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Are Pit Bulls Protective Of Their Owners

Dogs are all meant to be pampered, regardless of their breed. One such breed will be the Pit Bull, which is often misunderstood to be an aggressive dog.

This is however not true since the temperament of the dog can also be molded based on our actions towards them!

If we shower our Pit Bull with tender loving care, it is likely they will not be as aggressive as how the public deem them to be even though sometimes they are employed as guard dogs to protect families.

But are their traits and temperament suitable for this job, or perhaps are Pit Bulls protective of their owner?

Are Pit Bulls Protective Of Their Owners?

Yes, Pit Bulls are extremely protective of their owners, and they do a very good job when they are properly trained to do so. From protecting your family to being affectionate towards your children, they are certainly one of the top choices for a guard dog that can protect their owners.

Having said that, it will be fair to say that most – if not all – dogs, regardless of their breed will protect their owners if they are ever in trouble.

Are Pit Bulls Protective Of Their Owners

Dogs are known to be loyal and “man’s best friend” for a reason, and that reason being they will always protect and defend those who they consider part of their “pack”.

Below are some of the reasons why Pit Bulls are considered protective towards their owners and why they are so good at it.

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Why Are Pit Bulls Good At Protecting Their Owners

1. Physical Traits

Pit Bull’s outlook is so foreboding such that they ward off strangers from entering your property. The sight of the Pit Bull is enough to scare away potential perpetrators.

Their strong hind legs and muscular frame is intimidating enough to most people, and their level of athleticism is so high such that they can chase down intruders into your property.

2. Intelligence

Do you know that Pit Bulls are actually very intelligent? They pick up cues really well, and their high level of instinct allows them to sense and prevent problems before issues start to arise.

Their high level of intelligence also allows them to detect if you are in distress, whether due to external factors or due to your health, and then acting accordingly to get the attention from others.

This makes them extremely protective of their owner.

The high level of intelligence also allows them to be highly trainable. This will allow you to train the dog to react to certain commands or when they detect signs of distress.

Pit Bull Intelligence

You can also train the dog to bark excessively when there are intruders into the house!

The caveat here is that since they are highly intelligent, this means that you will need to vary your training methods so that the Pit Bull does not get bored.

We will suggest you break the training sessions into bite-sized chunks so as to keep the dog mentally engaged and reduce fatigue.

3. Loyalty

Pit bulls are known for their fierce sense of loyalty. This trait is especially important when there is temptation as the dog can reject the temptation and remain protective over their owner.

This fierce sense of loyalty is cascaded down towards the entire family too.

There are multiple images of Pit Bulls with young children mingling perfectly well with each other and that the Pit Bull will protect and guard the child from impending danger.

4. Brave

The Pit Bull is also known to be courageous and brave, and that they will not hesitate to jump into danger just to protect their owners.

Their bravado can sometimes be mistaken as being aggressive, but nonetheless this does help to serve its purpose in intimidating intruders so that no one will harm your family.

And even if some foolish person tries to harm or attack you, you can be assured that the Pit Bull will put its life on the line by defending you.

This goes the same for wild animals, as the Pit Bull will not be easily intimidated even by larger predators, and that it will also jump into the fray just to protect its owner.

5. Good With Children

As explained previously, Pit Bulls are actually very affectionate dogs that are very loving towards their owners and especially towards children.

Their affection towards the family is so great such that they are readily available at all times when it comes to protecting them.

But while this may be the case, we will still encourage you to keep a watchful eye on your dog lest they get too eager in their playing/protection and accidentally injure your young child.

Training Pit Bulls To Be Protective

In order for you to train the Pit Bull to be protective and double up as a guard dog, you will need to employ methods that are vastly different from how you would train them to perform regular commands.

This is important, as you wouldn’t want the dog to start attacking people randomly.

Pit Bull Protective Training

If you are unsure of how to go about doing this, we will suggest you bring the dog to a trained specialist that can help you with this task.

Under the proper guidance of a trained specialist, your Pit Bull will be able to respond to certain commands that can signify that you are in distress.

What is more important is that the Pit Bull will learn that not every stranger is an intruder, and that it will only attack the perpetrator when the dog sees certain motion such as lifting of the arm or when they see the intruder holding onto knives or guns.

Wrapping Things Up

With the above, we can safely conclude that Pit Bulls are naturally equipped to be protective of their owners.

However, more can be done so that they can be effective guard dogs without fearing that they might attack people at random.

Last but not least, we want to emphasize that if you decide to get a Pit Bull to guard your family, do ensure that you keep a watchful eye on them, especially when they are near to your kids.

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