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How High Can Pitbulls Jump?

Pitbulls are probably one of the most athletic dog breeds ever existed. Born with strong and sturdy build, agility, and bravery, they are a breed that possess athletic talents.

One of the many talents is they’re great jumpers. Yes, Pitbulls can easily jump over a fence, although most rarely do it.

However, if they’re keen to know what’s happening on the other side of the fence, nothing can stop them from jumping over.

Now, back to the question, how high can Pitbulls jump? Well, let’s find out.

How High Can Pitbulls Jump?

Any Pitbulls can easily jump 4 to 6 feet high from the ground level. If they’re competitive training Pitbulls, they are able to jump as high as 13 feet.

Even so, a higher jump can only be done after undergoing proper training. Any untrained Pitbulls that attempt to jump higher, despite being athletic, can possibly injure themselves during the landing.

With that being said, it doesn’t matter if a Pitbull is a good jumper or not, they are capable of jumping high.

How High Can Pitbulls Jump?

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What Causes Pitbulls To Jump Over Fences

Despite having great jumping ability, jumping over fences is not something Pitbulls will usually do. Thus, if your Pitbull keeps on jumping over fences, or trying to jump over the fences, something must be going on.

It might not seem like a big issue for a Pitbull to jump fences, but having a dog roaming around unattended can be dangerous for the dog. Besides, it will also create unnecessary trouble for people in the neighborhood.

Hence why being a responsible Pitbull owner, it’s crucial to figure out the root cause for the behavior. Below is our compilation on some possible reasons that trigger the jumping fences behavior.


Believe it or not, your Pitbulls might try to jump fences from boredom or loneliness. This is especially if your pup has limited space for physical activity or being neglected for a long period of time.

Pitbulls are highly energetic and athletic dogs. In addition, they’re social animals. They love to play, make friends, and like attention. Lacking in any of either criteria might trigger frustration, or worse depression, hence the jumping fences behavior.

Thus, to avoid unwanted accidents, as the owner, you need to ensure your pup is getting the care they need. You can create a fixed exercise/play routine, or walk your Pitbull frequently.

By doing so, not only can you wear off their high energy, but you’re also strengthening the bond you have with them.

Prey Drive Instinct

Sometimes, Pitbulls jump fences when their prey drive hits. It’s an instinctive inclination for carnivores to search, pursue, and catch prey. It’s a genetically driven instinct that every dog has, regardless of breed.

How High Can Pitbulls Jump?

Thus, if your Pitbull notices something that triggers that natural instinct, like spotting a rabbit, they won’t hesitate climbing the fence to chase and capture their target.

And since their minds are set to capture the prey, they might barge everywhere, which ends up creating chaos and unwanted accidents.

Mating Season

Another reason that causes Pitbulls to jump fences is due to mating season. During mating season, there will be some behavioral changes in your dog, especially in non-neutered dogs.

Aside from the usual behavior changes where your Pitbull howls as a means to inform other dogs that they’re ready to mate, some will try to escape in searching for a mate.

For example, when a female dog in their estrus cycle, they instinctively want to find a male to mate with. Which is to say, they might try to escape by climbing the fences to check out the nearby option.

Sudden Incident

Unexpected incidents can be a trigger that causes Pitbulls to jump fences.

Just like humans, Pitbulls will also feel an immense amount of fear or anxiety when they’re facing unknown or unexpected events.

Events like natural disasters, fireworks, loud noises, etc. can cause your Pitbull to stress out, making them want to quickly run away from danger. If they’re unable to find a safe place within the house compound, they will jump over fences.

Final Thoughts

How High Can Pitbulls Jump?

In short, Pitbulls are great jumpers and are able to jump over fences. Even so, it’s not a behavior that they usually will choose to do.

However, if your Pitbull starts portraying the tendency to jump fences, something might have triggered the behavior.

As an owner, it’s best to find out what triggers the changes and put a stop on the behavior.

Keep in mind that having an unattended dog roaming around alone can bring danger to the dog. In addition, it also increases the chances of preventable accidents to happen.

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