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How Do Pitbulls Show Affection?

A famous quote often used by dog lovers from Josh Billings: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” You will agree to this statement if you have a Pitbull at home.

Pitbulls show affection in different ways to show you their love and devotion. A highly socialized Pitbull thinks of humans as their best friends and becomes very attached to them.

But knowing how and why a Pitbull shows affection will make you appreciate your dear fur friend more. It eliminates the negative impression that they are aggressive and unpredictable because the dogs were used for illegal dogfights.

Pitbulls are well-behaved, generous, and tender animals as well as reliable home companions.

Below is a list of how Pitbulls show affection to their owners.

How Do Pitbulls Show Affection?

They Cuddle With You

How Do Pitbulls Show Affection

Pitbulls like to show affection and cuddle with their owners. They want to share the warmth of your body.

They will fidget a bit but will eventually settle down and get into a tight, comfortable position.

That means there is very close contact with a part of your body, be it your chest, arms, or leg. Once they are settled in, they will drift into a deep sleep.

Licking Parts of Your Body

Pitbulls love to show their love by licking not only your hand, but they will also go after your arm, legs, face, and hair. Some owners may find it messy and not really enjoy the saliva from the dog, but this is a common dog behavior.

They are so perceptive to your presence that when you haven’t been together, they will enthusiastically lick you throughout the day as a way of reassurance.

Pitbulls Will Nibble Your Ear

Pitbulls like human ears and can do a gentle nibbling of your ear. Kind of like love taps rather than other dogs who can get rough, Pitbulls know how to do it with care.

Some will get shocked by the Pitbulls’ teeth in your skin, but they mean no harm.

On the contrary, this is their expression of love by grooming you.

Pitbulls Will Nibble Your Ear

Lean On You

Pitbulls enjoy close contact with humans and like to lean their bodies on you. Their favorite spot is your chest or shoulder, where they rest their head.

This is their way of showing complete trust that they don’t bother to get into a stable position once they lean into their owners.

Humans must be careful not to shift suddenly to avoid surprising their dogs and losing balance.

Sit On Your Lap

Regardless of their weight, Pitbulls will sit on your lap. They think they are small and light, so climbing up your lap is nothing to them.

The goal is to get close to their owner and once they’ve settled in, your lap and chest become a source of warmth. You will detect a calming presence from your dog, who will show contentment from being near you.

Sit On Your Lap

Ask For A Belly Rub

Pitbulls who feel secure in their environment will easily lie on their back and show you their belly.

For dogs, the belly is their most vulnerable position, and going into this position is a sign of submission to its owner.

When they ask for a belly rub, it is their way of asking for special bonding and touch from their owners.

They Give You Their Favorite Toy

A toy is a Pitbulls way of asking you to play with them. When they fetch a toy and give it to you, your dog is initiating a game or wants to play.

This is their way of showing you trust because they want to share a valuable item or prized possession.

Your response should be one of approval by using an encouraging voice and a good pat on the head. You are conveying the same trust and showing your gratitude to them.

Stick By Your Side

Some owners will describe this behavior as clingy, but Pitbulls follow you around the house. They like to stick by your side and don’t mind watching your every activity.

This is their way of showing devotion by keeping you company. Your dog will stay near you because you are their favorite person while cooking in the kitchen, exercising, vacuuming the rooms, or gardening.

Greet You At The Door

Nothing is more rewarding than your Pitbull excitedly greeting you at the door of your house. They know when you get home and show their enthusiasm by barking or jumping around.

Your dog is excited to see you, and they show it by jumping on you, wagging its tail, or licking your face.

This is a heartfelt welcome that the owner is privileged to get after a long and tiring day, and just takes away all the stress that you went through.

Greet You At The Door

Stay Close During Meal Times

Pitbulls will lie down beside the dining table and watch you while you eat. This behavior is what they do when they move in a pack during mealtime at different times of the day.

It is their way of protecting and showing their devotion when their owner is vulnerable while eating.

Secretly, it’s an effective way to get a little morsel from your plate, but they’d be happy just being close by.

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Final Notes

Pitbulls love the family they belong to and express their affection in different ways. These dogs can be clingy and cuddly because of their loyal nature to humans. They somehow know that they are companion animals and working dogs.

This makes them loyal and dependent on their owners. When they live in a safe and secure environment, these dogs will thrive and show their contentment by being affectionate towards you.

Your Pitbull shows their affection through physical contact, gift-giving, and making sounds. Like all other breeds of dogs, their unique way of expressing themselves can go from subtle gestures to obvious actions.

But, any gentle contact is their way of showing love, trust, submission, and protection towards their owners. Their loyalty and devotion are unquestionable, and they show fondness without holding back.

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