Wow!  We take our dog


Wow!  We take our dog EVERYWHERE with us.  People are often skeptical and we get some sideways looks, but Kaos is so endearing that we either ignore them or make friends with them.  I was so proud of him at the 4th of July parade last year!  We took him with us and found a spot on a curb for us, the dog and the kids.  There were two elderly women sitting next to us and they cast a sideways look at first.  By half way through the parade these two women were marveling at how well behaved he was and laughing when he tried to drink the water that floats were spraying as they went by.  They also thought it was very funny when they realized he was sitting so quietly behind me becuase his favorite candy is the pinwheel pepermints and he had quite a pile of wrappers going (don’t know how he learned to unwrap the candy!)  Them and several others around us were singing Kaos’ praise.  Till he went poo on the sidewalk behind us.  But even then, they just thought that it was funny.  There’s also a park we visit when we go see family becuase there are hundreds of geese who roost there and the kids like to feed them.  Kaos loves to watch them, but has never disturbed the birds.  One day we ran into another older woman who said she came to the park every evening to feed the geese.  She stayed her distance at first, but after a while she approached us and, from a little bit off, started asking us questions about Kaos.  Before too long she moved a little closer and finally asked if she could pet him.  Always one for attention, Kaos lolled against her legs and panted up at her with that happy Pit Bull grin.  She laughed and said that she guessed all the talk was just talk because he sure didn’t seem horrible.  We’ve had only one major issue.  We were getting out of the car to go inside our house and Kaos, who is just one of the kids, jumped out of the car with them and came up into the garage, like always.  He’s very friendly and outgoing.  There was a man walking his dog across the street.  Kaos saw and barked once, wagging his tail, but didn’t even leave the garage.  I saw that his bark had startled the man and waved with a smile, saying that I was sorry.  The man looked at me and said, “You should be!”  I was shocked that he would be so rude, then my husband reminded me that Kaos is a Pit and that not everybody loves them as much as we do.  I forgive him for being rude.  After all, it’s not his fault he’s stupid. 🙂 Not to mention he’s the one missing out.