You make some confusing


You make some confusing statements.

“Also, just want to make this clear: higher income/iq etc are generally indicate smarter people. Smart people generally weigh risks better than others”

At the risk of being accused of quote mining, it sounds like you came in here just to tell us all that we were ignorant.

Then you say;
“Taking a wild guess here, but I’m gonna say its just a *tad* less than the general population, given their aversion to taking unnecessary risks with human life. And maybe the best indicator of this group is lawyers.”

I’m confused by that statement as your opening post included
“My guess is that if I get 10 responses to this post, only 2 of them will be more rational than emotional. Of those 2, hopefully 1 will keep twisted stats and logical fallacies to a minimum.”

You set up a straw man argument by saying the above yet all your statements stem from your personal feelings of predjudice regarding the intelligence of Pit Bull owners and, in your own words a “wild guess”.
It’s laughable that you accuse us, in advance of any evidence, of our replies being “logical fallacies” yet you haven’t produced one single piece of evidence to logically back up your position.

You have presented the accusation so it is incumbent upon YOU to prove your case.

The fact of the matter is that you are not interested in and likely not capable of any intelligent debate on this topic.

Good day to you Sir.