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Getting to Know Your Pit Bull Puppy

Getting to know, and training, your American Pit Bull Terrier puppy involves understanding of the breed as well as patience.

The stigma placed on the breed doesn’t seem to make sense to anyone who has cared for a Pit Bull puppy, as these highly social individuals are affectionate and willing to please.

Intelligent, dominant and powerful are words that adequately describe the American Pit Bull Terrier, and this is ever so true when it comes to training one from a puppy.

Properly training your puppy while educating yourself on how to avoid improper care improves the temperament of your pup and helps debunk some of the negative myths surrounding the ownership of this magnificent and stunning breed of dog.

Beginning Basics

Housebreaking your Pit Bull puppy requires determination and patience, much like caring for an infant.

Puppies need time to get used to being away from their litter-mates and mother, and Pitbulls will often whine, whimper and act out during the first few days of being in their new surroundings.

A healthy puppy often snaps out of this and adapts within a few days as long as it is given proper attention as well as time to be alone while it sniffs out the environment.

To assure a smoother transition, make available a small pet bed with a stuffed animal the puppy can sleep with. This helps ease the puppy’s separation anxiety after being separated from the litter.

Potty training begins immediately upon the Pit Bull puppy’s arrival, and depending on the invididual pup, this can be a speedy process.

There are varying techniques on potty training a puppy, but the intelligence of the Pit Bull allows it to quickly discern repetitive action.

Observe your puppy, and anytime it begins to sniff the floor as it wanders around, grab it and take it outside so it can do its business.

Begin a potty schedule as soon as you can by taking the puppy outdoors to its designated potty spot approximately five to 10 minutes after it eats. Follow this schedule after every “meal” the puppy eats. Another option involves crating, which is essentially lining a pet carrier with newspaper and placing the puppy inside of the crate whenever it begins to sniff around on the floor. Placing newspaper by a door exiting the house, teaches the puppy to eventually go outdoors to relieve itself.

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Breaking Bad Behavior

American Pit Bull Terrier puppies are rambunctious, energetic and highly social by nature, making it important to socialize them at as young of an age as possible.

The failure to socialize a Pit Bull puppy, or other dog breed, often results in aggressive behavior. In some puppies it can also cause other obedience problems.

Socialize your Pit Bull puppy by taking it out to parks and other dog-friendly places. Allow it to become acquainted with children and other animals such as cats, birds and other dogs.

Allowing your puppy to be social at a very young age and throughout its life keeps it used to being around people and other animals. This, in turn, decreases the chances of your puppy becoming an out-of-control dog.

Pit Bull puppies are notorious chewers. In fact, they chew practically anything they can scrape their teeth on. Furniture, carpet, wall trim, clothes, shoes and everything else in your home or yard can fall victim to the teeth of your Pit Bull, so, nipping the problem in the bud before it starts is an excellent move to make.

Positive reinforcement is key in this endeavor, and you must never strike or punish a Pit Bull puppy physically. When you see your puppy chewing on a sock, shoe or other forbidden object, simply take it away and replace the item with an approved chew toy. Firmly say “no,” as you take the object away from your puppy, to further assert the rule. Eventually the puppy will ease its desire to chew by grabbing one of its favorite toys. Keep a wide variety of durable chew toys on hand, and throughout your home so your Pit Bull puppy doesn’t get bored.

A Happy and Obedient Pet

The bottom-line, when it comes to training an American Pit Bull Terrier pup, is to use patience and plenty of affection.

Pit Bulls are extremely loyal and loving pets that build deep bonds with their owners, so keeping your puppy happy reaches the halfway point in training it to be an obedient and well behaved pet as an adult.

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  1. Oh my gosh, as reading this

    Oh my gosh, as reading this article, I noticed right away that my 7 wk old puppy has actually tried to chew everything mentioned, including the medal on my bar stools at my island!!!  I am working on finding a “favorite” chew toy as I have only had her for a little over 24 hrs….she is an amazing companion and so far…I am ALREADY in luv with her personality!!!

  2.     I believe its in how you

        I believe its in how you raise them. I used to be a heck no person with pitbulls because of media. Now that a friend had one  we fell in love with the breed and now have two(2) they are the most loving pets we have ever had. always happy to see us and gives hugs and kisses constantly. I wouldn’t have any other type of dog. Any one that comes over to visit is greeted by both dogs as long lost friends. We have 9 grand kids and they love to play with the kids,they climb grab pull and can do anything to the dogs and get kisses with a tail wag.

    • Yep, media had me brainwashed
      Yep, media had me brainwashed too. Then my Wife got a job at the local shelter and… well, look at my avatar!


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