Pit Bulls » Do Pitbulls Get Cold At Night?

Do Pitbulls Get Cold At Night?

Many dog owners choose pitbulls because of their short coats and lower shedding problems.

However, with such physical attributes, it also means that they might encounter complications in cold weather. 

So, do pitbulls get cold at night? Well, read through the article to learn more.

Do Pitbulls Get Cold At Night?

Yes, Pitbulls do get cold at night. Due to their short coats, it’s a challenge for them to regulate their body temperature during the cold weather.

Nevertheless, with proper care and as well as given enough warmth, this breed can survive through the cold night. 

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Why Are Pitbulls Susceptible To Cold?

One-Layered Coats With Short Hair

Pitbulls’ one-layered coats and short hair do not give adequate protection against cold temperatures.

Dogs’ coats and fur protect and insulate their skin. Like all warm-blooded animals, they generate heat in their body. The more body heat they can hold onto, the warmer they will feel.

As a result, your dog’s coat functions similarly to your sweater. The longer and thicker his coat, the warmer he will remain in cooler temperatures.

Short Legs

Since the legs of pitbulls are short, the undersides of their body come into greater exposure to cold surfaces. As a result, this makes them get cold easily, especially at night.

Do Putbulls Get Cold At Night?

How Much Cold Can Pitbulls Handle?

Pitbulls are frequently thought to be too cold for temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. As a result of extended exposure without protective measures, your Pitbull’s body will not be able to handle it. 

In addition, they will be at significant risk of developing several health problems. Pitbulls prefer temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 20 degrees Celsius).

Factors That Influence Pitbulls’ Tolerance To Cold Temperatures

The following are some of the factors that influence how much pitbulls can withstand the cold.

Health And Age 

Older pitbulls will be more susceptible to a variety of health issues. This makes it harder for them to withstand cold weather.

Size And Weight 

Smaller, leaner pitbulls are commonly considered worse at withstanding low temperatures than larger, fatter dogs.

Color Of Pitbull’s Fur

Lighter colored pitbulls will absorb less heat than dogs with darker colored coats. Thus, they often have a lower tolerance for cold temperatures.

Do Pitbulls Get Cold At Night?

Common Signs That Your Pitbull Is Getting Cold

Here are some common indicators that you should watch out for to determine whether pitbulls are becoming too cold:

  • Your dog will be shaking and trembling excessively.
  • For no apparent reason, your dog will start barking or whimpering.
  • Your dog will have a serious lack of energy.
  • Your dog will gravitate toward the rooms in the house that are the warmest.
  • Your dog will much prefer to stay inside and will not even want to spend a brief period outside.
  • When your dog is outside, it will frequently lift its paws off the ground.

Potential Health Risks Of Cold Temperatures For Pitbulls

Without proper protection from cold temperatures during nighttime, your pitbull can acquire various health issues. So, let us discover some of the potential health risks in more detail.

Paw Damage

Your dog may experience discomfort and pain because of their paws drying and cracking from exposure to cold temperatures. Thus, you should check your dog’s paws for injuries regularly.

Flu Or Cold

Like humans, pitbulls frequently contract the cold or flu when the weather becomes too cold at night.


Hypothermia is one of the most serious health conditions and can be fatal if it is not treated properly. This is when a dog’s body loses heat more quickly than it can produce. 

You must warm up your dog and take it to the vet if you observe any signs of hypothermia.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pitbulls Warm

As a responsible pitbull owner, there are some specific measurements you should take to keep your pitbull warm at night. Let us explore them in greater detail.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Bed Is Warm

Assess the temperature of your Pitbull’s bed. Place your dog’s bed away from windows and doors. Slightly elevate his or her bed so that it doesn’t come into direct touch with the cold floor.

To make the dog’s bed warmer, you can also add extra layers of bedding, thermal blankets, and heated pads.

Do Pitbulls Get Cold At Night?

Make Sure Your Pitbull Gets Enough To Eat And Drink

Getting the best diet for your pitbull is another measurement you could take for this purpose. You must make sure that your pitbull consumes all the calories and nutrients that their body requires.

With a good diet, they are able to maintain their energy and stay warm. However, make sure that you will not overfeed your fur baby.

Dehydration can result in problems like dry skin and paws. You should also make sure your dog is getting enough water to prevent it from being dehydrated.

Avoid Staying Outside For A Long Time

Avoid going outside with your dog during the night when the temperature is too cold.

Try to come up with alternative indoor activities if you are used to playing outside or taking nighttime walks. For instance, you could let it climb the stairs or play some indoor games.

Put On Warm Gear

If you must take your dog outside at night when it is cold, make sure to dress it warmly. You can dress it in coats, sweaters and boots that will help it stay as warm as possible.

Give Your Dog A Warm Place To Stay Or A Doghouse

Make sure to give your dog a warm shelter to stay in if you must leave your dog outside. The dog should fit comfortably inside of it. There should be enough insulation to keep your dog protected from extremely low temperatures.

To make it even warmer, you can even add sleeping layers such as thermal blankets or heated pads.

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  1. My pittie Blue
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