No offense taken.  He is


No offense taken.  He is named Kaos becuase he joined a newly formed family with two kids and a chaotic, busy lifestyle.  He fits his name as he is rambunctious and very active.  I didn’t think Buddy or Mac would fit his personality and I wanted something that jived better with me and my family.  Not chaos in a bad way, just a family (and dog) with lots of love and lots going on.  Plus, it’s a family trait for all names to start with “K.”  Kendsey, Kaitlin, Krista, Keaton, Kayden, Khloee, Kaos and my horses name was Kenya.  Kaos fit us, the dog and the name.  It’s not ment to inspire fear or dislike for the breed and we are active in our home town to dispel the myths.  When people meet Kaos and get to know him they realize the name is ironic and fitting at the same time.  When we were first discussing names for him we considered the fact that it’s probably not the tamest or most bland of names and would probably be met with criticism.  However, people will criticize and pass judgement, no matter what we do, so I decided to go ahead and name him true to his character and with the creativity that me and my family live by.  People walking down the street expect a vicious dog long before we are close enough to tell them what his name is and after meeting him they laugh when they do find out.