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Reasons To Get A PitBull [Why They Make Great Pets]

You are considering adopting or buying a dog, and one breed you are considering is a Pit Bull Terrier, or one of several breeds that are closely related to this breed. There are many reasons to get a pitbull!

It is important that before you take any steps towards becoming an owner that you thoroughly research the breed so that you understand the challenges of owning this loyal, yet controversial breed.

99% of issues that arise with pit bulls have to do with owners who are idiots. The truth is that this breed has many good traits. A super-dog, if you will. And although the media focuses on the negative aspects, in reality they can be awesome pets for the smart owner.

Below you can find the main reasons why Pit Bulls make great pets!

Are PitBulls Loyal?

Yes, despite what a lot of people believe, Pitbulls are loyal to their owners. Pitbulls are very loving, affectionate, and loyal animals. If they are shown love and affection, then they will always return that love back to us.

Loyalty from our Pitbulls can be shown in many ways, such as by protecting us, bringing us their toys, leaning on us, and following us. While they may favor their owners, their loving and people-oriented personalities allows them to become loyal to other people if they are treated well by them.

When adopting a Pitbull, you are not just getting a pet, you are also adopting a companion who will be loyal to you and those around it throughout its life.

Of course, the loyalty a Pitbull has for us as their owner depends on the way we treat them. Since pets mostly cannot care for themselves, they rely on us to do so.

Pitbulls are aware of when we provide them with things like shelter, food, love, and appropriate care.

Repetitively doing these things allows a bond of love and trust to be formed between us. This proves to Pitbulls that we are loyal to them, and they can be loyal to us in return.

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11 Reasons Why You Need A PitBull In Your Life

1. PitBulls Are Affectionate Companions

reasons to get a pitbull

Pitbulls are wiggly, cuddly, affectionate dogs. If you don’t like dog kisses then consider another breed, because most pitbulls love licking. The same goes if you have children and you don’t want them to be a regular target for face washes.

Pitbulls are not aloof – they like to remind you regularly of how they feel about you, and in general this means a lot of tail wagging and kissing.

2. Generally Healthy And Easy To Care For

Yes, pit bulls require a reasonable amount of attention. They do not, however, need a lot of care. Pit bulls have short coats and are normal shedders, and only need to be brushed semi-regularly.

They don’t tend toward genetic disorders like some other breeds, although they should be inspected at puppyhood for signs of hip dysplasia, but this is a good idea for most medium to large breeds anyway.

Most pitbulls do not get larger than 50 to 60 pounds, although there are some larger sub-breeds.

And as long as you exercise the dog regularly, a pitbull can be very comfortable in a small dwelling.

3. People-Orientated, When Socialized Properly

Pitbulls love people

Pitbulls love people. Although this breed frequently gets a bad rap in the media, if you have ever met a pitbull that was raised by a loving, conscientious family then you will understand how much they like to be with people.

The downside of this personality trait is that they can get overexcited when they meet new people, which is something that needs to be addressed through training and positive reinforcement.

4. Pit Bulls Are Loyal To Their Owners

Your pit bull will be you and your family’s best friend from the day you take them home to the day they pass away.

While they will be naturally protective of their family and their property, because pitbulls are so people-orientated they do not make good guard dogs. Unless you just want them to smother intruders with hugs and kisses.

Pit Bulls Are Loyal

5. Eager To Please

A pitbull will always do it’s best to make you happy, as long as you are clear about what you expect from them.

Many people will mention the fact that this breed is notoriously stubborn, but once they realize that you are the boss, they will work hard to ensure that you were happy with them.

This breed can be challenging, and is not recommended for first time dog owners as you need to be comfortable and confident that you can handle the breed, otherwise they will pick upon the fact that you are less than sure of yourself.

6. High Tolerance For Pain

Sometimes presented as a negative trait, the fact that pitbulls have a high pain tolerance makes them exceptional family dogs.

They easily (and happily) put up with the rough play of children without reacting. At the same time, pitbull owners may have to invest in prong collars, as the shoulder and neck strength of the pitbull means that sometimes an average collar will not do.

It is important that when considering a pitbull as a pet that you carefully screen all puppies and adult dogs to ensure that they respond positively.

Dogs of any breed that show fearfulness or aggression towards people or other dogs should be avoided, particularly as a family pet, unless you are willing to put in a lot of extra time and money into behavioural training.

To be a successful and responsible pitbull owner you need to at all times have your pet under control.

Dogs should never be left unsupervised with other dogs or children, and should never be allowed to roam off leash except in controlled dog-friendly spaces.

Remember that as a pitbull owner you are charged with showing the positive side of this breed, so make sure that you always have a friendly and well behaved pet.

High Tolerance For Pain

7. Pit Bulls Are The Best Cuddle-Buddies

Once you bond with your furry Pitbull friend, you are in for a surprise! Contrary to their aggressive reputation, these dogs actually love to snuggle up to their owners. As much as they show affection, they also don’t shy away from demanding the same.

So, your dog is likely to come up to you for cuddles (very) frequently.

pitbulls like to cuddle

This is irrespective of whether you are curled up on the bed or sitting on the couch while working. Your furry friend is sure to snuggle up close to you and demand to be petted.

And even though they are too big to be a lapdog, that’s not going to dissuade them from climbing up on your laps whenever they get the chance.

So if you were looking for a friendly dog with whom you can cuddle up while doing absolutely anything, you now know which breed to choose.

8. Have A Fun And Playful Personality

Playful Personality

Pitbulls have a likable personality, and this is one of the many reasons to get a Pitbull. They are fun as puppies and this doesn’t change even a bit as they grow older.

These goofy animals will do the silliest things to get your attention, so you can expect a lot of entertainment in line for you every single day.

Get ready for a good laugh when you have a Pitbull around, as they are going to brighten up your day with their hilarious antics.

9. They Are Low-Maintenance Dogs

Pitbulls are fairly low maintenance dogs, making them a suitable breed for working individuals. They have short coats and don’t tend to shed too much – so you won’t need to spend a lot of time grooming their fur.

That also means less fur to clean up from the floor and carpets! That said, you do need to bathe and clean them on a regular basis – although that won’t be taking up much of your time.

10. Get On Well With Children

Get On Well With Children

Pitbulls are highly social dogs, and get on well with children and adults alike. Of course, just as with any other breed, smaller children do need to be supervised while interacting with these dogs.

But when raised with love and care, Pitbulls aren’t hostile towards anyone.

Although they are a good choice for families with children, this means that they aren’t suitable as guard dogs at all.

11. Comparatively Easy To Train

Last but not least, another major reason to get a Pitbull is that they are highly trainable. Compared to several other dog breeds, Pitbulls respond well to commands and learn rather quickly.

Being eager to please, they are more likely to do your bidding when handled with love and patience. When trained from an early age, these dogs can develop an obedient and likable personality.

And that’s not all, being intelligent dogs, pitbulls can learn and remember a wide range of tricks.

Easy To Train

How Do Pitbulls Show Loyalty?

One way Pitbulls may show their loyalty is by protecting their owners. There have been many stories about Pitbulls putting themselves at risk to protect the people around them, but this does not mean they resort to violent behavior.

This could be as simple as barking to let us know danger is near or to scare off what they feel threatens their loved ones.

However, there are also other ways Pitbulls let us know they are loyal to us that may not be as obvious.

This includes bringing us their toys, cuddling us, following us, leaning on us, kissing us, or simply acting happy when they see us.

While these gestures may not seem as big as protecting us, they are all behaviors that prove our Pitbulls have developed love, trust, and loyalty for us.

Will A Pitbull Be Loyal To More Than One Person?

Most of us have other family members who are around our Pitbulls, or some of us may be considering adopting a Pitbull from a previous owner, so it is normal to be concerned that they may not develop a bond with anyone else.

Thankfully, Pitbulls are very loving and social animals. They can quickly be rehomed and learn to bond with new people.

As mentioned before, it is all about how we care for them and make them feel.

If a Pitbull feels loved and cared for by other people, then he or she will return that love to them.


Pitbulls are often stereotyped as being dangerous or aggressive – but, this is often the result of wrong training or abusive owners. When trained properly and showered with love and attention, these adorable dogs could be just the best pets you could ever hope for.

Energetic, friendly, and loyal, Pitbulls are in no way inferior to any other breed in terms of being suitable as a family dog.

If you are still not convinced, we hope our 11 reasons why they make the best pets have helped you decide!

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Author: Matthias

Hey all! I’m Matthias and I love Pit Bulls (as you probably can guess lol). Until a couple years ago I had Blaze next to me while writing the articles for this blog and he was my inspiration, he still is but - hopefully - from a better life 🙂

I am not a veterinarian or veterinary health care specialist, so nothing in this blog should be taken or used as a substitute for professional help. Use our content as information to have a basic understanding about Pit Bulls but always look for expert advice, specifically when treating or diagnosing your Pittie.

Hope my articles are of any help to you, your family and especially your Pit Bull. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

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134 thoughts on “Reasons To Get A PitBull [Why They Make Great Pets]”

  1. Come on.. there is NO reason to use a prong collar on any dog. Get a harness. Positive training, not punishing and hurtful. Do better.

    • We agree! But even though we don’t like it and we usually not recommend them, we added it as an investment you “may” need only because sometimes we adopt dogs that have had bad owners previously or just sometimes pets react in unexpected ways, regardless of their breed, and a collar could be one of the last resources to protect our pitties and everyone around.
      We would like everyone to be a caring and loving dog owner, but not everyone will be, and they may need this suggestion when in trouble. But hopefully they decide to send their pet to a person who is more suited to be a dog owner and never have to use a collar again 🙂

      Also we realize that adding the image after the prong collar mention kinda cuts off the whole idea we tried to give, so we will put it after the explanation, because we see now how it can create a misunderstanding on why to use them.

      Thanks for your comment Shelly! It did help us a lot!

  2. I have the most amazing

    I have the most amazing pittie. I got her from the pound almost three years ago. She is covered in scars, the vet thinks they are from dog fights. I got her soon after I came back from Iraq, and my wife and I split up while I was over there, so I had Trina for almost a year before she met my daughter. My daughter was two at the time. My daughter is almost five now, and they are best friends. During my daughter’s younger years, she tested Trina’s patience more than you could imagine. Remember the scene from Toy Story when Woody pulled the dog’s eyelids up until he cried? Yeah my daughter did that once. But my untrained pittie who probably used to be a fighting dog just looked at me when I walked in the room like ” how much longer do I have to do this?”  She took so much from my daughter, even though she barely knew her, and is now her best friend. She is by far the best dog I’ve ever had.

  3. I have owned one full blood

    I have owned one full blood tuxedo pit and now i own a pitbull-rotweiler mix. even though the first one was already well trained in a very loving family home i didn’t have to train her. my pit now is a puppy and is definitely stubborn. she isn’t house or leash trained (yet) but we are breaking her of that habit slowly. i love this breed alot. they are always misunderstood. as i always say, i have a 5 year old dauschand that can be just as terrifying as a pitbull that was not trained properly. even though my dauschand is a very big lover, i just like to insinuate that small dogs can be just as scary as big dogs that are treated poorly. both of my dogs get along great, except for when my big dog likes to tackle my little dog. other than that pitbulls are a very loving breed and shouldn’t be misunderstood.

  4. We have 2 pitts Maddie 7 and

    We have 2 pitts Maddie 7 and Lulu 2 & they are two of the greatest dogs ever. They are great with the kids, cats & even our pet rabbit. They are protective of our family & yard but everyone who knows them knows they will get licked to death before they would ever get bit. My daughter is 4 & when I send her out I send Lulu out too she always stays within feet of her & I would never worry about a stranger coming close Lulu would never let that happen. They are just like us treat them the way you want to be treated treat them with love & they will love you unconditionally. 

  5. Hi! I just adopted a 2yro

    Hi! I just adopted a 2yro female terrier/pitbull.  Ive never had a pit before. Last dog was a shepard mix.  I chose this girl because she seemed sweet and did come from a home that probably did not give her a loving and secure home.  She was a bit shy at first, but seems to be coming out of her shell.  At home, it is my mother and myself.  I bought a new dog primarily to keep my 60yro mother company at home as she has always had a dog companion for the past 20 years.  I am just concerned that my new pit may not be a good fit for my mom.  Any suggestions?


  6. Pittbulls Are Awesome.. I am

    Pittbulls Are Awesome.. I am thinking about going to the humane shelter to adopt a dog.. And now I might just Get a Pitt from there… I Have a german shepard at my grandmothers house who can’t stay here because he cannot get downstairs due to him being 8 years old, And having Hip displasa … I love him.. But I need one here to protect the home, And to have something there when I get bored or lonley… I also need a dog so I can take walks by myself without being nervous.. You can’t trust anyone anymore.. Its sad.. But yeah .. I’ll keep a thought of getting a pitt

  7. I love reading all the

    I love reading all the comments on here. I am appalled at some people and there ignorance regarding put bulls. They are so loving. My 5 month old leelu is the best thing in the world.

  8. great info. all absolutely

    great info. all absolutely true. I am writing an argumentative essay for my english class and I chose to write about how pits are misunderstood. can’t wait to use this site for some research!

  9. i have a pitbull and he is a

    i have a pitbull and he is a great dog it is so sad that people think that pitbulls are such a horrible breed. pitbulls are great family dogs my pit would die to protect me or my family with out thinking twice about it i love my dog like he was one of my kids. i dont know about anyone else with a pit but mine thinks he is a lap dog. ANYWAYS SORRY ABOUT RAMBLING ON JUST WANTED TO SAY PITBULLS ARE GREAT DOGS AND SOME ARE GREAT GUARD DOGS DO TO HOW PROTECTIVE THEY ARE SOMETIMES I HAVE TO PUT MY BOY IN HIS CAGE WHEN SOMEONE FIRST COMES IN MY HOME BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON HE DOESNT LIKE ANYONE HE DOESNT KNOW COME IN THE HOUSE BUT ONCE THEY COME IN AND TALK TO HIM AND HE SEES THAT THEY MEAN NO HARM TO ME OR MY FAMILY HE IS FINR BUT HE DOES JUST SIT THERE AND WATCHES THAT PERSON FOR AWHILE.

  10. I have 2 pit bulls and I

    I have 2 pit bulls and I would not trade these dogs for the world. I got my oldest when he was 16 weeks old and not long after I got him I found out I was pregnant. After I had my boys and brought them home Harmony was still a puppy so they have grown up together and he is by far the sweetest thing ever with the boys. They can lay on him and mess with him and sit on him and everything else and harmony does not do a thing but look at you with that please get them off of me mom look lol. I then got my youngest at 16 weeks again and at first because harmony was the baby for so long he was a lil jealous but he quickly got done with that when scrappy laid on him one day on the couch and fell asleep and since then they have been best friends and treat my family friends and other animals with the upmost respect. Both of my dogs are scared of my cat and thunderstorms and tucks their tail when they get in trouble. They are the biggest babies in the world and it really irritates me to know end to hear people talk about these dogs like this. My dad has never been a big dog person until i brought my pit bulls home and now he tells everyone he would never have another dog. All the kisses i get when i get home from work and the 70 lb lap dog x 2 when there is a small clap of thunder is totally worth it.

  11. I am so fuckin sick and tired

    I am so fuckin sick and tired of hearing this breed

    being blamed for the ignorance and irresponsibility

    of bad owners. Pits are amazing,loyal,loving,respectful,

    extremely inteligent animals. I have owned three,all

    males, two blue one red…the red has passed, the two

    blues are 4 months…I have four daughters and THE ONLY

    WORRY I have is for them to be licked to death! If they

    are trained properly AS WITH ANY BREED! NOT ABUSED


    DOG! When my youngest daughter was 18 months old

    I was sitting a friends dog, who bit my child in the face!

    GUESS WHAT?? It was a frekin poodle! LEARN TO READ


  12. I have a pitbull and i think

    I have a pitbull and i think that pits are highly mistaken for the devil dog but once you get to research the dog and the real behavior of them not the behavior of the owners you will take everything back about whatever you said about them.



    I love pits and and i think this is a wonderful breed!! 

  13. I have been a rescue/foster

    I have been a rescue/foster parent for our “dangerous” bully breeds for over 25 years, I was so nervous because of all the bad press all those years ago when I adopted my first puppy.  But, I immediately fell in love with these wonderful dogs, they are so full of love, they are affectionate, rambuctious, and loyal to a fault.  I have raised 4 children throughout this time and always had at least 1 pit in the house, all of mine are house dogs, not one problem.  I raise them with love, even the ones that have been abused, they might take a little more time to come around but with some care, attention and trust they become family pets in no time. Something else I want to point out; Pits love cats, I always have a cat for each dog that we adopt.  They become inseperable, they have a very nuturing nature and cats are small and fit that role perfectly.  Its best to get a kitten, pits will lick their heads and adult cats get annoyed with the constant attention.  The stubborness can take a bit to get used to, my boy likes to roll over on his back when he does not want to follow directions and will become dead weight.  We end up having to pick him up and carry him to his destination, yes, he is VERY spoiled, they all are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


  14. i love my pit! she was a

    i love my pit! she was a rescue and i got her when she was 5 yrs old. she was abused and i think bred a few times but she is such an awesome dog. i tell my dog i love her everyday and she has been nothing but loving and loyal since day 1. on day 2 she was eating grass behind a horse. the horse didnt see her and stepped on her foot. my friends mom was a vet and told my friend to hold my dog on his lap while she and i checked it out and put some peroxide on it. most other dogs would bite these new people who are causing pain to her, right? not mine! she was very cooperative and just looked at me and howled a little. i swear my dog talks and her howl sounded like she said “ow! mom, it hurts!!!” 

     majority of these dogs are misunderstood lovers. all these idiots saying that the breed is bad just needs to look past a newspaper and open their eyes.

  15. We have a 4 month old

    We have a 4 month old American blue nose pit. I need help he is ultimately a great dog but VERY hyper. He is real bad with what is called mouthing its very difficult to pet him due to this. Also when you walk around he CONSTANTLY pulls at your pant leg and trys to attach (non aggresive) your feet. HE DOES NOT STOP.If you tell him NO he gets more excited and barks back at ya. HE IS FULL OF SOOOO MUCH ENERGY. Dont get me wrong he is a sweet baby and we love him. Can someone help me.


  16. well written.
    my pit bull

    well written.

    my pit bull saved my life if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be here…… my ex tried to kill me and she jumped bit his arm the gun flew out of his hand i got away and the god damn f…ed up council put her dowm for saving my life…. what a f…ed system we have…. I love you for eternity LUCKY R.I.P. 

  17. I couldn’t agree more. This

    I couldn’t agree more. This is a well written article.

    Before I got my first Pit baby I was a BIG dog lover but after getting my first he changed me into a complete American Pit Bull Terrier lover! I havent’ had any other breed for going on 29 years. They literally do something to your heart…..they steal it….LOL

    I do not condone fighting our dogs but I do give the breeders from way back when the credit for the dogs we have today. What worries me is all of the changes taking place with some of the breeders today. They seem to be breeding for size…I guess size does matter to some. What concerns me is by adding other breeds of dogs to the mix they are changing the dogs in more ways than one. I am all for saving lives by going to shelters but when I do buy a purebred I do a lot of research and try to get a pup that has the old bloodlines that my very first had.

    He was the reason that I fell in love with this wonderful breed!!

    • I am amazed to read all of

      I am amazed to read all of these stories have “a similiar” theme, because it is entirely true what you are all saying, My son got a pitbull puppy, and my first reaction was”we are all going to die”.and wondered why on earth my son would do such a thing. Upon meeting Raef, I instantly fell in love, as the rest of my family did. He was the happiest, liveliest dog I had ever seen, and as a youngster we had many dogs. My son, like many people got him as a “status symbol” thinking he would have the toughest dog on the blockl What a hoot! This dog wouldn’t hurt a fly! He is incredibly gentle (althought he is 70 lbs now!) He loves everyone! I was actually hoping he may be somewhat of a watch dog, don’t think that is going to happen, he is way too social of a dog. My husband(who especially loves him) calls him the socialite of the block. He eagerly meets everyone with an abundance of love and wagging tale. In fact he wags his tail nearly constantly. H loves all animals, horses, cats, you name it. Tries to get them to play, usually cats hiss at him and he stays his distance, the horses tolerate him, but love him, some sogs are annoyed at his energy, and some go to town playing with him. He wears himself out playing if allowed to. Whether a human or animal, While undeer my son’s care when he was a puppy, he somehow had a trauma experience(we think he was hit by a car, yet no breaks in his skin, so we are not sure what) The vet did an “fho” surgery on him, I researched it thououghly, and decided to do it. She told me he “would never be an athlete” after the surgery, she must have done an excellent job, as our dog is the most athletic dog i have ever seen, it is amazing. Prior to the surgery, the poor dog was in a lot of pain, yet was still had the Best temperment and was so happy in spite of everything. He is such a wonderful addition to our family, I would not have another breed now and as I said before, I have been around or owned, St Bernards, german shepherds, australian shepherds, dobermains, rotweilers, and pomeranians, etc. I had no idea how misunderstood this breed was, and think it is a travesty what they have to go through, including their owners, we usually tell people he is a boxer, we rarely say pit bull untill they fall in love with him(and most people do)


  18. Hi, Glad to hear that you

    Hi, Glad to hear that you adopted a pitbull mix…Does she have dander from allergies? Our pit is very sensitive to corn and wheat products…His diet is strictly Lamb and Rice based. In general corn products are hard to digest and wheat is an allergen to many dogs. When introducing to children, make sure that she is calm and does not jump up on anyone (good manners)…Also check to make sure that the kids aren’t afraid of her, because dogs can sense nervousness and she may also get nervous…As long as you are there and assertive, your dog will feel comfortable and safe around other people…And we all know never to leave any dog along with kids…

    Do you notice if she is submissive or aggressive? If you have concerns, you should seek advice from your Vet or a dog psychologist. Other than that, most Pit Bulls are sweet and loyal to their owner and children. They are the most loving and affectionate dogs we’ve had.

    All the Best,


    • After a spiritedness of

      After a spiritedness of upbringing as a scrap dog, Testking 70-432 if a dog does not get its end patch in much company, it is ofttimes euthanized. In Richmond, Town, when a dog defender was sentenced in June,Testking 70-646 it was revealed in grounds that over a dozen of his dogs had to be euthanized, either because of grave sickness, injury or malnutrition, or because their breeding as militant dogs made them too severe forTestking 70-647  acceptation.

  19. I have just recently rescued

    I have just recently rescued a 3-4y/o pitbull mix. She’s a wonderful dog. Unfortunately she was badly abused physically and mentally. Any suggestions on how to treat skin irritations,  diet and how to introduce her to the kids in the family. Her disposition is wonderful,  she is a sweetie,  and is trying to buddy up with my 4 year old maine coon cat…Help?

  20. I have rescued many dogs for

    I have rescued many dogs for many years, had never owned a pitbull until a year ago that I fostered a Mom with 13 puppies.  She had been picked up as a stray ready to give birth. My advise for anyone looking to adopt this breed is that you do not own many animals, that you can give them the time they deserve, to not kennel them all day long and to always use positive reinforcement.  You CANNOT be harsh with a pitbull, they learn quicker and respond better to positive training.  I don’t believe that even though they may have high pain tolerance, a child should be allowed to play rough with any animal, kids should be taught to respect all dogs.  A dog, like any human, can become irritated, frustrated, after having their tail pulled once too many times.  Don’t risk your kids or risk the dog’s life, if the dog bites, he will not be asked why he did it, he will be put down.  This is true, particularly with pit bulls.

    • glad to hear you rescue! i

      glad to hear you rescue! i believe that is my true calling in life but unfortunately i also need money too haha. i totally agree with you!

  21. I don’t think saying that a

    I don’t think saying that a pit has a high tolerance for pain is a good reason for owning one.  just saying that opens a lot of doors for people that just want to abuse them. I bought an american staffordshire terrier a few months ago. she will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. i was attracted to the breed partcially because it had a bad rep. i want to know more. the more i research the more i loved the dog.  the bad rep was completely false. i love notoriousle stubborn animals….  but it’s pain tolerance was not even an issue in my decision to buy one. they are loving, great with family and kids. they were breed to care for children. thay are farm dogs. they are more loyal then anyone can imagin a dog would be. they are intelligent, patient, they pulled carts in the past.  doing my homework on the dog just drew me closer to it. i spent 5 years researching and looking for a reputible breeder. If i didn’t have small children i would have adopted an older dog. and adopted dog can be as loving as any dog but i felt that i wasn’t a skilled enough handler to raise an emotinally damaged dog. maybe when my kids are older and understand  more about dog behavior.  but this is off topic.  pain tolerence should never be an issue when purchasing a dog. not even a thought….

    • Well for some people it can

      Well for some people it can be a good thing. I am sure it isn’t meant in a bad manner here. I know the high pain tolerance was one of the many many reasons we decided on adopting an american pit bull terrier. We have a 3 year old boy who tends to play rather rough and tumble as most small children do (especially boys lol). The high pain tolerance comes in handy because the american pit bull terrier doesnt mind this kind of play, where other dogs might nip the child. It also helps for vet visits. There are cat breed’s that have high pain tolerances as well, like the ragdoll breed. Which are great family cats because of the high pain threshold. 

       Not all adult rescue pit bulls are emotionally damaged. We adopted ours and he was 3 years old when we adopted him and he is the most loving dog I’ve ever had. I almost think it’s better to adopt an older dog if you have kids just because when you buy a puppy, you dont really know what their temperament will be untill they grow up (you can get an idea by their parents but you dont know for sure). Where with an adult dog, what you see is what you get. 

  22. I guess I would just advise

    I guess I would just advise that you use positive reinforcement as much as possible, lots of treats for good behavior! Clicker training has done wonders for me, for basic obedience and tricks too.  That’s funny you are thinking of maybe calling her Bella or Luna, we call Luna “La Bella Luna” a lot of the time so that is such a coincidence.

  23. Bluebelle,  you are

    Bluebelle,  you are definitely in for an adventure! I adopted a 2 year old APBT from my local Humane Society as well and she was also obviously bred way too early by some backyard breeder… she is such a great dog, but she def a handful and has raised hell in the last month – lol.  Anyhow, just thought I would wish you luck and let you know that I’m glad you adopted her, don’t give up!

    • Thanks Brittni!! Any

      Thanks Brittni!! Any tips?

      I’m trying to decide if I should call her Bella or Luna, and just looked at your dogs and saw yours is named Luna — good choice!! 🙂

  24. I am adopting a 2 year old

    I am adopting a 2 year old pit from the local humane society.. she has been there longer than any other dog bc people apparently think she’s not “cute” like they’re looking for. She came in as a stray but was obviously a breeder dog bc of how her nipples hang; the vet tech said they’ll never go back to normal, and she looks like a little cow. They gave her the name Dolly for Dolly Parton which is pretty funny.. I think Bluebelle is cute though since she’s my little cow. She is getting spayed today 🙂 I never really thought about owning a pit before but fell in love with her.. training her is going to be the big adventure since she’s never had any training before!

  25. that is my dog to a tee…. i

    that is my dog to a tee…. i was a little nervious when i got pregnant that my dog might get jelious, but it was the complete oppiset they are best friends he feeds her his cookies and in turn she cleans his face… 🙂 and makes sure he is always safe.

  26. Thank you! Our main goal was

    Thank you! Our main goal was to spread the word on how wonderful this breed is, yay Magnum!

  27. Yeah my Dalmation/Pit mix

    Yeah my Dalmation/Pit mix will beat you to death windmilling his tail in his enthusiam to great you. Not so much on the slobber, but he does love to give kisses as my 4year old like to complain since they are face level with each other. My other Blue Healer pit mix likes kisses too. And she dances when happy. Have a friend with and English Mastiff who loves to kiss too. That’s an interesting kiss…by the way. How that dog can sneak to do it is beyond me. Not only that but Lu was only a month younger than our kitten when we got him so he at 70lbs still thinks that the 8lbs cat is bigger than he is and goes out of his way to avoid the cat. Lu always makes sure I or my  husband is right behind him to protect him from the cat before he’ll go past him on the stairs. The kitten had dog issues as a baby and exploded at Lu every time he saw him, thus the fear. Both my dogs also love and are patient with my 93 year old grandmother. They go sit next to her to get pets from her. They are great dogs, and the pain tolerance is great, or would be if Lu didn’t have displasia as well. We have to constantly remind our kid that he can’t use Lu as a bean bag chair. The kid loves walking over and plopping on the dog, which is painful for Lu. He tolerates being used as a pillow well though. There’s a pic on my profile of my son lying on top of Lu. Greatest family dog you could ever ask for and I really wish people would get that bad owners make bad dogs, not the breed.

  28. Haha yeah my dog is so

    Haha yeah my dog is so affectionate its annoying!!!! Thats all she wants to do. Unless shes in a really hyper mood then all she wants to do is trample you.

  29.  that is exactly what i

     that is exactly what i meant..we shouldn’t have to be polictial correct with our dogs. and i have a APBT, male, and a girl, but we’re not sure if she is a mix or what, we rescued her from a shelter. and i just say pitties as a general thing, it is shorter then explaining about how we don’t know cause we rescued our girl. but in my experience people are more concerned when you say american pit bull terrier then when you say staffordshire terrier or terrier mix, but that wasn’t even my point. my point was that it would be a help to the breed if we stopped saying they just need socialization with peple and the correct training to be ok with families. because that isn’t true, for the most part. generally,( there are exceptions), pit bulls are always people friendly, and i used the michael vick dogs as an example of ones that weren’t trained or socialized with people as a point. and how many shelter pits that go on to live in families and are great, with little or no socialization or training,, and all the stories of strays saving or helping complete strangers. so my point is they are less likely to need socialization with people or trained to be people friendly and that maybe we shouldn’t keep saying that is what they need because it leaves doubt in the minds of people. saying that they HAVE to have that in order to be people friendly, for the most part, just isn’t true. and i did say ALL dogs should be socialized and trained properly not just pit bulls.

  30. They are amazing! our home

    They are amazing! our home insurance was cancelled because they found out we had pits – we went through a whole lot of crap but guess what we have our Rocks! Even if it meant moving giving her up was NEVER an option!!

    • Rocks, I had the same issue,

      Rocks, I had the same issue, if you go on Pitbulls and parolees, web site, it a series from the animal plant channel they have a name of an agent you can call that works with different agencies that do cover people with Pitbulls and other SO CALLED dangerous dogs.  I wish you luck and good for you for choosing her I would of definitely done the same.


  31. I love my pit hes a big

    I love my pit hes a big baby!  I just had a baby boy and I was so nervous that my Airainne was going to be jelous over my new baby.  But the day we brought Liam home from the hospital everything went great!  I put Liam in his crib and went to then bathroom when I came back into his room I noticed Airainne had Litteraly jumped in his crib and laid down next to him!  It of course gave me a heart attack but was the sweetes thing!  They are the best of buddies.  Airianne is very protective he likes to sit with his paws on the changing table while i change Liam and also lays next to his swing in the living room!  I have never had such a loyal and loving dog!  Pits are AMAZING!!!!


  32. I disagree.
    I would have no

    I disagree.

    I would have no problem saying “as long as they are” about any other breed. If we want our beloved Pitties to be treated like any other breed, we shouldn’t be forced to use PC lingo in order to keep from offending others. ESPECIALLY when they have NO trouble offending us as owners.

    It’s kind of like those who won’t tell people their dog is a Pit Bull. Rather they say Staffordshire Terrier or Terrier mix so they won’t offend.
    I own an APBT and anyone that doesn’t like it can go scratch.

    PC lingo will not convince people. Getting our well behaved dogs out there to meet people will.

    • I agree with you 100% – we

      I agree with you 100% – we should not be ashame to tell people and I am the first to tell anyone how i grew up with pits and how much part of our family they are!


  33. only six reasons…i could

    only six reasons…i could come up with at least a dozen more…but six is a good start! the only thing i have a problem with is when even pit bull advocates say..as long as you train them right and socialize them from the begininng with people. that is not true generally, that they have to be trained to be people friendly, and that’s what that sounds like. for the most part THEY ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE FRIENDLY! case in point, all the michael vick dogs…they certainly weren’t trained properly and more then half of them are in loving family homes with other dogs and children. and the ones that aren’t were not people aggressive. and all the pitties we see coming from abusive situations, the majority are loving and sweet, irregardless of how people treated them from the beginning. this is something i think needs to be addressed in order for things to really change. all dogs have the potential to be mean but pit bulls are less likely to be naturally mean to people then most every other breed, even given horrble circumstances. i think continuing to say things like ” as long as they are ” leaves the door opened to discriminate against them. EVERY dog should be trained the right way, in order to be a good member of a family, pitties are just way more forgiving of the bad situations they might have come from, and that is what needs to be said!

  34. Good on ya for stopping and
    Good on ya for stopping and giving him a chance. He will be an incredible friend to you!

    Our Pit has just gotten the ok from our OPS Manager to come to work with me EVERY DAY!
    She follows me around just like that. It’s so good for the office staff and is helping her gain confidence as well.

  35. I was on my way to work one

    I was on my way to work one morning. Driving down the highway I seen something white out the corner of my eye. Not knowing if it was garbage or a dog, I turned around on the next exit to go back. When I pulled up, sure enough it was a dog. He was pasted to the guard-rail scared to death. I got out of my car & started to walk up to him( noticing he was a pitbull) I was kinda scared. I’ve always heard bad scary things about them. Anyway, when he seen me he ran right up to me. Almost like he was saying thank you. I picked him up and he instantly started licking me. I put him in the back of my car not sure what I was going to do with him. My boss is president of the humane society so I figured she would know what to do with him. She said that since he’s a pit that they would give him a week then put him to sleep. I made the choice to find a home for him on my own. My boss let me bring him to work everyday for a week. If I went to the bathroom he followed & sat outside the door & whinned. He followed me everywhere. She brought in somebody to have him tested. Come to find out he is deaf. Passed everything else with flying colors. He is about a year old. Nobody claimed him, well I guess somebody did. My family! We love him so much. We have had him about a month now and can’t imagine the house without him. He already has proven how loyal and lovable he is. My 3 daughters love him & so do I. I also have a 3 lb yorkie which (Hooch is scared of). He is so funny. I was so wrong about pitbulls. He has brought alot of laughter into my home.

    • call me a softie but that

      call me a softie but that totally just brought tears to my eyes. lol. he must have been so scared with all those cars and not able to hear. You’re an angel for finding and adopting him 😀

  36. This is so true!! My pitbull

    This is so true!! My pitbull does have very high energy and will attack with kisses and jumps and run around when she sees me! Pitbulls are such great dogs!

  37. My Rocks – loves her human

    My Rocks – loves her human baby sister…Bella gets upset at Rocks for licking her like crazy – she tells her to sit and Rocks obeys her…Bella is only 5. We never leave them alone – but we have had pits all our lives never had an issue. Rocks only downfall is she loves females and  the only MAN in her life is my husband other than that she fears men for some reason?? We had her brother but they started to not get along…Rocks preferred Lady our Cocker over her brother. He went to live with thier human brother 😉 3 males pits in one happy family lol and Rocks is happy with all her sisters lol


  38. I left (on a retreat) the day

    I left (on a retreat) the day we brought our dog home from the shelter.  My husband had 36 hrs to bond with “Potter”.  I have been home for 2 hrs and he seems very well adjusted.  I think we are going to have a wonderful dog !  My siamese cat isn’t sure about him yet, but I trust that will work out in the next days.  Yesterday, when the electrician came by to repair a light fixture, Potter escaped out the front door.   Fortunately, he came back within an hour and that was only after spending one night in our house.   I love reading all the posts that are on this site.

    Thanks for your encouragement

  39. I love this article.  This is

    I love this article.  This is exactly like Bam Bams.  My husband I laugh, because we know if anyone ever broke into our house Bams would greet them and lick them to death ;). 

    If anyone is reading this article and thinking about adopting a pitbull do it.  I have two cats, a weimeriner, and our sweet bams (the pitbull).  She actually cuddles with our cats, and will occassionally lick them (if they let her).  I never have to worry about how she will be with other animals or people because she is so gentle. 

    It makes me so sad to see how misunderstood the breed is.  My husband and I took our dogs to the doggy beach the other day (they were on leashes of course).  We saw a man walking toward the parking lot carrying fishing pools, and my husband casually asked him if the fish were biting.  The man responded “The fish are not biting, and hope your pitbull isn’t either.”  I was stunned.  We would not bring her to a public area if we thought she was a threat.  I had to bite my tongue, we chose not to respond to him and kept walking…  Some people.

  40. We just got a pit bull mix

    We just got a pit bull mix from the shelter.  He is so sweet but hasn’t barked or wagged his tail. The vet says he is about a year old but they don’t have a history on him.  After reading all the comments, I am looking forward to a nice dog (not at all what the media says about this breed) I feel like he is sad……….for what ever reason but hopefully he will do better when he knows we love him and care for him.

    • He may just need some time to

      He may just need some time to adjust to the new enviroment and people. Also depending on his history he may have some distrust of humans but I’m sure in due time he will come around and you’ll have the best dog someone can ask for.

  41. It also warms my heart to see

    It also warms my heart to see there are people out there that don’t judge and discriminate just because of a few incidents. That being said Bullys are a strong and loving dog but they also deserve our respect for what they are to our families and what any dog can potentially be in a bad enviroment. To all people owned by pits..lol, keep fighting the good fight.  

    ” If it ain’t Pit, it ain’t sh*t.”

  42. Totally true on the people

    Totally true on the people friendly part, BUT they can be trained to be good guard dogs as well. So for any good homes looking for a guard dog don’t outrule the awesome bully.

    Spazz ftw =) 

    ” If it ain’t Pit, it ain’t sh*t.”

  43. Pits make awesome pets.  My

    Pits make awesome pets.  My parents bought into the “vicious” reputation so when we bought our pit Apollo we didn’t tell them his breed right away.  They fell in love with him and they now call him their “grandson”.  He is one of the 2 dogs allowed in their house.  Once they fell in love with him we told them he is a pitbull.  They even feed him treats they think we are not looking.  He believes he is a lapdog and he sleeps in bed every night with us and he even lays there while our hamster crawls all over him.  I have had dogs all my life but this is the first pit I have actually owned not just known and I would not trade him for the world.  i have always been one to say “Its not the breed its the owners” and it is so true with pits.  I hear so many things still about the Michael Vick case and I feel he should be euthanized.  “Allowing Michael Vick to have a puppy is like allowing Adolf Hitler to adopt a jewish orphan”

  44. I agree, My Pitbull, Oscar. 

    I agree, My Pitbull, Oscar.  He is a total suck up.  You can’t stay angry at him for over 10 seconds.  He is a pure breed.  He loves the Trampoline and My 12 year old daughters Staffy..  Cardi (The Staffy)  Hasn’t gotten on with any other dog except him.  There both a beautiful goldy brown and they both always watch funniest home video’s.  Their eyes will always be glued to the TV. Oscar loves to sleep with me and my hubby, then goes and sleeps with my daughter and Cardi.  I love my Pitbull and I always will.




  46. Couldn’t agree anymore my son

    Couldn’t agree anymore my son has totally taken over our new pit puppy well I say puppy she’s really bout 6 months old. he loves to just crawl over her and play with all the “tuggable” parts and she just sorta lies there no fuss no muss just waiting til he gets bored so she can nap. that’s why we’ll probly never own any other breed and why we’ll probly stick with rescues.

  47. My first pit i was scared but

    My first pit i was scared but after i got her and trained her my way and to be friendly with people and my 3 kids i will never consider another breed. my kids sleep,feed, and ride my baby shes has a unique personality. so who thinks different they can kiss my ass. They are loving loyal dogs and i stand behind the breed any day.

  48. I was raised with pits. My

    I was raised with pits. My dad was a breeder. Unfortunately he bred them for fighting. That being said, even though they were bred for this awful purpose, we never had a pit turn on us and bite us. Like your article states, they had to be able to be handled by the handlers. I don’t condone fighting. In fact, I detest it. However, my love for the breed is unquestioned by all who know me. Because of the negative media that pits get, my husband would never agree to get one. It has taken me 15 years, but he finally consented. He fell in love with our first pit so much that we now have 2 and are looking to add a third. They are extremely loyal dogs. I truly can not think of another breed that is better suited for a family. We have 7 kids, and our pits, being full of energy, thrive in this environment. I would also like to mention that we have 5 cats, and the cats are tougher than my pits. They all eat at the food bowls together. It is quite incredible. Being that they are terriers, they do like to give chase, but they never hurt the cats, and my cats actually like to snuggle up to them and sleep. It is quite common to wake up to two dogs and 3 or 4 of our cats sleeping with us. Because theya re terriers, they are hard headed at times. But, I am, too. Maybe that’s why I love the breed so much.

  49. I have a 1 year old pitbull
    I have a 1 year old pitbull named jewel and she is the best dog you could ever ask for. She is a licker for sure and a sleeper. She would not hurt a fly, she would just wimper at it. I have never owned a pit before my baby jewel but I do not think I could ever get another breed. Although I do have one other dog named buddy. Not sure what buddy is but definitely lab mixed with something else. He is totally different than jewel with temperment. He will bark his head off at someone if he does not know who they are while jewel wimpers. She may throw one or two barks in there but nothing threatening. Everytime I tell someone that I own a pit they say o my gosh your brave arent you afraid that it will attack you or someone else? I cant stand that. It pisses me off. I think it would be awesome to make every single person meet/play with a pitbull for a while and see if they change their mind about them. I bet they will.

  50. I have always been very
    I have always been very scared of this breed, my oldest daughter has one and I would never allow her to bring to the house. I was afraid he would attack my other animals ( cats,dog and my horse) lucky for me her car broke down and she was close to our house and she had the dog with her they had no where to go so I allowed her and the dog to come to the house. I am so glad that we did,we do not want to give him back what a great breed of dog, I will stand up for this breed any day I just feel bad for all the people that have to struggle with all the bad stories about these dogs. I was one to blame, I watched the news and believed what they say but its not the dog it is the owners, Pit bulls are a GREAT Dog and will be adding one to my family very soon. I am so glad god does what he does cause I would of never gotten the chance to meet such a great breed — 🙂

  51. im proud to say i am a owner
    im proud to say i am a owner of a pitbull terrier & i will be honst i was one of those people yes… one of those people who thought a pitbull would attack just because he was a pit bull yes i was ashamed of myself. but im here to tell you how i was so wronggggggggg i have a six month pitbull and his name is rosko my family loves this dog so much he”s the most loving dog i ever met he baths my 2 small children with kisses & if thay are playing and get a lil rough & one of the kids cry rosko will say hes sorry with his paw he will pull the hands off my childs face begging for forgiveness and asking to play more… i love my pit. :}

  52. Thank you for educating
    Thank you for educating people on this amazing breed…I totally agree with the FACT that it is never the dog that is “bad” its the owner that taught him/her to be that way by not showing it any sffection/attention/disipline or training. Kudos to all of my fellow educated pitbull lovers!!!

  53. Callie is the first pitbull
    Callie is the first pitbull our family has owned. We rescued her about two years ago. We have a male golden retriever also and the two of them are insepprable. I hear so many negative stiories about the breed and it just breaks my heart because my pittie is a “Lover”not a “Fighter” I have a pet-sitting business and I never had a problem with the dogs interacting.I just hope that someday our society will realize, it’s the ignorant owners who use the dogs as a status symbol, and mistreat them and use them to fight,that are ruining the reputation of a GREAT DOG!

  54. We bought a 6 month old Blue
    We bought a 6 month old Blue Fawn Male Pit a week ago and we have always had cats…. Bentley is the perfect boy for our family. The cats are tolerant to him and he is so well manored. He was crate trained and we just love him… We have never had a dog before Bentley and i really think that when i found him on this web site for sale that it was ment to be… God brought him to us and us to give him a loving warm home. 1st dog or not Bentley is my little boy and i just love him so much… He had his first set of shots and stuff at the vet and he is totally in excellent health. We are keeping him on the best of dog foods and we have a 19 yr old and a 12 yr. old and Bentley is now our little boy. People do misunderstand them and We will be a family to help change that…..

  55. Oh Kitty is so deadly about
    Oh Kitty is so deadly about her kisses, she practically drowned me with hers…I love my Pitt KITTY!!!!! I cant wait to go home to see her lying there on the couch waiting desperatley to drown me in kisses some more.

  56. This is my number 1 favorite
    This is my number 1 favorite breed they are so loyal, clumbsy,smart, and sooo damn cute(i sware they know they are with those big ol’ grins:) I have been rescuing and reabilitating them for the past eleven years just peer passion has kept my drive going for these guys so long knowing how passionate they are just about life in general and wanting to please their PACK LEADER(you) we the people that own this breed need to be public role models for the breed every where please enroll all your new pups and old ones 2 in a positive reinforcement class TODAY… That extra socialization is nothing but GREAT for them in an entirety, even if they are trained then those people with the crazy shitzu next door or next to you in class can see how great these angels really are!!! And please NO choke collars or choke prongs the damage dogs throat, build calloses, bruis and much much more its scientifically proven that causing pain like that on a (breathing challenged) dog makes Fido fearful not a better walker!!! I curently have 2 beautiful boys Rocky (American Staff. Red nose) and Smokey (American standard Blue nose) both a couple of my rescues that i just couldnt part with…

  57. This is my number 1 favorite
    This is my number 1 favorite breed they are so loyal, clumbsy,smart, and sooo damn cute(i sware they know they are with those big ol’ grins:) I have been rescuing and reabilitating them for the past eleven years just peer passion has kept my drive going for these guys so long knowing how passionate they are just about life in general and wanting to please their PACK LEADER(you) we the people that own this breed need to be public role models for the breed every where please enroll all your new pups and old ones 2 in a positive reinforcement class TODAY… That extra socialization is nothing but GREAT for them in an entirety, even if they are trained then those people with the crazy shitzu next door or next to you in class can see how great these angels really are!!! And please NO choke collars or choke prongs the damage dogs throat, build calloses, bruis and much much more its scientifically proven that causing pain like that on a (breathing challenged) dog makes Fido fearful not a better walker!!! I curently have 2 beautiful boys Rocky (American Staff. Red nose) and Smokey (American standard Blue nose) both a couple of my rescues that i just couldnt part with…

  58. pit bulls are the best most
    pit bulls are the best most loyal and loving dogs I have ever known I’d love to have a slew of them!!!!

  59. Love it and it’s all true.
    Love it and it’s all true. Many people are afraid of my boy just because of his breed. Some refuse to meet him while the ones that do fall in love with him. He is a big sweet baby who loves everyone. It is true about pits getting over excited when meeting new people. Koopa is still a pup and gets very excited when new people come over, he espicially loves our friend Bryan.

  60. I’m a new owner to a 6mo old
    I’m a new owner to a 6mo old pit, Raisin Chaos.I also admit that when I first got him I was a little intimidated & fearful of all the negative info I read when I researched the breed. But my friend has a great pit w/the sweetest temperament, so I committed myself to educate myself & be the best possible responsible owner I could. Though, yes, he is naughty & loves to test us, He’s the sweetest dog ever. I’m afraid that my idea of thinking he might be a bit of a guard dog isn’t really going to pan out.. other than the intimidation factor one has before he gets a chance to lick them to death. But I also have had so many comments & looks. Someone asked me if I could explain to her what is going through peoples crazy minds when they go out and get such a bad breed.. I didn’t really know what to say other than, people tend to gravitate towards a pet that is like them, and that I could relate to a loving dog with a tough look that is largely misunderstood and unfairly blamed. I feel encouraged when at times like the other day at the vets, the same couple that threw me dirty looks in the first few minutes of entering the room, I overheard saying to eachother how well behaved he was.. thankfully, my pit quiets down around unfamiliar people. trickster!

  61. YES! my aunts pit Abby, wow,
    YES! my aunts pit Abby, wow, if u dont like kisses, stay out of her yard! dont wanna get smacked by her wagging tail, stand about 8 feet away from her! shes just a wonderful awesome pup!! last time i went to her house, when i put a foot in her yard, i was on the ground being licked all over! my mom and aunt had to pull her off of me

  62. It’s so clear that you have
    It’s so clear that you have expertise with this breed. You have very accurately identified the characteristics of this breed that make responsibile pit bull owners so proud of their dogs.

  63. That is a funny story.
    I took

    That is a funny story.
    I took my two pit pups to the vet to get their first shots the other day and when they asked what breed another client gave me a dirty look. While I was waiting, my puppies(13 weeks old) were sitting quietly and patiently. And her two little weiner dogs were growling and barking at everyone.
    It made me laugh. And i figured out already that there are two types of people out there. The ones that turn their noses up at my pups and the ones that drop to their knees to lavish love on my SWEET puppies!!!

    • Yup! I know both types so
      Yup! I know both types so well. When it comes to pit bulls, there appears to be no middle ground and the non-lovers are almost always woefully misinformed and media blinded.

  64. I have a funny story to tell.
    I have a funny story to tell. I was at the vet’s office yesterday to get my 6 month old pitbull his workup for his neuter surgery. A tiny dog was making a scene barking and jumping and twirling around on his leash. He made a lunge for my 50 lb pitbull and guess what? My pitbull started whining and hid his head between my knees.

    The little dog then made a lunge for my leg, I guess trying to get at my dog, and my dog started whining even louder. At that point the woman was asked to take her dog outside to wait for her appointment. She was appalled and started arguing with the staff, and stated, “But she has the pitbull.” The staff replied, “But it was your dog that almost bit the pitbull owner. If your dog is threatening to people and other dogs, we must ask you to wait away from the patrons and their pets. It is our rule.” She left out screaming, “I have a tiny little dog and asked to leave. And they let a pitbull stay. I am calling my attorney.”

    I couldn’t help but state to her, “If your dog had bit me, like he almost did, I would be calling my attorney.”
    She left in a huff, and the people waiting were very sympathetic toward me and gave my dog pets on the head, which he loves. He was the star of the vet clinic that day.

  65. 100% agree! Pits are
    100% agree! Pits are fantastic and have a very undeserved rep. I currently have 4 amazing pit bulls. I’ve worked for an animal shelter for 8 years and with all the dogs over the years (60-70% pits)the only breeds to have ever bitten staff members have been small breed dogs like chihuahuas and rat terriers. People should consider these for guard dogs over pit bulls lol! Anyone considering a pit PLEASE consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. Many are full with pitbulls and forced to euthanize at astounding rates. These dogs deserve to find homes before breeders bring more into the world.

  66. I’ve learned over the years
    I’ve learned over the years that the only people who put these dogs down are the ones whom never owned one. They love kids, they are so dedicated to you, yes they are very strong and love to play. When I first brought him home , I spent a lot of time with him , I never lock him up, I never put him on a chain, only when walking. He knows not to go out of my yard even if gate is open. I always say he would not hurt anyone, now I will say if anyone was trying to hurt us he will protect. My lil girl is his best friend, he is always with her and has to sleep with her . If any kid screams he wants to know what is wrong. If my dog has a problem with someone something is wrong because he loves everyone and everything. I will tell anyone these dogs do need you to raise them just like your children and show them who is in charge. WARNING THESE ANIMALS LOVE TO CUDDLE AND LOVE TO LOVE YOU.

  67. My Papi loves to kiss and
    My Papi loves to kiss and cuddle, has to sleep with me every night. I sometimes tell my friends he is like having another person in the bed. he is shy at first when meeting people but loves everyone he has come into contact with. He loves the dog park and loves to play and will cry if a dog walks by him or he sees one from the car. He is protective though and actually wouldnt let my neice into the house one day, he also tried to attack some guy loutside my house. the guy must have been scared when he seen me walk out the house with him and he went to the front of his truck. while we walked by he shifted and the rocks made a noise and papi started growling and barking at him. I look at it as if dude wouldnt have been scared and hid papi would have just ignored him. so his fault. but other then that he loves people and other dogs, loves coming over to my grandparents house to see them and to my friends house where one of his sisters is.

  68. we just got first pitbull a
    we just got first pitbull a fawn colored one shes 5 months old now sadly there banned in the uk so i have to lie when people ask what she is.but by god shes a big softy ,she likes to lay with us on the back of the chair licking our ears and nibbling them its the most bizarre thing iv seen in a dog its so relaxing when she does it it just makes you want to fall a sleep lol

  69. I just don’t know how I could
    I just don’t know how I could manage without my Arturo (means bear in italian). He is a blue Pitt, and we absolutely love this animal as a family member. He, as most pitts, is very mischevious, but to bite someone, NOT A CHANCE, to love and kiss someone, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. We love him so very much!!!

  70. I’m ashamed to say I sort of
    I’m ashamed to say I sort of bought into the “vicious breed” idea until our son brought home Gauge as a puppy. I love this dog!

  71. My pit is a female that i
    My pit is a female that i took from a family friend who could no longer take care of her. She is affectionate and friendly however she does not care for my father who is a animal lover. He is always brining her home treats, toys and always put her food down. She is constantly nipping at the back of his ankles, furiously barking and growling at him. What can we do as a family to fix this problem?? please help!!

  72. Pits are the best. They do
    Pits are the best. They do kiss ALOT, I always joke that its not a pit, its a Spitbull. If you love being kissed get a pitbull. No need to save money to buy one, check your local shelter. Save one and they will love you for it!

  73. After the death of my last
    After the death of my last pitbull, it took me forever before I got another Companion for my great dane.I found me an awsome pitbull puppy, he is 5 mos old and quiet a character.He loves his family to death and is very protective and sooo smart.He just is so shy and nervous outside the yard.I try to walk him but after one block he gets scared and we have to turn around and go home.In the yard or house he nipps people.He is very hard to socialize.Any ideas for me? I dont want hime to turn into a biter

      yOU REALLY HAVE TO WORK AT STOPPING THIS NOW OR IT WILLESCALATE INTO ACTUAL BITING. vISIT THE dOG WHISPERER; cEASAR MILANS WEBSITE. There are some fantastic tips on there and his training book is the best. follow his advice and youll have a great dog but get started right away. I have a six pack of pits all live together and are very well behaved.

    • every time he dose that tell
      every time he dose that tell him no bite and pop him just hard anough to get his attention. my pit puppy was like that but now he can be extremley into a tug of war and i can stick my hand in his mouth and he will stop instantly…………..once they no that it is not acceptable they stop!!!!!!!!!!

    • My dog is a year and a half
      My dog is a year and a half and I still can’t get her to stop “mouthing” not biting or nipping but like a baby everything and everyone gets to go in her mouth..ugh

    • I’m not sure where you live

      I’m not sure where you live but I can promise good training is worth it. I have an amazing trainer. It took some talking into with my husband but now he knows it was worth more than we paid. it’s not a lot just feels like you could do it without one so that’s what makes it feel so expensive. My puppy 9 months and about 65 pound will play with you and will not touch you with his teeth. If by accident he does he is disciplined which is hard because you know he didn’t mean it but you have to do it.  He is a amazing dog.  Lots of energy but so sweet. I have two/three boys all play with him in a wrestling manner. He loves it and wages his tail the whole time. We also have two little dogs and although he is a puppy and doesn’t realize his size he tries to be gentle 

      Basically I’m saying a good trainer is your answer!!!!!

  74. I have had Pittys for 25
    I have had Pittys for 25 years, they are the loves of my life and I will always have one. My daughter and her boyfriend bought a house and the first thing they did was get 2 pitty’s. It is our fate to be loved and owned by this magnificent breed of dog, the naysayers will never know how wonderful it is, to come home to that smiling face and be LOVED to death just for who you are……..

    • i was planing on always
      i was planing on always having alot of pitts when i get older. the pit in you pic looks a lot like mine jake!!!!

  75. It wasn’t to long ago that I
    It wasn’t to long ago that I seen a story on the news here in South Bend, IN about a pit bull that was actualy a good story. The owners house cought on fire and the pit saved there lives!!! Thay had a newborn baby in a basanet that the pit took to the front door trying to get the baby outside. When it couldn’t get out it went and woke up it’s parents to get them all out safely. That is the best story ever!!! I don’t like the bad rap the pit bulls get. I got two of my own and thay are great!!! One male Dozer and a female Callie.

    • are pit casey is a whimp we
      are pit casey is a whimp we have seen him clear 10ft easy but we went to the river and he wouldint go over a 2 ft gap sissy and he wouldint lick a burgaler to death he is protective friendly but if anyone broke in and tried to hurt us well…

  76. i have a 9mnth old pit/rot
    i have a 9mnth old pit/rot and she is the most loveable lapdog i have ever had….boyfriend and i named her ms kitty….she licks us like she will never lick us ever again….she is chewing on everything anybody have suggestions on what would last more than a day to 2 days…

    • You can buy a lawn mower tire
      You can buy a lawn mower tire from Walmart for $5. My pitbull has had hers for about a month and it’s still in good shape. She chews up all her toys fast too.

  77. Dallas loves to lick as well.
    Dallas loves to lick as well. All you see is this big head and tongue. What a love. I also have a chihuahua and she bosses him around. He sees us pick up the bubble bottle and he grabs his leash to go outside and play. How could anyone get upset with this!!

    • My Dulce LOVES bubbles too!
      My Dulce LOVES bubbles too! All you have to say is “bubbles” and he perks up! He loves to run all over the yard chasing them…he comes in after and flops down. He’s got this whine that is hilarious and if we don’t get those bubbles going fast enough he gets going with it. I love my silly boy!

  78. Pits are amazing animals and
    Pits are amazing animals and I wouldnt know what to do without mine, his name is boss and is just an all around amazing dog, and wants nothing more then love and kisses..

  79. My Zilla is still a little
    My Zilla is still a little bit confused he isn’t a guard dog he barks like a mad man when someone new comes around! but the second they get introduced the licking starts. not so sure if he will ever out grow this hibit seeing he is a avid talker 🙂 and by far my best friend with the biggest hugs.

  80. My LL is a 4 year old female,
    My LL is a 4 year old female, and has been socialized out the wazoo. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old and she was the best ambassador for her breed for the first 2 years. Now she is still a wonderful dog, gets along with every living thing, but unfortunately has always a little bit shy (hence all the socialization!!) and when her adult personality set in her shyness escalated to real fear of certain strangers and children. It’s unfortunate but as the point above said, as long as you’re willing to take the extra time and do the extra training you can help a fearful dog. But- she’s a total sweetheart and totally worth all the work. She’s the most popular dog I know and I’ve had many threats to steal her from friends and family.

    To reiterate, LL never had a traumatic event, she was always closely supervised, always actively socialized in controlled situations, has met many children and strangers that she *does* like and was never scared by, she is just a slightly fearful dog and that’s a hard thing to overcome. 97% of the time she experiences no fear at all and is a tail-wagging face-licking fool.

  81. I received my Zoe from a
    I received my Zoe from a friend at a young age. I was actually at school, he had to move and couldn’t take her so I told my parents my friend was dropping Zoe off for the weekend. They were uneasy about having a Pit with the other dogs. Little did they know my friend was never coming back for her!!! Two days later I get a call from my mom saying, “Ken is going to have a hard time getting this sweetheart back”. Everyone in my family loves her and no one regrets letting me keep her, my buddy has since moved back up and he now has an ABT and a blue nose, we babysit them on the regular. Both just as sweet as Zoe! I LOVE PITS AND FROM THIS POINT ON WILL ALWAYS OWN AT LEAST ONE!

  82. Paisley is our seventh
    Paisley is our seventh Pitbull and we have never had a problem with any of them. This includes a rescue that was a fighting dog. It took a while to get him socialized again but later was a wonderful pet. he unfortunatly was poisoned. These are wonderful loving pets. Loyal to the end.

  83. pitbulls don’t deserve to be
    pitbulls don’t deserve to be portrayed in the way that our sucky media wants them to be,they are an awesome breed of dog!

  84. wish i could have mine be
    wish i could have mine be like what i’ve read, your dogs amazed me… it is my first time to have pitbull. before, i use to own shitzu and lab, hope i will be having a great time and company with my new dog, i named her chillax…

  85. I’m ashamed to say I sort of
    I’m ashamed to say I sort of bought into the “vicious breed” idea until our son brought home Gauge as a puppy. I love this dog! He sleeps snugged up against me every night and thinks he’s a lap dog. When he was 4 mos old, he had a serious accident that required surgery and rehab, yet even when he was in pain, he had the sweetest disposition and his doctors and nurses loved him. He’s SO great with people, other dogs, and even our cats. I’ll never have a different breed. Pitbulls are definitely THE BEST.

    • That is one thing my husband
      That is one thing my husband and I both say, Eden will get as close as she can to me and him she loves to snugle. Shes a 70lb big baby. She met my granddaughter the other day and my family kept saying your going to have to get rid of those pit bull, but the kid got the best of the dog. The all agreed shes a big baby. Ha so funnty when I hear people talk about them, like their this vicous animal I think about mine they act like big babies. A mouse ran across the floor and my pits ran. Ha funny,.

    • Same here. I was pretty wary

      Same here. I was pretty wary of the breed due to all the negative media, but I worked a few months at the local Humane Society and fell in love. The pit bulls there were all wonderful! A couple had some dog aggression issues, but ALL of them were complete lovebugs with people. We’re big GDS fans, and my husband was tough to convince about how great pits are, but we just adopted our first pit (9 month old pup we named Dexter) and he immediately settled in and everyone love him. He just needs work with our animals, because he has that puppy play with everything that moves issue right now, and I don’t want him to hurt any of our rabbits or poultry, but he’s smart enough to learn what is ok.  

      I worked at the town library and we have a Paws to Read program, and the dog that comes to visit for the kids to read to is a rescued pit bull. Everyone loves her, and she’s awesome (her name is Big Mama Jubilee on FB if anyone wants to read about her). I’m going to look into getting Dexter into the Paws to Read program or another therapy program… pit bulls are PERFECT for that kind of thing! 🙂

  86. When we have people come over
    When we have people come over honda doesn’t even think about it..she has to give them all kisses for like a half hour. and i look at her like umm not one bark no protectiveness??? i would like her to be somewhat of an alarm dog and a protector but if someone were to break in she would be holding the flash light for them. she is soo loveable. bad stupid people made pittbulls reputation the way it is today. and that’s sad. she wouldnt even hurt a fly she’d lick it lol.


  87. Oh this is so true about the
    Oh this is so true about the licking part. I have never had a dog that licks me so much and LOVES me so much like my Tyson does. A very good friend of mine came in the house one day and Tyson pinned him down to the couch and licked him for about 15 minutes without stopping. I moved to another state and 6 months later came back….he came in the house and the same thing again, licked him for like 20 minutes straight this time. He had a good face washing.

  88. My oldest pit is 5. We put
    My oldest pit is 5. We put her thru basic training class….sad to say but actually kind of funny, she actually failed. Only because all she wanted to do was play, she kept wandering over to the other dogs in class and instigating them to play! She didnt listen, she apparently thought it was doggie day care!. She was 2 at the time, so just to prove that not all these dogs are fighters, and they do get along very well with other dogs, and the ones who are were taught to fight…this is brought on by the idiot ownerowners who hasn’t a brain cell in their head!

    • Very cute story & just wanted
      Very cute story & just wanted to say AMEN to ur comment about ‘idiot owners with no brain cells!!!

      • I Agree about that Dumbass

        I Agree about that Dumbass owners…i have 3 and they have never bit anyone but they  are protective of their house and back yard,but because of their rap people dont bother my house!! i might be havin puppies soon so be on the look out….for pit puppies.

        • How many puppies did your

          How many puppies did your dogs have…. My son’s dog had 9 that is a lot I felt sorry for their mommy she was so big.

          Both Mommy and Daddy clean the puppies it is so cute.

          Good Luck

  89. Totally true about the guard
    Totally true about the guard dog thing too :o) Only positive thing out of their negative rap is the fact that people actually believe they’re vicious so they stay away. Mine would definetly DROWN an intruder before biting them!!! lOl!

  90. Wow! thats so true about the
    Wow! thats so true about the stubborn part. and ABSOLUTELY true about licking you to death. both of my pits are amazing with wonderful personalities! i wouldn’t trade them for the world! they make me laugh more than anything :]

    • My son’s pit bulls just had 9

      My son’s pit bulls just had 9 puppies. I am considering getting one of the girls. She is so cute. I have never met a more calmer dog than his male Pit Boots….. I am looking forward to this new step. I was like the others concerned about the breed but when I met BOOTS it changed my mind. Thank you for the information.




      • I’m sure your son has a

        I’m sure your son has a wonderful dog, but he really shouldn’t breed them. Part of the problem is that there are too many out there already. For every puppy your son sells, there is a loving, good, homeless pittie being put down in a shelter 🙁


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