LOL actually my neighbors


LOL actually my neighbors were walking their beagels last night and i joined them and we wound up over at their place, as per usual. My neighbor brought up again how well Layla protects her from rogue beer bottles as she puts it. LOL

Its funny i havent gotten the first moment’s grief in my neighborhood about her. Everyone i mean EVERYONE says how beautiful she is and man she is just a great dog. They let their children play with her, (she is leashed and on my hand with this occurs no chances! i dont trust children), and bring their little dogs around. When 5 or 6 neighborhood families and i were hanging out every night from the 30th through the 4th i had her with me and they all wanted to pet her they kept calling her to come to them. They DIED when she climbed into Kevin’s lap to assault him with kisses. They each have given her nicknames as well. Ive only had her 3 months and already they adore her.