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    Hi Im Terri and my husband is Tony. We own two dogs one full red nosed stafford terrier Coco and Rocco who is half bull terrier and half the unknown. We fell in love with Rocco at a shelter and found Coco in another state tied to a tree starving( however we later discovered she had heartworms. Three rounds of treatment) Coco is a true lover I believe we were blessed when we came accross both of them. I dont call them PitBulls because everyone fears the worst when they see them. ,I have discovered if I call them Stafford Terriers people are very accepting just as if they were a poodle. However i feel poodles are more aggressive.lolol PitBull or Stafford Bull Terriers are in my opinion the most loyal breed around. It wAS nice to meet you good luck with your new foster they are truely awesome dogs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)