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    GilmoresGirl: Thank you for responding so quickly to my post.

    My ultimate goal is to play Devil’s Advocate, and to disprove the theory that either the owner, or the victim definately had to have been at fault, and perhaps, neither at all were to blame at all (not counting owners that purposefully raise vicious dogs, and an innocent person got in the way) and perhaps something else randomly might have caused this instead.

    The first incident only three weeks ago, happened when the parents were out together and their 3 children, age 13 female, 10 and 7, were outside with the dog, and it just randomly snapped and started to attack the youngest one, and the oldest girl put herself in the way and protected her 2 siblings and told the others to get inside. The dog walked down the block, a neighbor either saw what happened or her laying on the ground and called the cops.

    When the cops came, they called an ambulance and the dog came trotting back growling at the cops, and they tasered him, and he didn’t stop and they eventually shot and killed him to protect the girl on the ground, or something like that.

    Then comes the ensuing comments from both sides, “The kids must have been tormenting the dog badly for it to snap, when the parents were gone.”

    “Why were they outside with the dog anyhow?”

    “The parents probably raised the dog to be vicious and the kids got in the way or teased it”.

    I think there’s a third side to this, and perhaps NEITHER owners or victims did anything wrong at all, and it occured for a different reason yet unknown.

    There were no other attacks by dogs in our county, at least none that made the paper, in a very long time. I do remember 3 to 4 years ago, either ’08 or ’09, my roommate who lived with me for 2 years moved in with his brand new girlfriend and moved out of my place. He was 27, she was 30-32ish and 2 kids.  One day when he was at work, the dog snapped and started mauling her legs very badly, and the dog was euthanized a few days later. Then another attack occured a week or two after that.

    A new attack just occured yesterday, July 4th, about 4 blocks from my home. Someone opened the screen door to a home and the dog snuck by quickly and ran down the street. An eldery 80 year old man was just standing on the corner, waiting to go to church and the dog ran up and bit into his leg.  I certainly believe someone of that age would never tease or try to pet a pit bull, and I don’t think the owners raised it to be vicious either.

    I’m taking a 3rd stand altogether, and I’m IN FAVOR of the dogs and defending them, and I DON’T think it was the dogs’ fault at all, is what I’m saying and would like a few professional contact information number or email addresses to ask a few questions to.

    Believe me, I’m on all dogs’ side, no matter what breed, something just doesn’t seem right to me with these incidences, so close in a 3 week period and I want to bounce ideas off of a professional is my goal with this post.

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