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IQ and Income of Pitbull owners

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    In response, I am a lawyer working for the World Health Organization. My wife is a OB/GYN. My father worked at JPL for years as a cosmo physicist. 

    We fit into your ‘high income/high IQ’ category. We all own pitbull terriers and have for years. I must admit, my wife was generally wary of pitbulls when we first started dating years ago. She heard the horror stories of locked jaws (which isn’t accurate) and maulings and general malfeasance surrounding the breed. But she soon fell in love with Jake and eventually took him to visit patients on her rounds at the hospital where she was doing clinicals.That was many, many years ago and we now have 3 teenagers who have been raised with pitbulls. We have never had a single problem.

    We do not take our dogs to the dogpark. We used to but people made so many disparaging comments concerning our dogs (will he attack our dog? etc.) that we no longer went. Plus, as has been said in many other posts, no matter if the sweet, adorable lab started the fight, my dog was often blamed.

    My father is 89 and his pitbull, Daisy, sleeps happily at his feet most of the day, rolling over for the occasional tummy rub.

    Yes, we pay more in insurance premiums. We pay more for higher fences. We pay more in social standings and for people who assume that pitbull owners must be lowlife scum who only fight the dogs. But would I ever change places with my neighbors who pay thousands for the newest designer dogs who were bred inhumanely in puppy mills? Never.

    I will continue to rescue pitbulls from the pound and fight against BSL.





    This is for Reason

    Stereotypes and scapegoats

    Stereotyping is a type of discrimination. When a person is stereotyping they are thinking in terms of inflexible categories, and is linked to the psychological mechanism called displacement. Displacement is when one feels feelings of hostility or anger toward objects that are not the origin of those feelings. Many people blame scapegoats for problems that are not their fault. This is normally directed against groups that are relatively powerless, because they make an easy target. It frequently involves projection, which is the unconscious attribution to the others of ones own desires or characteristics.

    I have tattoo’s, I do not use drugs however, I am sure if you met me you would most likely presume I did. Yes, I walk my 3 Pitbulls together, we pass by cats and other dogs with no problems.

    My IQ level as well as my income, I am sure way surpass yours. So please, stop posting negative things about Pitbulls. You need to educate yourself and meet a few Pitbulls before you judge.

    Many types of discrimination exsist in this world.

    I would like to follow up with a little short lesson in our animal world. Like all other animals, dogs have the inborn need for food and water, sleep and protection from the elements. Dogs (all dogs) are descended from wolves: in fact, the DNA of dogs and wolves is almost indistinguishable.

    In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “problem breed.” However, there is no shortage of “problem owners” and stupid people.



    I think before you accuse people of being unintelligent based upon their chosen profession or intelligence quotient, you should probably take a look at the character you presented us with in your first post. What I gleaned from it would be that you are initially on the offensive, while not being aggressive, you are being accusatory. You fail to present any form of reliable statistics to us, and on top of that, you will probably find very few reliable statistics between rumors and media hype on the web. and these are often fallible. You also claim people with high paying jobs are all stand up citizens, and sure some are, but look at many companies today who cut corners and save a little money at the expense of a large number of people, that’s politics, and this is not what this thread is about. My point being is that you are using a very biased approach to the topic of pitbull ownership and haven’t seemed to be gaining information, while being respectful and polite, but possibly ignorant of facts.

    You also don’t consider the statistics of what you may have read in terms of the many variables behind them and their potential falibility. Media sells stories people want to hear, and more often then not they misconstrue figures and hide facts to tell a story that will lead to a winning headline worthy of catching someone’s attention as they pass by a newsstand. While some people throw out ratios such as 2% of dogs owned are pibulls but 1/3rd of dog attacks are by pitbulls, less scientifically break down the possible errors of such a statistic. For one, I highly doubt they are excluding bite counts from strays or animals with unfortunate pasts with neglectful owners who leave their dogs out when they lose a fight or they can’t train them properly. These bites would get counted to embellish this disparity between the two numbers. Furthermore, we have incompetant owners who don’t train their pitbulls properly, as with any breed. the difference is they are powerful, more so than many breeds, the difference is that they might be able to commit an act, whereas a “loveble lab” or “harmless yorkie” might not have the opportunity. To say a dog is more dangerous after it commits a deed than one who is restrained is understandable, but the fact that the drive is there in the restrained animal is often overlooked. I digress, further fallibility would lie in how many times an attack may be repeatedly reported by the “so-called statistician”. I’m guessing alot would have to do with number reported by a news company and I’d wager quite a few would have duplicate stories since pitbull bites tend to travel a bit further than the tiny pinch of a bichon. I’m not saying I’m right, but the world of statistics is so easily twisted.

    How many people in these “successful” proffesions do you think really have time to train a dog properly? As for the people at home, what do you think their significant other might be doing? possibly cooking dinner or taking care of children. When you consider the time and effort involved in training and caring for a dog, you have to alot for the fact that these people probably aren’t spending quality dog training time with their pet. Now let’s throw a dog’s natural instincts in there. A dog may be more apt to dominance than another, and it takes a decent amount of time investment to show that the owner and humans are dominant over the dog. Look it up on google.

    Small dog syndrome is another point I’d like to address. People don’t acknowledge that small dogs often get their way as they are “cute” when they exhibit signs of dominant behavior and end up thinking they are in fact above the humans they live with in their “family pack”. The yipping, constant attention grabbing, furniture climbing and aggressive barking towards strangers is not what a properly trained dog should be allowed to do. Apply this to larger dogs, if they were to show signs of these behaviors, they would be corrected and likely chastized, my point being the dog does not often take into account it’s physical size, as it is not aware, it is the mentality of the dog and it’s surrounding family/pack that cause it to show signs of dominance or submissiveness, and is unfair to judge them for that trait alone. Now, I don’t say an owner should not account for this, by all means they should absolutely understand “for the dog” that it is larger and behave accordingly, but when you have an owner who is permissive with a small dog, and then it has a larger dog, it would be very easy for things to get out of hand due to human incompetence.

    I’d write more but I think you should seriously take some time to learn about these dogs from reliable sources instead of, as you might say “emotion driven bigots”. Learn how to pose a question instead of hiding behind misinformation and poorly thought out methods to demean people you don’t know.

    IQ 147, profession: Engineering and Management


    I am a personal injury/insurance lawyer in Morris County, NJ and I own a rescue male pitbull and a small breed female dog as well.  My pitbull is sweet, gentle and well-mannered and gets along great with my small dog and is gentle with cats too.   He often gets compliments when we walk in the park or on the street on how sweet and well-behaved he is.  Unfortunately, shelters are filled with pitbulls and other bully breeds, who get passed over for adoption into normal families because of their undeserved reputation which is a byproduct of their popularity with a certain type of “macho-idiot” owners and irresponsible journalism.  In fact, when raised in a stable, structured and responsible home, a pitbull is a friendly, gentle, loving, obedient, and eager to please companion.     


    Dogs of many breeds have killed cats, it has nothing to do with the breed. Most dogs chase cats, it has nothing to do with breed. The saying fight like cats and dogs came from this, it has nothing to do with the breed.

    To sumarize, it has nothing to do with the breed.

    Jenna and Lilly

    For the sake of time and reading I will not go into details of my personal life of that of my pets but I would like to say that I feel that any intelligent human being would take all circumstances into account and treat each individual dog as an individual, not as a whole.

    And I would like to pose a quesiton, would it be fair to say that every male that has dark hair, dark eyes, a moustache and was born in Germany will kill those of the Jewish religion and desire a “pure” race of humans?


    People, this person is a troll. That being said, dont feed the troll, just let it starve to death.


    Theodor Roosevelt, Hellen Kellar, Jon Stewart, Ken Howard, Jamie Foxx, Rachael Ray, Woodrow Wilson, General George Patton, Joey Porter, Ceasar Millan, Thomas Edison, Madonna, Usher, Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter)…..just a few of the people with ”low IQs” that have owned pit bulls….


     Ceaser(the dog whisperer)makes more money than most doctors or lawyers and his favorite breed is pitbulls. People who think pitbulls are blood thirsty killers also beleive what they see on the news.

    German shepards are responsible for more human attacks than all other breeds combined and yes the damage is extensive.

    My unneutered PB is a love sponge to humans and animals because I raised him that way.

    BTW, I am an internet marketer which I built from nothing and make $250,000 

    I refuse to be programmed by the media or dumbasses

    have a lovely day!


    “I refuse to be programmed by the media or dumbasses”

    Freakin’ A!


    Suddenly quiet!


    No, not so suddenly.  The voice of “Reason” has been quiet for quite some time.  He’s just like everybody else who drops in to spread negativity and doesn’t stay long enough to listen to anybody elses side of the story.  So typical.




    To answer your questions,  

    Yes, actually my neighbor is a botanist and owns a yorkshire bull terrier, my best friend works for aircraft carrier engineering and owns a APBT and I actually work two jobs, one as a CBRNE with the military part-time and currently working for a research lab with the state university and just recently got a APBT mix.
    In fact, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein both owned bullys as well as Fred Astaire, Woodrow Wilson, Humphrey Bogart, John Steinbeck, Mary Tyler Moore, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Walter Scott, shall I name more?   Or do a few of these not count as intelligent people because they are celebrities?  
    Please show me documentation where one dog has been proven to be more dangerous than another? I actually don’t think there has ever been any scientific proof in that case.  How are Saint Bernard’s, Doberman Pinchers, Rotweiller, Boxers, Mastifs, any less dangerous than Pit-bulls?  I have been attacked by a St. Bernard, I have never been attacked by a pit bull.  
    Grew up with boxers and I am fully aware of the circumstances a dogs jaws clenched on another dogs throat, or persons limbs and how hard it can be to release once the animal is caught up in the moment.   The serious truth of the matter is, no matter what breed the animal is, you train it poorly, treat it aggressively or threaten the animal and or it’s loved ones in some shape or form, the animal will turn on you.     
    To start a post in thought that people who own a certain breed of dog must be unintelligent, shows me first of all that you did not think this post out very far and you base your views on opinions and hear say as opposed to actual facts, and you have created a stereo type of what your thoughts of unintelligence is.
    I personally don’t like having serious discussions with people that tend to stress opinions over facts, nothing good ever comes out of it, and opinions always lead to insults.



    Help us lord we are being victimized by stupidity.

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