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Harassment of Pit Bull

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    I have a wounderful two year old pit bull named ringo,that we rescued about 4 months ago. I take ringo for two walks a day 2 miles each walk. I have not had any problems until last month when this guy who was running with his dogs saw me and ringo on the side walk and decided he needed to be close to us and his dogs lunged at us and ringo went crazy. This has happened 7 times this guy waits for us and comes out of nowhere and I have almost beat this guy up over it. The last time this happened I called police and made a report. The Police Officer was a pit bull owner and knows this guy is trying to start a fight. I have changed times I walk and If I had time I would go would go to the other side of the street. The police officer told me if it happens again call 911 and if they have to they will arrest him. Do you have any other idea’s of things I can do to prevent problem with people who are stupid.


    Oh my god that is so pathetic. I can beleive some idoit would do that though. People are so stupid sometimes. I have some neighbors where I live that are so stupid and are scared to death of my two pits. I just laugh at them cause they are dumb about the breed. But you can’t teach old people anything. Also my cousin’s husband is a state tropper in ohio and he is scared of my two pits and forbids my cousin and my goddaughter who is 3yrs. to come to my house. My dogs love her and they would never hurt her but he is so afraid that they will turn on her which I know my dogs and they wouldn’t do that. He has 2 dogs that are Rott mixes and they have actually snaped and turned on her before but that was ok cause they weren’t pits. WHATEVER!!! All he does is harrass me about my dogs all the time. So even law enforcement officers are stupid! But a German Shepard that could also mangle you and hurt you is ok? Yeah common people!


    took my bullie to the park today things were going fine ,until this lady came with her lab who just doesn’t like my vida,well i was in the inclosure not the park area talkin to another dog owner when she came inside the park, while we stood behind the gate her dog charged my bullie for no reason as always, she barked back too,but boy was i pissed off but what got me was that the other dog owner that i was talkin to was tellin the dog to back up even pushed it with his knee,but he kept chargin the fence tryin to get at my bullie,not fair we had to leave because of her!! was just trying to see if his dogs and mine would get along,fat chance after what she did. now my bullie is even more uncomfortable around other dogs and thats not how i want her to be ,just as i was getting her used to other dogs this shit keeps happening to her. she is always muzzled,but their dogs are not and she is never the one to lunge to start first.this is not fair to her or me because now we have to wait till night time to take our walks!!!!!


    can’t even take her pups until night time also not fair to them because they love other dogs,love playing with them running with them but can’t do that anymore to many vicious dogs and they are not pits they are labs/golden ret/boxers! amongst others. not fair that we have to muzzle our bullies but they don’t have to muzzle there crazy ass dogs!


    We just bought our house in April of this year. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 7 year old pit named Dodger. They even share a bunk bed. You can not seperate the two. He follows her everywhere to make sure she is safe. Even to the bathroom when she gets up at night. My daughter loves to play with the neighbor girls. They are all around the same age and live next door. How convenient… Ya Rite! I have a privacy fence in the back yard so the neighbors can not see in. They have a German Shephard that practically tries to come through the fence at my dog. Dodger just sits there and watches him. Doesn’t bark or attack the fence or anything. Well he did pee through the cracks on the German Sheps head once. lol…. Because of my shift at work I usually walk Dodger very early in the morning. Well one day the neighbor lady was up early and saw me walking Dodger and freaked because she let her girls over to play with my daughter and I had a Pitbull and didn’t tell her. Lets just say my daughter’s only playmate is now Dodger. She also walked to every house in my neighbor hood getting signatures for a petition to either have us move or get rid of our dog. WTF! She has never seen him in the 4 months we lived here except for that morning. They even commented on how well behaved he was! (before they saw him). He doesn’t bark or cause problems. So I found a way to “stick it to the man” (woman). Since she had absolutely no grounds to stand on to ban my beloved bully from the neighborhood and our city has a 3 dog limit I decided to get two more. I rescued two pits from different shelters in the state. A big boy named Gangsta and a petite little girl named Marilyn. Our family has never been more complete. Dodger loves having more bunk mates and my daughter has more playmates than ever. I also make sure I walk all three of them durring the day now when she is outside!


    So many people around me feel having a pit bull is “dangerous,” and that “losing a child will hollow a person out; you’ll never be able to forgive yourself.” My husband and I don’t have children yet, but we figured before we decide to go that route, we’d get a dog and train him, get him used to being around kids (who, by the way, are some of his BEST friends in town). And our family goes and says, “Oh, never have a kid during his life…he’ll just kill it.” Jeez–or that we’re crazy because we’re thinking about getting another one. We’re young, understand what it takes to be a responsible owner, and have taken those steps to ensure our dog is happy, healthy, loved, and socialized as much as possible. I only wish that people would think about that when they see a dog-person, anything/anybody in need. We all deserve a chance at a happy, healthy, loving, and socialized lifestyle–dogs, included (and I may be a bit biased, but yes, THE PIT BULLS, too!!!)


    Yeah I have gone to events where there are hundreds of dogs and people see me with Ruca and have run off the sidewalk with their stroller! Another time at another dog event I was stadinng there and this kid came up and asked if he could pet Ruca. Knowing shes ok I said yes. He stood there petting Ruca when his mother who was not paying attention noticed what he was doing. She walked up and snatched her kid up ad gave me a dirty look. I explained that. She is great with kids and the Mom gave some exscuse about how her son shouldn’t just be walking upand petting strange dogs. That is a great policy but while she wasn’t paying attention he asked me permission not to mention I saw that kid randomly approaching and petting dogs prior and after that incident! JERKS!

    pit grandaddy

    My standard response is ” Great, now your child is as ignorant as you”


    Thats a good quote! LOL


    I like that. It’s true too.


    Good for you. my sister had someone approch her and say that my sisters 6month old pit bull puppy attached and bit her daughter.


    I have to admit I absolutly LOVE your story. I wish I knew who tried to make me get rid of my puppies. I honestly would do the same. I have so many horribly tempered and behaved dogs that live all around me but someone chose to single out my dogs. I love the fact the Dodger peed on his head LMAO too funny. I guess he got the last word and so did you! Congrats on your WIN! ! ! ! I hate BSL and was not aware that the city I moved into was pending legislation. So we moved and had ourselves quite the issue. If you read my intro it says it all. Again congrats for standing up for your DOGS!


    When Rosie was 5 months old she slipped her collar and went running into a neighbor’s yard to play with their puppy. She was doing the play bow and hopping around. My daughter – who was 9 at the time – went to get her and the neighbor started screaming that if our f*@$#ing dog ever came into his f*@$#ing yard he would f*@$#ing kill it! Nice guy, eh? VERY mature. We got Rosie and went home. 20 minutes later the police rang our doorbell to investigate the dangerous dog complaint they had received. Rosie met them at the door and flopped over for her usual tummy rub that she expects of all strangers. The police thought she was adorable and saw that she wasn’t the vicious beast described in the call. Plus, one of the officers had 2 pits at home so she knew what was going on. Although we still encounter some folks who will cross the street when we’re out walking, we’ve been lucky that most responses to her are very positive. We’re also seeing a lot more families in our area with pits, so people are becoming accustomed to seeing them as family pets instead of scary beasts. Some folks will never get the message but, the more we get our dogs out there to meet folks, but more people get educated about the truth. Changing hearts & minds one licky face at a time, eh.

    [email protected]

    Hi, I’ve had several similar experiences and sympathize with all of you. Back to Ring other red nose question. At this point you’ve filed a complaint with the police department and if you’ve documented each encounter you should be able to get a restraining order to keep him and his dogs 100 ft from you. If you haven’t been able to do that the only thing I can suggest is keep your dog muzzled, because he’s looking for a lawsuit, and by bear repellant or mace. If he and the dogs jump at you again, turn you and your dog around and spray the mace. The police should back you up and if they are called it is self-defense in fear of dog attack. The over spray will not only get the dogs but him as well. He is not likely to do it again. I also have a friend that has a dog aggressive Shepard, she always keeps him leashed and muzzled but that doesn’t’ keep other dogs away. She trained her dog to get used to an air horn. It takes a while, but invariably it works. The other dogs run while Carbon waits patiently. Please let us know if your problem has been resolved or if your still having this issue.


    WTF MAN!!! this just pissed me off i wanna rip that B****** head off i dnt defend only my pit i also defend others. and great job on getting more lolz you’ve saved many lives. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 52 total)
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