because she had to find her a new home anyway. I said yes and took her home. Journey was the greatest! She always warned me of seizures in advance and wouldn’t let me walk around. She always stayed with me through them and wouldn’t let anyone she didn’t know near me. She was protecting me when I couldn’t defend myself. Whenever someone would ask what kind of dog she was I always answered “oh ummm a boxer mix…” and left it at that.

    Fast forward to recent months:

    Journey is gone now, and I miss her more than I could possibly convey through the written word. Over the summer I had some terrible times, and ended up with a permenant anxiety disorder. The doctors still don’t know if it is tied to my epilepsy or not. I have become so anxious, that when my husband rotates to graveyard shifts, I don’t sleep. I work during the day so this makes for a very long week! I have had big dogs for the vast majority of my life. I feel safer with them in the house, so we adopted an 18 month old Boxer. I slept like a baby the entire time we had him. I was confident and not at ALL anxious. In my mind, he bought me TIME. In the event someone broke into my house, I knew that Tank would spring into action and I would have TIME…to get away, to get to my children, to call 911…whatever was warranted, I had the time. Unfortunately, it turned out that bringing an adult dog into our home was not a good idea. Our smaller dogs refused to accept him, and though there was no real fighting, tensions were high all the time between them all. We rehomed Tank, and I know he is in a much better environment. So, again, I can’t sleep.

    My husband finally said, “ok, you can’t go on like this, what about getting a puppy?” I didn’t like the idea, but we had to do something, right? We had many discussions on what we were looking for, what would fit us best. I absolutely refused to hear discussions that involved the words pit and bull. Am I afraid of pit bulls? Do I think that all pit bulls are mean and are going to kill me or my children in our sleep? Do I believe any or all of the stereotypes associated with pit bulls? The answer to all of these is a resounding NO. I know for an absolute fact that breeding and proper training determine ANY dogs behavior. The reason I didn’t want a pit bull? I did not want to hear the lectures from everyone I came across, I didn’t want the looks when I took him out and about…I just didn’t want to have to “deal” with it. My husband argued his side, as he’s always wanted a pit, and eventually I relented a bit, saying only “of the three breeds we have decided to look into, I will add pits, and the first litter we come across that has a pup we want will make our decision as to breed.” The first litter we went to look out turned out to be pits. I was adamant in my own mind. We were NOT getting a puppy. I walked in to the room, and I fell. Completely, hopelessly, blindingly…in love. We are now the PROUD owners of an 8 week old male pit bull we have named Anubis. He is currently in my lap, snoring happily. I have looked people in they eye and said “yeah, our new little guy is a pit” and snorted and rolled my eyes at their condescending looks. I never believed the hype, I just didn’t want to deal with it. I was wrong, and I’m ecstatic to now admit that not only have I seen the error of my ways, I am quite ready to be extremely vocal with the truth!

    • I just re-read my post and

      I just re-read my post and realized that something that I said may have come across wrong. When I said my dog would buy me time, I didn’t mean to imply that I want my dog, any of my dogs (I have multiple dogs and no two breeds are the same), to be aggressive. I want them all to welcome people into our home, and be loving obedient members of our family, able to enjoy all aspects of our life. What I want, is for Anubis to be the dog that he was born to be. To be loyal to our family, to feel our tension and anxiety, and to act accordingly. If someone comes to my door, my husband knows automatically, by reading my body language and by the sound of my voice, if this person makes me nervous or wary. I want Anubis to do the same. If I am nervous or wary, my husband is on high alert, just as I expect Anubis will be. He has already shown himself to be sensitive to the moods of the different members of our family. My youngest daughter started crying not an hour after we brought him home. He promptly sat down, threw his head back and began to howl. When she started laughing, he immediately stopped and began to bounce around in front of her, ready to play. This is all I ask of him. To read us and act accordingly. I sincerely hope that this makes sense!

  31. I am SO glad this site

    I am SO glad this site exists. I have ALWAYS had Pits, and always will…and after having had a terrible, awful experience of having to put down a rescue 3 yr old male because of the irresponsible, terrible treatment that had been done to him :(We tried EVERYTHING, trainers, medication, lots of exercise, ETC ETC and he was just too severe, and we had to make that awful decision that we never ever thought we would have to make…but we knew that we would never subject him to the awful conditions of shelter life, and couldnt find a home for him that he wouldnt hurt someone….just terrible….But reading the last tip above about being responsible and taking the best action for your dog, and sometimes that does mean euthanasia….  

  32. yes the reason i have had

    yes the reason i have had that many pits is bcuz my parents were a rescuse center in the middle of Rockford IL before i was even born…but today i only have one pit and she is 10 months old 

  33. Not a fan~ dont u do ur
    Not a fan~ dont u do ur research bud. Ive owned may pits and never had agression issues. Agression in a pit is actually considered a flaw(UKC Breed standard) and any dog can kill or maim. so please study be for u judge OUR breed. theres no excuse for ign

  34. Not a fan~ dont u do ur
    Not a fan~ dont u do ur research bud. Ive owned may pits and never had agression issues. Agression in a pit is actually considered a flaw(UKC Breed standard) and any dog can kill or maim. so please study be for u judge OUR breed. theres no excuse for ign

  35. There are  a lot of dogs out

    There are  a lot of dogs out there who are agressive regardless of there breed. I have three dogs. A mixed breed, a pit bull, and a yellow lab. Of the three the only one that is at all aggressive is my lab. She is a great family dog but can not get along with any other humans and I have to use so much caution when takeing her on walks or even when i have company over. My pitbull loves every other dog or human she comes into contact with. She wants attention and to be loved. Shes a big baby. The lab regardless of how much i love her i will admit is not safe around other people or animals that she does not know. You never hear the bad side of other dogs the way you do pitts and its crazy and wrong…..I love all 3 of mmy dogs a ton…but the truth is the truth and as sweet as my lab can be to the family, she is the aggressive one, not the pit

  36. I don’t yet have a Pit Bull,
    I don’t yet have a Pit Bull, but I have been volunteering at the shelter here in Colorado with them weekly and I absolutely love the breed. I have been bit in the face by a German Sheppard, and I also have had 5 stitches in my hand because of guess what!! A miniature schnauzer! I in no way hold ill feelings or will towards German Shepards or Mini Schnauzers however because it isn’t the dogs fault so much as the owners and to blame the animal is irresponsible and ignorant. I’m sorry to hear about your dog, but you do have an obligation as a human and an owner to ask questions regarding the incident such as: where were the caretakers of the dog? Why were you not outside watching your dog? All breeds of every dog ever have bitten people, and to condemn one breed because of the fault of the owner is ridiculous. That would be like me condemning all birds because my parrot bit me…I don’t even condemn my parrot for that though I have stitches from that bite as well. Birds bite waaaay more than dogs, but there is no anti-parrot legislation though some macaws have the same biting power as pit bulls because people understand that it is THEIR responsibility and THEIR fault the parrot bit in the first place…Mayhaps a little learning and understanding is needed in this case as well.

  37. Hi, I have a female pitbull
    Hi, I have a female pitbull puppy and she is about 4 months old…we just got her a few weeks ago and we have a farm, so we are leaving her over there in a big cage like. But we feed her everyday and open her up and play with her and then we put her back in. Since we are leaving her in the cage, will she come really agressive? Thanks x

  38. I’m new to the pitbull world.
    I’m new to the pitbull world. I got my first pit mix last Christmas. I didn’t do my homework like i should have and my sweet Kali got really sick and i almost lost her. But before she loved other ppl and didn’t have any problems with other dogs.. But i overprotected her because i was afraid of loosing her… But now i see that it’s my fault that my dog has issues. So I’m working with her everyday and we are getting better.. So i agree that you have to learn about the breed before getting one. I got bit by a sheperd mix when i was 10 years old, but it wasn’t the dogs fault. He was kept outside on a chain, was never walked, they barely talked to him… So the dog was truly frustrated from being tied up.. So he was a ticking bomb… It’s not the dog it’s the person behind… Our dogs are our mirrors!!!!

  39. Did you know dogs get
    Did you know dogs get jealous? Yup jealous! If you have raised a puppy to an adult dog, and all your love and attention was given to the dog, and another puppy, or baby is now taking all of the attention the dog use to get…it only takes a split second for something terrible (knock on wood) to happen! This is my reason for rule that didn’t make it. NEVER LEAVE BABIES AND/OR CHILDREN ALONE WITH DOGS.

  40. I just got two mixed pitbulls
    I just got two mixed pitbulls but they look really much like the bree. I have 4 other dogs at home. im temporarily relocated due to job issues. but im taking them home this weekend what is the best way to introduce them they are 1 mmonth old.

  41. My pit is a 2.5 months old, i
    My pit is a 2.5 months old, i had him for 2 weeks, he doesn’t like to be touched or pet, when ever i try touching him he either bites or runs to the corner and starts shaking and breathing fast, he is always scared, and if i moves he jumps and runs to the corner, he doesn’t like to be left alone, but he doesn’t like to be around people too…

    if there is anyone who had a similar experience with his pit, please tell me what i should do. he’s driving me nuts…

    • I would take him to the vet

      I would take him to the vet to first rule out health problems and then take him to a professional animal trainer. Where did you get him? 

  42. all pit bull mixes get
    all pit bull mixes get aggressive after five years of age. i havent heard of one biting there owner but i heard of biting friends and family. pure pits will never become that way. watch out for the mix pits. most of them get out of control and serious

    • I’ve never heard or read this
      I’ve never heard or read this anywhere.. is this fact or are you stating your opinion? My pit is purebred w/papers, but I’m still interested in knowing about the natural procession of temperament in these dogs.

  43. i went to this website
    i went to this website http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html and it took me 3 trys to pick out the pit bull. and i have 3 pits. pits come in all differnt size head shapes and differnt muszle lengths. this scares me that one or all of my dogs mite not b pitbulls. if u dont know wat im talkin about go to the website i listed above and try picking out the pitbull out of 25 commonly mistaked pitbull lookalikes

    • I did the same thing. And I
      I did the same thing. And I even had my pitbull sitting right next to me so I could compare (yeah I guess I cheated) but it still took me a few trys to get it.

  44. question for any one one this
    question for any one one this y do u think my parents want let me get a pit bull my real dad is breading them and i was just wanted to know if you could help me show that if ur a good owner the pit is not that mean so if u can help post on my page

    • Owning a pitbull comes with a
      Owning a pitbull comes with a responsibility unlike owning other breeds. A pitbull is unfortunately an animal born into a world with 2 strikes, even though we would all agree they are truly man and womans best friend! In my opinion, since your family is raising them, try to become more involved in the whole process, start working with the puppies or the other adult dogs so your parents will see you showing not only the proper care but also the responsibility and respect needed to own a pitbull. Good luck

  45. I have a 6 year old pitbull
    I have a 6 year old pitbull that i got when he was 9 months old from the humane society. he is a fabulous dog, very loving and cuddly, a complete people person. Lately though he has been getting aggressive and I am not sure what i should do. He attacked a new tenant in my building (thankfully he did no break skin), he attacked a customer in my dads store (thankfully he didn’t press charges), and most recently he went after another dog when he got off his leash. He has also been aggressively barking with fur standing up at people walking past the house. This is not his normal behavior and I am not sure where the aggression is coming from…I am at a loss as to what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions????

    • Sometimes when a pitbull gets
      Sometimes when a pitbull gets older they do start to get a lttle agrressive. my 11 year old pit mix has started to do the same thing. she wont do 5hat with us but does with oter people. i suggest that one way to correct the problem is to gently only enogh to get teir attention smack their nose and say no bite. if that don5 work you could always use a head collar. the one that goes anound the nose and head with your usual coolar and leash.

      • Dogs are dogs. Get ahold of
        Dogs are dogs. Get ahold of yourselves. They will bite or show toughness to survive. So many dogs have SNAPPED at my putbull puppy when he was just kissing them and trying to be submissive. It happens all the time. When my dog is wayyyyyy better-behaved than any adult dog it comes across…

    • I see that comment/question

      I see that comment/question is old, but maybe this will help another reader: Take your dog to the vet if he’s acting abnormally. He’s probably not feeling well. Think about how your emotions escalate when you’re really stressed out. Did you change his food recently? Or any other environmental factor? You could also take him to an animal chiropractor for an adjustment. Your vet might have a referral, or they might do manipulation on the spine themselves. You could also call your local chiropractor and ask if they know someone who could adjust him. My dogs get adjusted! 🙂


  46. I love my dogs. I owe 2 pits
    I love my dogs. I owe 2 pits about 9 moneths of age. I get VERy ignorant comments. A few months ago I had a miscarige and my mother had said “God didnt bless you with a child, bcuz he didnt want your dogs to eat it for a snack” Ya… The ignorance gets old!!!

    • Wow, I can’t beleive your
      Wow, I can’t beleive your mother would say that. Not only is it upsetting what happened(sorry to hear about your miscarage) but to then have your own mother to say something like that!

    • MY family makes stupid
      MY family makes stupid comments like that too. I’m not sure if their aming them at me or the dogs. Hmm? Well lets see my mom has a pug, and he has bit several times. The same person. And instead of restraining him or keeping him in when her yard man comes she lets him out knowing that he bites the same guy over and over Yet my pit bull has never bit anyone. Hmm, don’t know maybe she better watch her own dog. Same with my brothers dogs small dogs with alot of hair my neice had to get rid of him b/c he bit her son. Gosh where is all the news reporters at. Once again my dogs havn’t bitten anyone.

  47. I have a wonderful pit bull
    I have a wonderful pit bull who runs the house. However, we have a bull terrier. He has a different temperament. He is six and neutered, but if he gets excited or upset he will nip at me. He turns his back and will growl when I am outside with him and the female pit. I am wondering what to do about him. I am always cautious. Again, he is not a pit bull. The bull terrier is highly recommended for families. I have had him from birth and loved and taken care of him the same way we have her. She would not growl or nip. Do you think his behavior could make her also act like him?

  48. Dogs are like us if you treat
    Dogs are like us if you treat people with respect and kindness your dog will do the same.Just look at the pit bulls structure its like no other dog, a league of there own.Its sad people mistreat them and use them for fighting,its like a U.F.C. fighter well rounded ,with amazing strength and quickness just like the pit bull.I look at my pit all ripped,and cut and it makes me sick doesn’t have to work out at all.We always here about the bad things about pits but not the good,the reason for that is the dog was put in the wrong hands and gave them a bad rap.I love my pit bull and i wouldn’t trade him for the world,not because he’s part of our family but huge part of mine.

  49. Right on EVERYONE!!!!! Pit
    Right on EVERYONE!!!!! Pit Bull ignorant people need to stay on their own websites. You are all right. I like the post that says if a black person robbed you would you always ASSume (makes an ASS out of U and ME) that every black person is going to robb you. Come on!

    • I agree with you on the ASS
      I agree with you on the ASS out of U and ME!! If ignorance is what the problem is, why would anyone want to tell them to kick rocks for lack of better words. I personally would at least try to educate the person so that a better understanding of this breed is learned. I wouldn’t send them away still not knowing. I love my Pit Bull and I swore that if I could change one persons mind about a Pit Bull, then I’ve made a diffrence.

  50. I have a pit and he is def
    I have a pit and he is def the most adorable, tolerable, and loveable dog in the house…and yeah he has his flaws like any dog, but he’s just a big old baby…and i hate it when we like take him anywhere and people just look at him like he’s a disease, like i dont get it…he might want to see if you’ll pet him but thats it…people have done so much damage to a pitbull’s reputation that it’s really hard not to get the praise that they should…and i agree that it’s the stupid owners who don’t take care of their dogs, abuse them, or just simply fight them that should be getting labelled as the bad breed…

  51. Even smaller dogs will attack
    Even smaller dogs will attack a child or a baby faster then a pitbull would,sorry for what happened to your dog,really i am. But the people who were watching the pit didn’t properly secure there friends pit,like i said before a smaller dog will bite and hurt a person/child just like any other dog, when a pit goes bad it is because the owner wasn’t doing wat they were supposed to do, same goes for all breeds not just pits. I have 3 bullies and they get along just fine with other dogs and people/children. My 2yr old pit is like a baby/but she no’s what she can an can’t do/she is very lovable also. She loves sleeping with my son’s and lickin an huggin them. very dangerous she just might lick u to much,or give u to much love. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. I own a pit bull and I love
    I own a pit bull and I love the breed, however, I wish people would stop saying that they are just like any other dog. They are not.

    Pit bulls are great family dogs, and they can get along with other dogs, cats, etc.

    Maybe if people started being honest, and telling people that they are high energy, can be destructive, and poorly bred (BYB) dogs can have temperment issues, then maybe every joe blow who thinks pits are cute and cudly wouldn’t rush out to get one.

    Its uninformed, irresponsible owners giving these dogs their rap.

    Like this site says, pit bulls require knowledgeable, capable, and consistent owners.
    Yes, these are amazing dogs. And awesome family pets. WHEN IN THE RIGHT HANDS.
    Please do your research before buying a pit bull. If possible, get hands on an volunteer with a pit bull rescue before you buy one of your own. (for first time owners).
    Know what your getting into.

  53. My name is Maci. I am all of
    My name is Maci. I am all of a sudden in love with pitbulls ever since I started watching Pitboss on Animal Planet. My parents think it is ridiculous when ever I am watching episodes of the show and what-not. Even though I am only 13 I plan on getting 2 pitbulls when I grow up. Again my parents don’t like that idea. I just wanted to share my feelings with everybody so thank you for reading.

    • Maci, I think that when your
      Maci, I think that when your an adult & have the love to give then you should definatly get the breed of your choice, but be aware your parents aren’t the only ones that are going to have negative things to say. I’m a Mother of 2 boys & married & my mom still can’t get over the fact that I have 2 pitbulls. Even though I know their the most well mannered, loving dogs I have ever been around, some people will not take your word for it. But you can’t please everyone, sometimes you & your dogs gotta come 1st!! So good luck in the future!!

    • awsome iam thirteen to and we
      awsome iam thirteen to and we have 4 pittys they are all very well behaved and great family dogs i have grown up around them had them all my life so i no quit a bit you should get a pit when you are older but make sure you get your info and no what your getting thesse are not a normal dog they need lots of love and most have a very high energy level

  54. Wow. This is all crazy to me.
    Wow. This is all crazy to me. My husband and I live in an area where yes, all dogs should be leashed when walked, and if in a yard–it either needs to be fenced or a dog should be tied up/contained. Do you mind me asking you where you’re from? My husband and I are looking at relocating, to accomodate my need to attend graduate school–but we haven’t yet looked into regulations on pits. Thanks so much, and I’m praying for the area in which you live, as well as for the ignorant people who are inherently scared of pits due to media and others around them. My new favorite breed is the pitbull–ours has brought such love and excitement into our lives.

    • i live in boston mass,but it
      i live in boston mass,but it isn’t all law in forcements. just some of them feel the way they do,just one’s who are the danger to our bullies here,because they hate the breed an don’t care what you have to say about how kind they are and caring,they are nanny dogs,loyaly to you,loving and alot of licking and stealing of your side of the bed.your best friend for life, you treat them rite ,they will do the same, mines is spoiled an so is her pup to,love them both,won’t let no one hurt them not even a cop who is bias,i tell them learn more about the breed then talk to me an leave ,stop talkin to them or him/her!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Even if your pits are well
    Even if your pits are well behaved and you take them for a walk they HAVE to be muzzeld?..will the police really fine you or take them away??

    • yes they will. they will even
      yes they will. they will even shoot a pit if they say the pit is a danger to the public just a reason to kill a someone pet and for being a pit they just don’t understand the breed it is really the people who own them the (assholes) sorry, and us the ones who make sure we do what we are suppose to do but alot of cops don’t care they hate the breed. always have a muzzle on mine when we do go for our walks she loves them, gets all happy when she knows we are going for our walk.did you see er pics mommys girl love always.

      • oh wow i didn’t know that! we
        oh wow i didn’t know that! we usually take our pits to the dog park…too many loose dogs on our street i hate it :/

  56. That is the city code. All
    That is the city code. All pit breeds must be licensed, spayed/neutered,as well as muzzled and leashed in public areas,and carry $100,000 in insurance. If not in compliance your dog may be taken away and euthanized. I do not have a problem with it because I have always muzzled my dogs when in public and when in yard an adult is always there to supervise. I would rather fall on the side of caution then have something unfortunate happen. My pit and mastiff are well trained and I am looking for my pit to attend CGC training but I only found one place that offered it and when they found out I had a APBT I never heard from them again. In a sense it is a good thing. I wonder what kind of trainer they really were if they were afraid of pit bulls. I don’t believe any trainer should be afraid of any type of dog if they know what they are doing

  57. I have a different view. I
    I have a different view. I will not take my pit or mastiff to a dog park. I do not believe that is a way to appropriately socialize my dogs. Too often people that go there do not supervise their dogs and many are not trained. They are allowed to run wild and the owners do not pay attention to what is happening. And when the dogs want the same space/toy a fight breaks out and guess who is the one that is gonna be blamed. The pit bull just because of the stereotype that is already out there. Why would I want to place my dog in a situation for failure and ridicule? On a second note, people do not always clean up after their dog and there are dogs that are not up to date on shots. I do not want my dogs catching anything.
    I do set up play dates in a controlled area with other pit/dog families. I will walk my dogs in a park though and I always have them muzzled as required by our county laws and to assure others I am a responsible owner. I don’t want anyone saying my dog bit….


      • Mary, may I implore you not
        Mary, may I implore you not to use exclusively caps? Old men require different heights in letter when we are too proud and obstinate to wear glasses. Thanks.

        IMO You need to move. If my dogs are not welcome, I and my money are not welcome.

        What MORON in your town decided that MUZZLES being required on PITTIES was appropriate? I don’t think that it is OKAY that you are forced to put muzzles on your Pitties while other breeds with ‘dark’ reputations are NOT required to wear muzzles.

        IMO You are more likely to require stitches when bitten by a Lab than a PIT. While training dogs for over 35 yrs, I have been bitten by a Rottie, 2 GSD, LAB and Chihuahua…
        One GSD was a MWD that I was retraining into ‘civilian/ home life’, 2nd GSD was just ‘torn open’ by a Pit Bull/ Beagle cross and wasn’t responsible for her actions, The pit Bull Beagle cross bit me as well and I put her ass down, the Rottie was 4 month old pup that rough housed too hard and lost control, the lab and chihuahua bites were because the damn dogs were just PLAIN evil – and both bites got infected, go figure

        When you and your dog were attacked, did you file a police report or summon animal control?
        It is lousy publicity for the breed but it also tells the community & other bully owners, quite strongly, that Bully owners are trying to ‘police’ their own breeds and sometimes idiotic owners.

        • no i didn’t call the poilce,i
          no i didn’t call the poilce,i blamed the owner not the pit he didn’t train her or have control of her, no leash no muzzle. it was the owners fault, not the pit,really don’t go to dog park wit her unless i am with my son or at night no people,no dogs no worries. funny ain’t it

          • Towns and cities are starting
            Towns and cities are starting to require pitbulls to wear muzzles beucase their owners dont know how to train puppies.

      • oh my goodness  where do you

        oh my goodness  where do you live?  thats insane that they have to be muzzled. I do not agree with that at all, if the dog is not aggressive or a biter.. horrible law

      • I think I can make a case

        I think I can make a case against using muzzles in a setting with other unmuzzled dogs. First, a muzzle doesn’t give the security one might think. In fact, dogs have been known to bite through them, and they certainly can slip out of them, tear them, etc.  But more importantly, in my view, is the fact that muzzling dogs places them in a position wherein they can’t defend themselves. This is not the sort of situation in which I care to place my dog. You say your dog was attacked, but that it’s okay to have to muzzle him. So now all the other dogs are free to act in an aggressive way, but your dog can’t defend. No one can be one hundred percent sure how their dog will react, no matter the breed. If this is a requirement for inclusion in the dog park, then no dog can qualify. My dog does play dates with dogs who are known to him. This is because I’m not going to expose HIM to strange dogs and even stranger owners.One other thing: wearing a muzzle on a dog makes him look dangerous. Pits don’t need to look that way. If a dog can’t be walked without a muzzle, then keep him at home. If it’s the law, then change it. If the police feel free to shoot your dog, you have a problem with your police department. I’m sure your situation is complicated due to where you live, etc. But the entire scenario you present, and especially your acceptance of it, is just begging disaster in my book.

    • I completely agree with you
      I completely agree with you Taana. As for your dog having to wear a muzzle while be walked is ridiculous!! So glad I live wear they don’t have stupid laws like that!!

    • Same here, I don’t use the

      Same here, I don’t use the local dog park because far too many of the other dogs are untrained and so are the owners.  I had a beagle attack Chico, the owners just stood there, I kid you not…simply stood there watching.  We had to chase the dog off and we left the park, never to return although we did make a complaint with our city.  Instead, we take Chico for long walks and to run in a local field. 

      It isn’t the dog, it’s the owners, regardless of the breed; why is that so difficult for people to understand?

  58. I own 5 pitbulls.. all
    I own 5 pitbulls.. all males.. they get along together fairly well, and I get the same treatment when I try and take mine places.. walking along the bike trail or whereever.. People have given these dogs a bad rap.. All mine do is require a lot of love..:)..

    • where are you from and omg
      where are you from and omg they r beautiful,who cares what they say i take both of my bullies to the dog park and if people don’t like it they can leave my pits did nothin 2 them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the dog park is for all dogs even pits,screw them haters who just don’t understand they r the best dogs 2 have.

        • yeah i just dont like pits
          yeah i just dont like pits ears clipped makes them look retarded but no matter what they are still the best

          • I have a solid blue pit with
            I have a solid blue pit with his ears (i believe the term is cropped)not clipped, and yea he looks real retarded i get complements on him every where i go. Ne wayz yea if i tried to put a muzzle on him he would probably go crazy he would b mad at me for months. What kind of world is this when u cant even take your dog to the park. I take my dog to the park and look at all the dumbass people moving way off the sidewalk when i walk through with my dog. But i always keep my phone close by my side cause i can record video and if someone lets their dog run loose and it runs up to mine, i will do what i can to make sure that nothing happens but if it does i want proof to show who was the responsible owner in the situation. Cause im not going to loose my 1500 dollar pit cause someone lets their little brave poodle run loose around the park..I have a great lawyer and alot of time, and a decent self owned buisness so i would do my best to win one for the pitbulls…

          • What a gorgeous dog! Just
            What a gorgeous dog! Just keep in mind…a blue pit is just a color. It isn’t anything different from a brindle pit, a white pit, a tan and white, or a black pit. Please don’t let the color of the fur and nose cause you to treat your dog any different. Breeders just call “blue nose” and “red nose” pits rare, when in reality they are no different than blonde and brunette humans and are far from rare. That is a normal coloring in most breeds of dogs. Just another color, albeit a GORGEOUS color on any dog!

            If you question what I say, please research it on any pit bull organizations website. As the owner of a pit bull, you need to make sure all your information is accurate when it comes to your dog! Do your best to be as knowledgeable as you can.

            If you want to win one for the pits, keep socializing your dog around EVERYTHING and all the time. Be the best that you can be for the dogs. We need all the help that we can get with such a misaligned breed. The breed doesn’t deserve the bad rap that it gets.

    • Hi Jamies i was wondering how

      Hi Jamies i was wondering how did you get you male pits to get along. I have three and have to have them seperated couse they just dont like each other.  They are the sweetes ever look my kids but when they see each other they get angry and fast. I don’t want to give none of them away. Is there something i can do 


  59. I have two very sweet
    I have two very sweet pitbulls (male is just over a yr. and female is roughly 8 mos.). I’ve tried taking them to dog parks around my area and everytime we go it is as if we had brought a bazooka into the park with us. We encounter dirty looks, whispers, people leaving, etc… We finally decided that it would be best to stick with long walks and exercising them in our fenced in yard. It is so unfair to them to take them somewhere and not be able to socialize them due to other people’s iggnorance. They do get socialization with neighbor’s dogs and our family’s dogs. The ignorance of people in general leave me speechless sometimes. I do all I can to advocate for these wonderful animals and use my two to prove how loving, patient, intelligent, and fun pitbulls can be. I only we can get through to enough people before they extinguish their light all together.

    • I am a little concerned that
      I am a little concerned that you have two dogs that need socialization and you are letting OTHERS make you kowtow to their ‘anti-pitbull’ hysteria. Specifically, You don’t take your dogs to the park because people give you dirty looks and leave.
      What did you do wrong? Breathing.
      Its a public place and so long as your dogs are acting in a socially acceptable manner, (forgive the term) “Screw the whiners”, press on with treating yourselves and your dogs to the world.

      Continually visiting that park and your dogs being pleasant will win them over if they have any degree of compassion and common sense. My AmStaff Chesty won over my parents who were rabidly anti Bully and German Shepherd. It took time, consistency and discipline which broke the door wide open for Flash (APBT) and Ranger (GSD).

      Never go quietly into that good night!

      • you need them to be very well
        you need them to be very well trained like on a e-collar when they are free and don’t let them play ruff when in any dog park.

      • i sooo agree with you. By
        i sooo agree with you. By letting those rude,stupid people contol where you want to take your beautiful dogs is letting them win and allowing them to feed in the predjudice of pitties. Be in control of your dogs, be pleasent and if they still choose to go, so be it. You have just as much right to be there as anybody else. Let it be known- I am proud of my Pit Bull, if they do not like it thats their problem!!

      • I actually get a mixed bag at
        I actually get a mixed bag at the dog park. I get dirty looks, people leave or people let THEIR dogs try to exercise dominance towards my Vanilla.

        I actually have met some really nice people too who realize the breed gets a bad rap because of what PEOPLE do to them. They were glad to have my girl play with their dogs.

        Like pitbulldadAZ, I speak my mind. I don’t give two squirts of piss if people get upset or leave as long as my girl is behaving. I pay taxes to keep that park open just like anyone else.

        When the other dog was dominant, I spoke to the owner in a respectful way and he replied like a wise guy “Doesn’t your dog like to play?”
        I had to explain to him that his dog was trying to exercise dominance over mine and that it was HIS dog whose safety I was concerned with as Vanilla’s patience appeared to be wearing thin.

        As Tia on Pitbulls & Parolees says “A Pitbull might not start the fight but they WILL finish it.”

        Obey the park rules and use good manners. I bring extra treats and water to share. The best way to overcome ignorance is by actions.

        Good luck!

    • I have the same problem!! I
      I have the same problem!! I had a guy in Petsmart tell me to never turn my back on my dog because my pit will kill me and my family…and another dad pulled his son away and said that dog will hurt you. SERIOUSLY?? OMG my dog is the biggest goof ball ever. So sad, how do you socialize a dog in a world where peole don’t like them?

      • we are fortunate to have a
        we are fortunate to have a petsmart where most of the staff loves our dog and he is always welcome there.we also take him to our local tractor supply store where the staff loves him and gives him treats. we are just careful where we take him and do not allow anyone to rush up on him without a proper introduction.

        • Same here in Conroe Tx these

          Same here in Conroe Tx these people at petsmart absolutely love our Bella….I too do believe they should be treated a little differently, our girl is only 12 weeks but will stand and stare very quietly at a stranger until we tell her it’s ok….

      • I had that happen to me once

        I had that happen to me once but I went off on the person saying my pit is ranked the highest among best behaved dogs. And I told him to Google it.  His mouth just dropped and I walked away.

      • Did the guy who said that

        Did the guy who said that work for Petsmart? If he did, I would say something because they shouldn’t be putting that kind of mind set in people. That is just wrong!

    • I have 2 pit bulls too. I
      I have 2 pit bulls too. I take one everywhere with me. And we have been treated the same way. Even though my dog is not the one with a continual bark and mine is not the one growling at everyone. When I walk into Pet Smart everyone all the sudden will see Eden, then give me a dirty look. Well, everyone at Pet Smart knows her. And as soon as they see that shes not dangerous, then all the sudden their faces will change. It happens in the part too. If their not giving me dirty looks, then their coming up to me with a hand full of cash trying to buy her. Wow, its either one way or the other. At Pet Smart my dog goes there more than those snotty customers, she goes to the Dr there at Banfield Wellness, and she gets groomed there. So you know I got to where I know that everyone there knows her, and maybe they should get their info correct.

    • Unfortunately, dog parks are
      Unfortunately, dog parks are not the places for pit bulls and their humans. You learned that the hard way. Though your dogs may get along with other dogs, to the average joe who only believes what the media tells him, seeing a pit bull walk into a dog park is just asking for trouble. Also, if your pit were to be involved in a scuffle that he/she didn’t start, the pit bull will ALWAYS be the one blammed for starting the fight. It is best to stick with doggie play groups with the same dogs all the time.

      With the breed that we have, it is our utmost responsibility to portray the positive image of such a wonderful breed. We have to have dogs that are breed ambassadors. If that means avoiding dog parks, then so be it. Dog parks are petrie dishes of unknowns anyway (unknown dog, unknown illnesses, etc. etc.).

      Keep advocating for this breed! We need all the help that we can get, and just be smart and responsible in everything that you do. That is just one of many ways to break the horrible stereotypes.

      • I have to say that my Pit has
        I have to say that my Pit has changed a lot of people’s opinions about the breed. My parents were completely against the breed until they met JJ and his brother, Sarge. Now my dad has decided to keep Sarge and I have JJ. I had the cashier at my Petsmart ask me if JJ was full blooded Pit and the idiot woman behind me, holding her little rat chihuahua said that the entire breed should be put down. If JJ would have even considered attacking her I would have let him! LOL! I simply informed her that the little rat she was carrying around was more likely to bite than my dog. They love him there though! We go in once a month and he picks out a new toy. Always has his sports jerseys on as well. Too much fun for him because when we get home he’s too tired to play with the toy….for a while!

    • I understand your feeling…

      I understand your feeling… I have walked my dogs in the french quarter area of new orleans, they love all the things to smell and look at. My dogs have never been people aggressive and people talk about me walking them or cross the street. But i will say, more people here compliment them than look down on them. We have a few organizations here that advocate for pit bulls, They are wonderful organizations. I know my dogs well, and for most people who own pitbulls that is the key. I know when i see a small dog coming, I stop, have my dogs sit..mainly my male, and let the other dog go by… My male isnt good with other males or small animals. If i see someone walking their dog in public, no matter what the breed, generally the dog is ok in this kind of setting.Honestly, id approach a pitbull before a german shepard …if i saw one stray..People need to understand that pits are dying to be loved, they dont choose to be fighters..they dont choose to be mean… we are soley responsible for how our pets turn out. There are rare cases of dogs that just cant be trained… Ive been there. I had to put  beautiful white pit bull down due to extreme human aggression that started at 9 months old.Came out of no where . That was my only choice for him. Sadly i had no other option at the time.but i never gave up on the breed. I have always owned pit bulls. I love my two babies and wouldnt trade them for the world!!

    • I wouldve gone right up to

      I wouldve gone right up to them and said ” Hey, u got a problem with my dogs, just becuz their pitbulls doesnt  mean there vicious! holy ur such a hypercrite!”  I hate it when ppl do that it makes me mad!!!!! 

  60. Whether they’re siblings or
    Whether they’re siblings or not really isn’t an issue. If they’ve been raised together, have been well socialized, and get along together, that’s a good thing. You will need to be the pack leader, and you’ll need to have the time & energy to keep up with them. At 7 months they’re still puppies with lots of energy and bumping into everything. If you’re serious about taking them in, and have the resources to care for them, then this is a great time to make them part of your family. They’re young and should still be very open to training and learning what you expect of them. Hope you’re able to make them a part of your family. Pits are the biggest love bugs ever:-)

  61. I’m researching pit bulls
    I’m researching pit bulls because I know of a brother and sister that are 7 months old that are basically homeless. My husband has owned a pit bull before and I’ve had a German Shepard. is it ok to take in siblings? The back story on them is they are being taken care of by a friend of mine that can’t have dogs where she lives. They are sweet dogs but they like to rough house. The male is trying to prove he’s the dominate. I think he just needs an owner to show him who’s the alpha. Any suggestions?


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