Pit Bulls » Do Pit Bulls Need Haircuts?

Do Pit Bulls Need Haircuts?

Pit Bulls are a popular dog breed known for their appealing personality and dapper look. One of the most noticeable traits of Pit Bulls early on is their fur coating. Generally, Pit Bulls are classified as having a single-layer coating.

This basically means that Pit Bulls only have one layer of fur — which means there’s no undercoat. This gives them a slim look, contrary to double-layer dogs that have a fluffier look.

There are many pros and cons that single-layer coated dogs experience. With this, a question comes to mind, do Pit Bulls need constant grooming — namely, haircuts?

Do Pit Bulls Need Haircuts?

Pit Bulls do not need haircuts, their fur is naturally short and thin, and it is not recommended to shave or cut their hair with household scissors or a razor due to the risks of injuries involved. However, brushing their coat daily with a rubber curry brush can help restore luster to their coat.

While Pit Bulls are known to be single-coated dogs, they surprisingly shed a lot. Even if their fur coating looks thin, Pit Bulls actually shed off a lot of their fur. In fact, Pit Bulls generally shed more than other single-layer coated dogs.

Do Pit Bulls Need Haircuts

Despite the constant shedding Pit Bulls do, haircuts are a different thing. For Pit Bulls, haircuts are not required due to the thin-layered coating they have. Technically speaking, Pit Bulls have fur — and not hair. So again, simply speaking, Pit Bulls have no need for regular haircuts.

The most that can be done with Pit Bulls to groom them is shaving. But if there’s a need to shave off the hair for a number of reasons, proper diligence is recommended. Especially with the thinness of the fur coating, things could go wrong fast with improper shaving techniques.

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Pit Bull Haircut And Grooming Questions

Properly Shaving Pit Bull Fur

Bathing a Pit Bull and completely drying it up afterward is a good first step. This helps to soothe a Pit Bull’s skin and remove any dirt from its fur. Going slow and shaving in the direction of hair growth is important.

Avoiding shaving close to a Pit Bull’s skin is also a must. To shave a Pit Bull’s fur better, Pit Bull-friendly shavers are recommended such as this tool.

Grooming Pit Bull Fur

Now that we’ve covered if Pit Bulls need haircuts or not, another question comes to mind. If Pit Bulls don’t need haircuts, how are they groomed instead?

Pit Bull fur is low-maintenance, meaning that it doesn’t cause that much of a mess. And that brushing and maintaining the hygiene of their fur does not take too long.

Grooming Pit Bull Fur

Brush Type

To groom Pit Bull fur, soft to medium bristle brushes are recommended. High-quality brushes that don’t irritate the skin of Pit Bulls are a must. Curry comb brushes are a perfect example of the best brush for Pit Bull fur.

This type of brush is able to remove loose hair and dirt in single-layer coated dogs such as Pit Bulls. At the same time, curry combs massage a Pit Bull’s skin and improve blood circulation and oil production.


Looking at the bigger picture, haircuts are not necessary for Pit Bulls. While this is the case, however, maintaining the hygiene of Pit Bull fur is still needed. If there is really a need to groom a Pit Bull’s hair, shaving is a recommended solution.

While Pit Bull fur is thin, shaving it is not as easy as it looks. Proper care is important to avoid harming a Pit Bull during the grooming process. Additionally, brushing helps in removing loose hair and further cleaning up a Pit Bull’s fur.

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