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Sorry, I like my pit ferocious.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Sorry, I like my pit ferocious.

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    She’s just better when she is. I will give you 3 instances and i am sure you will agree. One night while at my neighbors house we were viciously attacked, if it had not been for Layla i dont know what would have happened to us. Thankfully she killed the moth that  was going after us and we were safe. Laugh if you want to but you didnt see the size of the moth i swear i could have filmed when Mothra attacks. Lives were saved that day. Then there was the attack of the killer beer bottle. My neighbor had what she thought was an innocent beer. Other people have had beer that turned on them but we all knew we were safe with this one. My neighbor put the beer bottle down by her foot and without warning the beer bottle lunged at her leg. Layla knew what it was trying to do and lept into action. Thankfully she was there as no limbs were lost that night. Then tonight she protected me and her new home as only she could. See i got a new fridge this evening and i set a 20 lb bag of ice on the floor and leaned up against the kitchen cabinet. Well i completely forgot about it and later snuggled up on the couch with Layla. When the bag of ice thrashed to the floor like a gator coming after me it was my layla who sounded the alarm growling and barking then jumped from the couch to protect me. Yes i like my girl ferocious, if she hadnt been in these 3 instances i dont know what would have happened to me and those i care about. So i give it up to my girl Layls for being the protector i so needed!!


    Thumbs up for the chuckles, and for Layla’s bravery!  LOL.  Kaos is an excelent guard dog, too.  But only if it’s a balloon or grocery bag trying to break in! 😉


    Wow! Points to your pup for bravery in the face of certain death! I should be able to say the same for Lillie, but, alas, she’s a little dog in a big dog’s body, and therefore, afraid of everything! Even my 3 cats bully her, only she thinks they’re playing, not attacking!


    LOL thanks! i cannot say the same of Lay, gorcery bags mean only one thing to her, time to go for a walk…. so she pretty much loves them! lol


    ha! I know what you mean. The minute it rains, not even at my house 20 miles away Layla instantly becomes a papillon so scared and by her jumping on my head for fear she apparently thinks she weighs 3 lbs rather than 60! and 2 beagles of my neighbors bully her! its really funny. and if there is a big dog lunging at her on a walk she hides behind me. Dont tell her she is a pit she will beg to differ but quick.


    Lol.  That’s funny.  There is an absolutely OBNOXIOUS chihuahua that lives across the street from us.  He’s always out, I’ve almost run him over on several occasions (totally on accident!!)  He chases Kaos.  He’ll come up our drive, JUST out of Kaos’ reach and sit there and yap and yap and yap.  Kaos either runs away or sits there and watches the little rat.  Every now and then Kaos will give a loud bellow, but never does anything.  Somebody was teasing that the little dog wished to be lunch, I told him that the only way Kaos would ingest that thing was if he accidentally sniffed too hard!!


    Wow!My neighbor across the street has a german shepard that is 2, and full grown, and she has recently started running full speed across into my yard at lillie, and I’ve told him that he is lucky lillie is the way she is, or his dog would be in trouble, because lillie hides behind my legs, instead of attacking his dog. I also have a few other neighbors whose dogs harass lillie, one is a min pin, his mother ran itno the street screaming at the top of her lungs “Leonardo, get away from that dog, it will eat you!”, as her dog is trying to bite mine, and mine is sitting looking at me to get this rat away from her, so I shooed it back.The time before that,I was walking her, and a lady with a bichon and a yorkie ran up to us and they were barking and what-not at lillie, and I told lillie to sit(this is what I taught her as a puppy),and she did, as always, and that lady walks out into the street telling her dogs to get back into her yard, and lillie was still sitting,and they lady saya to me,”what a well behaved dog!I wish mine were like that!”,so, teaching lillie to sit when something like that happens was something I was glad I taught her.Because where I live, even though there is a leash law,no one follows it(except me), and I do because she is a pit, and I don’t want any issues,even though she is such a baby..


    Ha ha!!  Here’s how well Kaos does as a guard dog.  Kaos normally hangs out outside with us and he’s normally very good about just chillin in our garage and watching the kids play/cars go by.  However, the other day, he went galloping across the street to say hello to a lady that walks her dog by our house EVERY day.  Without thinking, I called out my customary, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” and went after him.  She just laughed and said, “Oh, I know he is, he’s just a big baby!”  I have no idea how she knows this (may need to have a serious talk with my kids.)  It tickled me because she is an older lady with a little ankle biter and used to be so afraid of Kaos she would cross the street entirely on her walks.  Unfortunatelly, if old ladies are calling my HUGE, BLOOD THIRSTY, PITBULL a baby, he has apparently NOT been informed that he’s NOT supposed to let the kids talk to strangers, or cross the street!


    my lovely gal Mona was only ferocious once,  we had a mice problem and ate half of her 30lbs of food.    she would chase the mice and catch them in her mouth….sometimes.  and felt so proud of herself.  other times she would just watch scurry across the kitchen floor and look at us like “mom, what was that?”


    its adorable.


    here’s a video.  my boyfriend is the one filming…..i dont actually live with him as he has 3 other male rocker roommates….but i do clean up after them from time to time


    It’s funny that all the pits I know are big babies, afraid of inanimate objects, and whatever. Mine has a new one to add, on our walk 2 days ago, Lillie spied a hole that was there from a 4×4 sign post that was removed, and not refilled. Not only did she nearly jump out of her skin, but then tried her hardest to jump into my arms. After her heart attack stopped, she walked back to the hole very slowly, with all the hair on her back standing straight up, and carefully started to sniff the hole. Just when she thought she was safe, a bug hopped by the hole, and as the hole tried to swallow her head whole, she jumped out of her skin again, but the killer bug was still lurking, so naturally, she saw that the only way to escape from the killer hole, and it’s accomplis the bug, was to do a running backflip, turn on the afterburners, and run home at mach 5, dragging me the whole way! I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe! Where’s the camera when you need it?


    THE HOLE STRIKES AGAIN! We barely escaped with our lives last night, as the hole tried to eat Lillie again. It has a new accomplis, also…In addition to the bug, it is now in cahoots with a weed. As we passed the hole(with all of our attention zeroed in on the hole,of course!), it’s newest pertner the weed, snuck up on us from behind,and attached itself to Lillie’s leg. Were it not for her quick thinking,and lightning fast reflexes,we wouldn’t have made it out of there alive! Once the weed attacked her, she was able to distract it by making a noise I can only describe as a “dog-type growl-scream”,and in the confusion,Lillie started dragging me toward the house.I now understand how ppl can lift cars off of other ppl in a panic, as Lillie had to have been going at least 35mph. Only god knows how we made it out with everything intact,all I can say is thank god I have a pitbull, an not a poodle!


    I enjoy so much reading about instances where other pits have been “afraid” or “leary” of inanimate objects. Our pit, about 2 1/2-3 years old (we figure closer to 2 1/2), one day while out in the backyard with my husband and I, began to grown and have hair stand on end. We couldn’t for the life of us figure out what was wrong. We then had noticed how the wind has knocked down the upright laundry basket we had outside (just had clothes hung up, left the basket standing there). He knows what the basket looks like standing up, but if it’s on its side, he’s not sure how to feel about that. SO…to make the story short, if something is out of place (the garbage can, a pillow or two, a fan is knocked over, the laundry basket isn’t standing up, etc.), O’Shea notices and will sound an alarm for us. THANK GOD FOR PITBULLS! 🙂 🙂


    Ha ha!!  Great stories.  It reminds me of when Kaos had his first encounter with a working washing machine!  We have a small laundry room with stacked washer/dryer with the washer on the ground.  We’ve had said washer for almost 2 years now.  A couple months ago Kaos saved our entire family from certain death-by-washing-machine!  I was doing laundry and cleaning the laundry room, so I had the door open when the washer started.  It’s a front-load. Kaos was RIVETED as it started filling.  He was pretty convinced that it was out for blood.  He HIT THE ROOF when it started the spin cycle.  We vidoe taped it on my phone.  He was barking and growling and acting all sorts of ferocious, but he wouldn’t set foot in the laundry room!


    Certain death for sure! Your pup deserves a medal! I would feel bad, but I would have been laughing so hard.. These dogs are so funny.


    I don’t have many stories about Spike yet. See, he found us, starved and  full of ticks. Very shy, but the hunger brought him to us. He has been with us for 2 month now, I could not find a good home for him, so he is staying I guess. I don’t know nothing about pit bulls, but I’m learning fast. I learned that Spike was abused, he has the scars to show and when we raise our voice or yell at the other dogs he runs. He does nothing wrong, I wish my other dog were so good behaved. One time I had to yell at him to calm him down, bad mistake. He was so scared, he peed himself. That was the last straw. Nobody is getting him. nobody will be good enought! He is a clown, teasing my lab with toys so that she will chase him and play. She does the same thing to him. When we play with him we have to bring 2 toys, he will not give up a toy unless we throw another one. He sleeps beside the bed where my husband sleeps, but he is always with me. He will have a good long life with us, who ever let him go was an idiot. this dog is the best, don’t people know they have feelings? Well, hopefully I will be able to post some stories of him down the road. For now he is happy to be loved and save.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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