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Can Pitbulls Swim?

If you own a dog, you might have heard rumors about how some breeds can’t swim. Well, Pitbulls were on the list too. However, how true are these rumors? Are they a true non-swimmer? Or are Pitbulls a gifted swimmer?

In this article, let’s explore can Pitbulls swim as well as the safety measures when your pets are inside the water.

Can Pitbulls Swim?

Yes, Pitbulls can swim with some precautions. In fact, any dog with the desire to swim can do so if they are trained and their owners take appropriate precautions.

Oftentimes, rumors about Pitbulls can’t swim come from some baseless beliefs. One of the beliefs is that Pitbulls don’t have characteristics of dogs known for swimming.

For example, Labrador Retrievers have oily coats to wick away water, and most retrievers have fan-shaped tails made for swimming. Pitbulls on the other hand have a very muscular and dense bodies, along with a thin, whip-like tail.

Can PitBulls Swim?

Not only do people believe Pitbulls can’t swim, they also believe that with such a dense body and prominent, short-haired tail, they will sink like a stone!

The thing is, people tend to correlate a dog’s abilities with their physical appearance. Although some might have a fair amount of truth in it, most are just unfounded stereotypes.

All in all, even if some breeds are not natural-born swimmers like Pitbulls, they can still be trained to swim.

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Do PitBulls Like Water?

Pitbulls like water. They always get excited with sprinklers in gardens and enjoy getting dirty in the mud. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you can let an untrained Pitbulls get into deep water, like a pool or ocean.

Since they have a muscular body and they’re heavier, your Pitbull might face issues to swim and float properly. Regardless if your pitbull enjoys playing with water or not, it’s always recommended to train your Pitbull how to swim.

How To Train Your PitBull To Swim?

One of the best ways to train your Pitbull to swim is starting off in shallow water. Never force your Pitbull to go into the water. It’s important that they feel comfortable or they might show aggression due to fear.

You may start with a leash at first to guide your dog. Encourage them with positive reinforcement by giving them treats for their bravery.

Can PitBulls Swim?

Once they’re comfortable with shallow water, you can start to train them to swim in deeper pools. At one point when your Pitbull can swim freely in the pool, you may now bring them to play at the lake or ocean.

It can take some time to get your dog comfortable with the water, but trust us, it is well worth the effort! Just remember to be patient and enjoy the process.

How To Keep Your PitBull Safe While Swimming

First and foremost, it is important to note that even the healthiest dogs should be supervised while swimming. So how to make sure your Pitbull is safe while swimming?

Well, you can consider buying a life jacket for your pitbull. Life jacket can help your pitbull to stay afloat, which is very helpful if your dog is unable to float properly inside the water.

Also, life jackets are a good option for dogs that have joint or mobility issues, or when they’re too heavy.

Dogs can get cold very quickly in water, even in warm water. Thus, it is important to ensure that your dog is not in the water for too long at a time.Of course, you can always opt for a dog wetsuit or get them a doggy paddle jacket to keep them warm.

Can PitBulls Swim?

Be sure to also teach your dog how to safely exit the water just as diligently as you teach them to enter. In case they ever wander on their own, they will know how to get out.

After swimming, always swab your dog’s ears out with cotton balls to avoid any ear infections.

The Bottom Line

Pitbulls are fun-loving and energetic dogs. They love playing outdoors, which include playing in the water. While water is a great way to tire your dog out, as well as provide them with some much-needed exercise, be careful when doing so.

Always keep an eye on them while they’re in the water, even when they already know how to swim. After all, being a responsible Pitbull owner, it’s our duty to keep them safe, happy, and healthy!

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