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Why Are Micro Bullies So Expensive

Micro Bullies, sometimes called “Pocket Bullies”, are rare among breeders and pet owners. Hence, they are relatively more expensive and elusive.

Even with the price, Micro Bullies are still a sought-after breed of the American Bully. This is due to their excellent health, adorable faces, smaller size, and great personalities.

So why are Micro Bullies more expensive than other size variations of their breed?

How Much Does Micro Bully Cost?

A Micro Bully is common to find in the market for at least $10,000 but their price tag can increase quickly according to the local market and their popularity there.

The final cost of bullies varies on the coat color, cost of the stud fee to the breeder, location, and health of the parents.

Just because Micro Bullies are small, this doesn’t mean that their price tag shrinks. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

In addition, few breeders specialize in Micro Bullies due to their relative newness and rarity. As a result, the few breeders who specialize in Micro Bullies can make the cost more expensive than in the past.

Overall, Micro Bullies can range in cost from $10,000 to a lot more, sometimes even 25k! Again, this depends on the factors mentioned above and much more.

It’s a lucrative business in general. Hence, always check your breeder background to avoid getting a Micro Bully by unethical bully breeders.

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5 Reasons Why Micro Bullies Are So Expensive

There isn’t just one reason why Micro Bullies are so expensive. It is a combination of reasons that leads to the hefty ticket price for pet owners.

These reasons range from the quality of the bloodline to the costs associated with birthing a healthy Micro Bully. Here is an in-depth look at some of the reasons why Micro Bullies cost more than other bullies.

1. Stud Service Fees

Stud services fees can be costly when breeding a micro bully. For puppies to be classified as Micro Bullies, a breeder needs to follow a strict set of breeding standards.

Hence, it’s common for some stud service fees to cost over $10,000! When calculating the cost, one needs to consider everything — the father’s health, bloodline, appearance, and proven ability to produce quality litter in the past.

Consequently, the breeder will evaluate the total stud feed when calculating the final cost per puppy born. An example of stud fees can be found online.

2. Extra Care During Pregnancy And Delivery

Due to the muscle structure and respiratory system, a Micro Bully’s mother required extra care during the whole pregnancy until delivery.

Various complications can arise during the pregnancy and delivery of Micro Bullies, to both mothers and puppies.

Thus, it’s important for regular vet visits to occur. Moreover, close monitoring by breeders and thorough testing before, during, and after the pregnancy is also necessary.

In addition, most deliveries are done via cesarean section, although the labor of a litter of Micro Bullies can occur naturally.

The reason is through cesarean section, the breeder can reduce the risk and complications the mother and puppies face during the delivery process.

3. The Rarity And Newness

micro bully rarity

Because of its rarity and newness, it’s extremely hard to get a hand on a Micro Bully.

For hopeful pet owners looking to get one for their family, they might have to search around the country, or globally to find the right breeder.

There are several American Micro Bully Breeders that breed top-quality Micro Bullies, and they ship both in the United States as well as internationally.

4. A High Demand And Surge In Popularity

Demand and surge in popularity have made the prices of Micro Bullies skyrocket in the last few years.

More households have become dog friendly and opted to have pets since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This sudden surge in demand for Micro Bullies has created a massive shortage of available puppies, causing the prices to trend upwards.

While it also happens with other dog breeds, the massive price scale is spotted more on Micro Bullies.

5. Coat Color

Coat color plays a significant role in the final cost associated with purchasing any dog, including Micro Bullies.

The great thing about Micro Bullies is that their coats can be nearly any color. Moreover, it also comes with a wide variety of patterns, making every puppy unique from others.

According to various dog kennels, a Micro Bully is accepted in any color and pattern except for merle.

In total, there are over twenty different coat colors and patterns accepted, including black, cream, chocolate, gray, blue, lilac, red, tri-color, brindle, and more.

Currently, the most sought-after Micro Bully is the one that has a gorgeous lilac coat. As you can guess, they are also relatively more expensive than the rest.

What Defines A Micro Bully

Micro Bullies are defined by their size and physical features. Fundamentally, Micro Bullies should appear strong for their size.

Like any bully dog breed, they have a muscular build, larger head, strong body, and a larger-boned bulk appearance. However, they can only be between 13 and 17 inches tall at their withers.

Why Are Micro Bullies So Expensive

This contrast between appearance and size is the reason why Micro Bully is popular. Micro Bully’s pet owners love the strong bully appearances — solid and intimidating, yet with adorable micro size.

Besides, Micro Bullies have a warm temperament and energy. This gentle nature means they can be around children, making them an excellent companion for young families.

What Makes the Micro Bully So Controversial?

The Micro Bully has stirred quite a controversy in recent years due to its unique appearance and breeding practices. This tiny designer dog has a wide-set stance, muscular build, and a large head, all of which make it a sought-after breed for some enthusiasts. However, the same qualities have triggered ethical concerns and debates among others.

One significant issue is the health problems these small dogs often experience. Bred to be as small as possible, Micro Bullies tend to have disproportionately short lifespans, ranging from just three to eight years. This fact raises ethical questions about whether it’s responsible to breed and purchase these dogs at all, considering their inherent health issues.

micro bully issues

Additionally, the breeding practices used to create the Micro Bully are often criticized. Typically, the smallest dogs from two distinct litters are bred together to get even smaller dogs. This method can lead to further health complications, as the goal of breeding focuses on size reduction rather than promoting the overall well-being of the dogs.

While the Micro Bully’s playful, charming, and gentle nature can make them an adorable companion, you have to consider the ethical repercussions of supporting this controversial breed. As a potential owner, you might want to explore alternative options, such as adopting from a shelter instead of purchasing from a breeder. By doing so, you can help reduce the demand for controversial breeding practices and promote healthier dog ownership choices.

Are Micro Bullies Worth The Investment?

Yes! Micro bullies are gentle dogs with tons of wrinkles and personalities. They would make a great addition to nearly every family with their lovable size and adorable appearance.

Also, they make great dogs for stay-at-home workers and families with children due to their friendliness and social skills with other dogs.

Micro Bullies love to play, run, and be active within moderation. They also love to cuddle up on your lap at the end of a long day – there’s nothing sweeter than a micro bully!

Final Thoughts

micro bully puppy

All in all, if you can afford to get a Micro Bully, give them a good and loving life, and feed quality dog food that ensures good health, then you should do it!

Enjoying years with them will be well worth the cost. On top of that, you will also get full of love, kisses, and cute family photos.

For more information on Micro Bullies, where you can find a reputable breeder and care instructions, check out some of our other posts, or feel free to reach out.

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