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IQ and Income of Pitbull owners

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    Hey pit-bull peeps, I was just wondering:


    Has anyone here ever met a doctor/lawyer/scientist who owns a pitbull? 


    Anyone here ever met a pitbull owner making over 100k that wasn’t a celebrity?


    Just wondering. 



    Oh yeah, also: please tell me again about how golden retrievers are more dangerous than pitbulls. 


    I love this site.


    It’s just like any other site of emotion-driven apologists that keep unloading clip after clip of logical fallacies and twisted statistics to keep the fantasy going. You are all doing a tremendous job of never taking ownership of the increased risk of danger this dog poses on others (and other dogs). Not that I think that concerns many of you. But if you did care, it would be nice if you owned publically it for once. 


    BTW, when a pit has its jaws clenched on another dog’s throat, how are you supposed to get it to uncleanch to pull it away? My case in point is that I am 100% positive there’s many here who could actually answer that question. And the 10% of you who are smart enough to understand the implication all know that’s true. For you 10%, how do you respond to that? Just keep the party line and keep denying? Say you’ve seen golden retriever clamp down on the windpipe and refuse to let go? Just own it. How hard is that? 


    ***My guess is that if I get 10 responses to this post, only 2 of them will be more rational than emotional. Of those 2, hopefully 1 will keep twisted stats and logical fallacies to a minimum. Hopefully. Please prove me wrong. 

     Ok, later gators. 







    I see know why I have had no response  to my post asking for advise about what to do about the pit lab cross that has killed my cat…. 

    Incidents like this don’t really happen its confused people, 

    that dog was probabley a different breed….

    The holocaust didn’t happen either?

    Ok I see now, I won’t waste my time.

    The Dog Warden is getting a call in the morning.

    rename this

    the pit bull denialist website. 


    i luv my pitbull

    My Pitbulls Vet is a Pitbull owner. As for making 100k a year, character defines peope, not money. For comparative data regarding Pitbulls and Golden Retrievers I humbly suggest you look look at the American Temperament Test Society Breed Statisticshttp://www.atts.org  BTW, I  hope your life never depends on a Search and Rescue dog, but if it did, there is a good chance that dog may be one of the Many Pitbulls who serve with distinction in that capacity. Would you still want to be rescued? Have a Blessed Day

    raisins mom

    I echo i luv my pitbull’s sympathy for the loss of your cat.  It is always devestating to lose a pet and under those circumstances I can see how one would feel such a mix of emotions.  And yes if my cat was killed by a dog anger would be one of those emotions.  I own a cat as well as my pitubll and my german shepherd.  Last year I had a friend who could not seem to contain her german shepherd and lab.  They escaped out of her yard multiple times and in the end killed 2 of their neighbors cats.  I know she was devestated for her neighbors.  In the end animal control deemed her dogs and vicious and they had to be euthanized.  Unfortunately her not containing her dogs in their yard lead to the loss of her neighbors beloved cats and her two dogs.  A preventable tragedy all around.

    My dog’s vet own’s two pitbulls.  As far as do I kow any other other professionals such as lawyers, doctors,etc that own pitbulls the answer is no I do not.  But I also do not have any friends in those professions. But I have meet many responsible pitbull owners at charity events and one of them could of been in those professions.  I just never thought to ask people what they do for a living. I do not care what someone does to earn a living.  My only hope is that they are positively contributing to their community.  A janitor, a pilot, a teacher, a waitress all have vital roles in our communities.  Do not judge one based on what tax bracket they fall in. 

    As for how to break up  a dog fight that includes a pitbull who will not release, I would result to my break stick.  It is a tool placed in a pitbulls mouth behind the molars that you twist so they loosen their grip and let go.  I may also add that I carry one and have never had to use it.  In CA we have strict leash laws and I am one who believes in them.  I also believe in spaying/ neutering pets which can help to reduce aggression.  Often times the media will publish many articles regarding pitbull attacks but leave out the important information such as was the dog spayed/ neutered and was this dog a pet or left in the yard chaned up. 

    You said the majority of people on here will have emotional  and not factual responses. That gave me a wonderful chuckle. My boyfriend loves to tell me how I base all my decisions on emotions from voting to what I want to eat that day.  I am an emotional person.  I have to be.  Each day I sit down at my desk and the first thing out of my mouth is “911 what is your emergency?’.  My job requiers me to show compassion to the victim who has just been shot as well professionalism to the person who admits to stabbing their significant other.  In 10 years at my job I have heard so many tragic moments of peoples lives.  There are times when I have to turn off how I feel and just do my job, but I still try to keep compassion in my heart for those during their time of need.   I live my life by the belief that I need to be compassionate to all those around me, human or animal. 

    I only hope when you come on this page you are willing enought to agree to disagree.  I get yelled at by people to get my pitbull off their street in the AM on our walks.  My response is to smile and say enjoy your day  ( and no I do not avoid their street on my next walk). Maybe just maybe they will see my well behaved dog and I enjoying life and take away a little part of that joy into their lives.  Life is full of lessons all around us and owning my pitbull has taught me to be less judgemental against those who judge me.  

    Again, I am truly sorry for the loss of your cat.

    i luv my pitbull

     I’m sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is always hard, I can’t imagine how you must have felt after your cat was killed. The fact that this behavior is rare in Pitbulls does not make what happened any less painful, but I hope you will not judge the entire breed for this tragedy. Please pardon any impression that I’m making light of your loss, that is not my intent. For whatever it’s worth, if anything, I offer my Sincere Sympathy.  BTW getting a response to anything here can sometimes take awhile, we all have different schedules, so hang in there.


    I am not a doctor/lawyer/scientist.  How fun it would be to throw in a “PHD” after my name… 

    I can, however, introduce myself as a CCIE. 


    Raisins Mom,


    I respect the honesty in your response.

    My point was not to disrespect any profession or anyone not making a certain amount of money. It’s not about the profession or money.

     I brought up the professions and money example to point out that smart people generally do not own pits because they’ve weighed the risks. Pits are a great example of breeding for specific traits, but those traits are often mortal to others in society and their pets. Moreso than other breeds. How more clear could those risks be if you need to breakstick for a pit? Maybe it’s not a media conspiracy, maybe pits just really are more dangerous. 

    I’ve seen pit owners deal with this ‘more dangerous breed’ question in 2 ways.

    There’s the ‘who gives a damn about others’ attitude” I’ve seen from many pit owners. These are the really low IQ ones who give all pit owners a really bad name. They’re also the ones who own pits because they think it makes them look cool. Or tough. Or whatever. They don’t try to understand their dogs enough to control them or prevent harm. They just morons who own dogs. Extra lack of IQ points to the owners who are oblivious to any risk at all. See sleeved up, drug using criminal lowlife in this category. 

    Then there’s the group who deals with the ‘danger’ aspect through denial. These are usually the smarter pit bull owners. They’re just too emotionally attached to their dog to take an honest look at the danger issue. Because if they did, they might see that they’ve got a duty to protect others and others’ pets from their dog. It hard because it requires cold logic. But that’s the test.

    Finally, maybe your example of a vet who owns pits supports pits not really being dangerous. However, given that her living is made dealing with dogs and her that she has immense education behind her, her decisions are far more informed than the average pit owner. I trust her about a million times more than the average pit owner. I’m sure your pit is a great dog, but you’re one of the few pit owners that really really cares about understanding their dog. If more were like you, we’d all be in a better spot. It’s the rest of the pack I have issues with. I know too many pit owners who are flat out incompetant. Playing with a loaded gun. I’d feel better if it were a requirement to make would-be pit owners take a thorough course before being able to get a pit. 






    P.S. Do any of you bring your pits to a dog park? 







    raisins mom

    I think if you look around at the pictures of peoples dogs on this site, read their bio’s, as well the question and answer forums you will see the majority of the people on here are like me.  The majority of us preach and push the idea of being a responsible owner who socialize their dogs, know the history of the breed, and understand what we need to do so our dogs are not seen as vicious  monsters.

    You discuss people who choose pitbulls must have low IQ’s because if they weighed out the risks they would not own a pitbull.  I will tell you why I choose Raisin. My beloved dog and best friend could not get up and greet me as he had for the past 10 years.  Long story short, he cancer and I had to make the decision to let him go.  A month to the date of his passing I went to the shelter. No matter how much one trys to dress up the shelter it is still a sad place.  The majority of the dogs in there were pitbulls, rottweilers and german shepherds that week.  How sad it was to look at them knowing the majority were not going to leave this place alive.  That is when my boyfriend who was not a fan of pitbulls pointed out Raisin to me.  He was small and wrinkly and hiding in a blanket and wouldn’t come near the glass window.   When I finally got near him he curled up into me and looked at me like “please dont’ leave me here”.  I will have Raisin a year in May.  He had pneumonia when I adopted him.  He was under weight and small in his size which possible was from being locked in a crate. The shelter work paperwork said he was abandon on the street.  A human lacking compassion just dumped a him on the street and walked away.  His “issues” were brought on by someone that all of us on this site fight to not be associated with as a “typical pitbull owner”. ( BTW my boyfriend who did not want me to bring home a pitbull loves Raisin. As for his IQ he is one of the most methodical  and intelligent people I know.)

    You brought up the media.  Oh I can go on about the media for days.  I love to read the stories. You ask why? Because they are so emotional. They put pictures in of vicious dogs or the horrific picture of a dog bite injury. Now ask me what they fail to put in their articles? The factual information that you came on this site skeptical we as pitbull owners would provide to you.  They do not print if the dog is a house dog or just a yard ornament.  They do not put if the dog is neutered.  They do not put if there are a male and female together and the possibly it was breeding season.  So many facts are left out and the voids are filled with heart string tugging material. 

    You ask why I have a dog that may require a tool known as a break stick.  I have it for those people who are not as responsible as I. So that if I am ever in a postion where I have to break up a fight I have the neccessary tools do to it and safely.  I also carry my cellular phone and pepper spray at night when I walk for my personal safety.  I have nevere been robbed or assualted but but I still carry tools to protect myself and call for help.  

    Lastly you asked if I take my dog to the dog park and my answer is no.  I am not a fan of the dog parks ( a response many people on here will disagree with) . Some of the parks do not seperate large dogs and small dogs and I feel this is a safety issue.  Sometimes big dogs play to rough which can lead to smaller dogs getting injured.  There is also the idea of prey drive which can lead to devestating results.  Additionaly people bring toys to the park which can cause toy aggression which can lead to dog fights.  I also don’t like the idea of throwing tons of dogs into one enclosed area that do not know eachother. If humans can have squabbles and fights, how can we expect dogs not too?

    I think I answered all your questions. Dont think I am not answering or avoiding you should I not reply quickly to any response but I have already put in 10 hours at work today, did grocerey shopping, fee my dogs.  I still need to fix my lunch for my work day tomarrow and most importantly play fetch with my shepherd  and practicing teaching Raisin how to play Paddy Cake. 

    Feel free to ask me any question or concerns that you have regarding pitbulls.  Oneday I hope you have the chance to meet a well behaved pitbull and see how they wiggle their hind enda, what we refer to as the pibble wiggle.  Or you get the joy of seeing one smile at you.  The best part is when people yell at my dog to get off their street he still smiles back at them. Im glad he doesn’t know how many people fear or hate him because I would never want that unconditional love he gives to kill his spirit. 



    Hello all and thanks for the replies/answers. 

    I don’t have any opinion about the IQ of any dog owner I just tacked my message on this post.

    The IQ or income of a dog owner can also be compared to car owners. Common sense if you have a big income you can run a big car. I expect a big dog eats more has bigger vet bills than a little pet. Pick the right Horses for the right courses… I have had nothing but denial from my local chump, so have reluctantly called the ‘man’  I thought there was maybe a few UK users owners on here. Seems if the poor animal is a pit/lab cross, it is an illegal dog in UK. So the outcome is predictable. I also understand the reluctance of any UK owners to speak up, Personaly I don’t see how the UK goverment can say all dogs of a particular breed are bad, but our goverment has some very strange ideas. Thanks again. Merry


    i luv my pitbull

    My community has many pitbulls, and they are rarely a problem. I make a point of seeking out and talking to the animal control officers in my community. I’ve discovered that one of the officers owns a pitbull, and has raised pitbulls for many years. The officer explained to me that pitbulls are among the least likely to display innate human agression. Yes, pitbulls are powerful dogs, and yes those that abuse them are attracted to that power. Pitbulls are also, by nature, people friendly, affectionate, and loyal. The problem is the people who choose to exploit this loyalty for their own ends. When was the last time you heard the name of the pitbull owner (Besides Vick) in a media story about a pitbull attack? If a name was mentioned, do you still remember that name? Dog fighting and other misuses of pitbulls is a crime in all 50 states, yet the dogs most often bear the burden of condemnation. What about the humans who commited this crime? Study after study has shown the direct link between animal abuse and violence against people. To me, this shows that those who abuse and misuse pitbulls are the problem. Problems with pitbulls, or any dog, begin with people prone to violence to begin with. I’m not denying that, like any animal, rare instances of out of character behavior do occasionaly occur. When this does occur, that indiviual animal, not the breed, needs to be dealt with for the protection of the public.  


    My Wife and I bring our APBT to the dog park almost every Saturday and love the comments we get from other dog owners about how gentle and well mannered she is. One of her playmates last week was a small white Westie. Still even though she’s well behaved, I can be found at her side supervising her play, unlike the other dog owners who are oblivious to what’s going on. I’ve had to referee their dogs a few times.

    You say you didn’t come on here to disrespect anyone but your posts are quite vitriolic.

    My Wife and I also have five cats that get along well with our Pit. She sleeps with them on a regular basis. Please see the pics in my profile.

    She also seems to be quite fond of children in the park. They pet her and she licks them.

    She walks freely around my office with about 20 other people at least twice a week with no problem and plenty of affection between her and my coworkers.

    I’m not implying that every member of ANY breed is all good but they aren’t all bad either. Please do see the ATTS link someone posted earlier.

    One thing I am conscious to not do is engage my dog in “tug-o-war” games or get her toys that encourage her to grab and shake them like prey. A lot of ANY dog’s behaviour has to do with training.

    Finally, If you have a problem with a dog in your neighborhood, by all means call Animal Control. We cannot make a judgement call on how that animal is behaving as we do not own it. You need to alert the authorities if the animal is a threat.


    Dear Reason,

    I thought about not responding to your post at all and taking the higher road, but I would rather educate you.  Hopefully you are not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist.  I am guessing you probably are not, because of your poor judgement.  Let me clarify the poor judgement comment, this has nothing to do with what you have said about the dogs it is because you have stereotyped the owners and the dogs.  You can never generalize anything; even in science, medicine, or law. 

    Yes, I have met doctors who own pitbulls, my husband has a degree in animal science and also a degree in biology (technically, he is classified as a scientist).  I do not know any lawyers personally.

    Yes, I have met people that make over 100k that own pitbulls (it is not that hard to make that much money with two incomes).  Maybe, you should have picked a higher figure? j/k However, money does not classify how someone cares for their animals, children, etc.

    Any dog can be dangerous, it is all in how they are raised/treated.  In the end they are all animals.  Dogs and cats have been domesticated, but you still need to completely understand the animal to be a decent owner. 

    “BTW, when a pit has its jaws clenched on another dog’s throat, how are you supposed to get it to uncleanch to pull it away? My case in point is that I am 100% positive there’s many here who could actually answer that question.” 

    In response to the above question, read about the history of pitbulls.  Pitbulls were created to bull fight, later this turned into dog fighting.  However, the pitbulls were taught and breed to have a very good relationship with their owners, because the owners would break up the fight.  A human(owner) of the dog would go into the ring and pull the dogs apart.  Dog fighting is terrible (thank God it is illegal).  If my pitbull (I can never picture this occuring, because she is a submissive licker), had anything in her mouth including another dog’s throat I would be able to put my hand in her mouth and pull her jaw away.  Why? you ask, because I am her owner, and she respects me as the Alpha. 

    I hope you do not own a dog (any dog), because you would not be a good owner.  This is not a case of breed, because I am sure if you find an abused Golden Retriever that has never been around smaller animals, you would have a mess on your hands.  Maybe you will be able to pry it’s teeth from the other dogs neck, but how did the dog get to that point anyway? 

    The point of this site is to help this breed, and educate on how to be a good owner.  The bites/fighting/abuse the animal receives is all do to the owner.  It is not like we are adopting lions and then saying “I don’t understand why, my lion bit me.” 

    I remember when I was in college and I heard about the pitbull puppy chewing a babies toes off.  The owners/parent’s of the child were high on drugs.  That is why that occured, the dog was never told no, and the baby I am sure was crying, but the parents were too high to realize.  That is not a responsible owner.



    And yes, Bams and Saphie (my Weimeriner) love the dog park.  Bambi is a very social lovable dog, and I have never had any issues with other owners worried about their dogs playing with my dogs.  Again, it is because my husband and I know our dogs, and are responsible owners. 


    Put much better than I could have done.

    BTW, please note my avatar. Just like ANY dog, it’s all in how the owner handles them. I too am the Alpha of our little pack.





    Love it!  Ha ha my little pack is two dogs and two cats 🙂

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