Lol.  That’s funny.  My pit

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Lol.  That’s funny.  My pit runs from small dogs too.  If they act friendly he plasters his face on the ground to try and play on their level.  We don’t let Kaos run loose any more, not because we worry about him being agressive, but just becuase he is not neutered and I don’t want to risk unwanted puppies.  I’m trying to find more people here in my hometown with pits becuase what I have found works best for off-leash galavants is to take the dogs to an enclosed, vacant place like a tennis court.  We have a couple with actual gates, not rotating doors (Kaos figured out how to work them.)  I like to take dogs I know are friendly and close them in and let them go wild.  They run and run and run and we don’t have to worry about unfreindly dogs or people and for dogs without great recall skills, it’s much safer.  Of course, when somebody comes to play tennis we give them the courts, but it’s an excelent way to let the dogs burn some energy in a more controlled environment.