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Hi, I’m Vanilla’s Daddy… and a recovered Pit Bull-aphobic!

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Human Talk Introductions Hi, I’m Vanilla’s Daddy… and a recovered Pit Bull-aphobic!

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    Hi, I’m Vanilla’s Daddy and I’m one of those people that used to believe all the media hype about Pit Bulls.

    Hi, I’m Vanilla’s Daddy and I’m one of those people that used to believe all the media hype about Pit Bulls.

    I’ve owned cats my entire life. My Wife was recently between jobs and started volunteering at the local Animal Shelter. After a few months, the Director came over to her and said “You’re a great volunteer, we don’t want to lose you. Would you like to work here?”
    It’s half of what she was making but she’s a lot happier, it’s closer to home and in a nicer area than her old job.

    One Saturday she asks me if I want to go walk some dogs. I figured it would be nice as a hiking trail runs alongside the property.

    Walked a few and then was “stuck” walking Vanilla. I was petrified, convinced that I would be dead by day’s end but my wife said she really needed the walk to get away from the constant barking.

    I took her out and she was pretty good on the leash… then she yawned and I almost passed out when I saw those teeth!

    After a few more weeks I got comfortable enough to kneel down and have my picture taken with her. That’s when it happened, she looked up and BLAMMO… my entire chin was covered by this huge wet tongue!

    Last Sunday we were there and I spent the entire day with her. My Wife walks up and says “You know, I can borrow a crate from the shelter and we can see how it goes.”

    We are now fostering her through the holidays. I took her for the spay appointment the shelter made for her, she’s a 4 y/o that was used for breeding.

    She’s now laying on the couch between us and seems to know “sit”, “stay”, “couch”, “cuddles” and “treats”.

    I’m pretty sure we have a match. I just need her to stop being afraid of the cats!

    I’m glad my Wife pushed me to walk her or I would never know how sweet she is!

    Here’s some pics!

    First kiss!

    Sunday at the shelter

    First night home

    First night home with my Wife

    Home after spaying


    Hi Im Terri and my husband is Tony. We own two dogs one full red nosed stafford terrier Coco and Rocco who is half bull terrier and half the unknown. We fell in love with Rocco at a shelter and found Coco in another state tied to a tree starving( however we later discovered she had heartworms. Three rounds of treatment) Coco is a true lover I believe we were blessed when we came accross both of them. I dont call them PitBulls because everyone fears the worst when they see them. ,I have discovered if I call them Stafford Terriers people are very accepting just as if they were a poodle. However i feel poodles are more aggressive.lolol PitBull or Stafford Bull Terriers are in my opinion the most loyal breed around. It wAS nice to meet you good luck with your new foster they are truely awesome dogs.

    Miss Mouse

    Too sweet! Congratulations! 😀


    Wendy and I were talking about Vanilla at Petsmart today. She was great with people and other dogs.
    We agreed that it would be vey hard to part with her so we decided that we shouldn’t continue fostering her through the holidays.

    What if we fostered her for a few weeks and then someone wanted to adopt her? It just wouldn’t be fair to her or us… so we adopted her today!


    way to go. Good luck. We love the breed. Rene and family


    You made a great decision. I adopted my staffie March 13, 2010. The people that actually fosterd her was in tears giving her up. I’m still in contact with them. These dogs are loyal and loving and love to cuddle. My staffie goes under the blankets and covers her self up and they’re big couch potatoes!!! Good luck!!! loved the pics!!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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