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Why Doesn’t My Pitbull Bark?

While taking your morning coffee, you hear someone approaching your door and leaving an Amazon package.

Your Pitbull knows someone is out there, yet they make no sound or try to bark at the delivery person. Should you be alarmed by this?

In general, Pitbull doesn’t really bark. They only bark with reasons, typically to communicate, either with humans or animals.

Which is to say, they are intelligent dogs and won’t blindly bark at anything. Here we will explain in detail the reason why your Pitbull doesn’t bark.

Why Doesn’t My Pitbull Bark?

Restraint To Assess A Threat

A Pitbull can identify a real threat by assessing its surroundings. They are alert of their surroundings and will bark if they sense a threat.

In this case, they will make a thunder loud noise, a way to protect you or themselves.

But if they feel safe, they are generally calm and content. Which means, they know the familiar scents of visitors that come by your house, including the delivery man.

Relaxed Personality

Every dog has a different personality, and this rule applies to Pitbull as well. Yours might be a relaxed, shy, or quiet dog as compared to an overactive and playful one. This is perfectly normal, as your Pitbull is unique in its way.

However, be cautious if your Pitbull’s behavior turns from an active extrovert to a withdrawn and shy dog. This can be a concern that something external has caused a switch in your dog’s personality.

Why Doesn't My Pitbull Bark?

Is there a stressor that’s been added to its routine? If so, do some adjustments so your dog accepts the change and does not react differently.

Well Trained And Sociable Pitbull

A Pitbull that is well-trained and sociable will naturally bark less. They understand boundaries and the appropriate times when to communicate with you or other animals.

A Pitbull is open to training because they enjoy praise and approval. They are highly attuned to their owners and pick up cues for commands.

A sociable Pitbull doesn’t feel the need to bark at every dog or human that passes by.

They see people and animals in a positive light rather than a threat.They need not exert any effort, or be in attack mode because they understand the concept of being friendly and affectionate.

Feeling You Out

A new Pitbull will feel you out before they become comfortable around you. They will explore their surroundings and familiarize themselves with the rest of the household members.

Being the latest addition to the house, especially for Pitbull pups that have separation anxiety, they will need time to feel at ease and safe in their new home.

On the other hand, a Pitbull that comes from the shelter is usually timid and withdrawn. They will need a bit more reinforcement and encouragement to adjust to the new place.

Showing them love will bring out their personality and confidence. In just a few weeks, you will notice a change and a more interactive dog that’s eager for attention and affection.

Trusts Its Owners

A Pitbull trusts its owners to point out a threat and does not need to be in a fight or flight mode. They are comfortable and secure around you because they know you are a good pack leader.

They feel protected when they are with you, even if in the presence of noisy barking dogs nearby. Likewise, they will ignore other animals around and be happy to be with humans.

Why Does My Pitbull Not Bark?

Your Pitbull is a super loyal dog that loves to be around people. Although they are not exactly effective guard dogs, Pitbulls are very protective of their owners.

This kind of devotion extends to how they feel about being under the wing of their owners. Unless you are incapacitated, your Pitbull knows deep down his core that you will protect their well-being.

Health Issues

Sometimes there is a health issue that might be the cause of why your Pitbull doesn’t bark.If your dog becomes sluggish or weak from being playful and active, then it’s time for a quick visit to the vet.

However, with the proper care and attention, health issues can be dealt with easily. Below are some common health issues that might cause your Pitbull not barking.

Laryngitis and Throat Problems

If your Pitbull was barking just a few hours ago, and suddenly turns silent, then it might be laryngitis from excessive barking.

The throat can get inflamed or may hurt, which a vet can diagnose and give the needed medication.

Lack of Liquids

Your Pitbull may be dehydrated or lack liquids, which will cause lower stamina and energy. When you forget to give him water every few hours, they are at risk of feeling weak and lacking the energy to bark.

The different seasons cause dehydration for your Pitbull. This in turn can manifest in a fever, heatstroke, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Once brought to the vet, electrolytes, and administering of liquid dextrose will be given, and your Pitbull will feel much better.

Old Age

If your Pitbull is older, they may be losing his sense of hearing. It could also be that your dog senses fewer stimuli and doesn’t react right away.

Why Doesn't My Pitbull Bark?

Unlike a young pup with heightened senses, an older dog can start experiencing hearing loss with a delayed reaction.

Old age brings along different conditions such as hyperthyroid disease, skin problems, and allergies that make your Pitbull uncomfortable and stay quiet.

Since barking uses up so much energy, they tend to just stay nearby without complaining or barking loudly. A visit to the vet will help ease the discomfort your Pitbull is going through.

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Final Notes

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating with humans and other animals. In the case of a Pitbull, they will bark if there is a need to protect themselves or their owners.

A Pitbull that is relatively silent doesn’t feel any threat or danger in front of other people or animals. They may bark during playtime or when they are excited, but most of the time, they are calm and do not fuss by barking.

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