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Just wanted to add that Elvis is this way if hes on anything but a limited ingredent diet the only treats we can even give him our duck breast jerky that has almost nothing in it. If he eats things like purina omg GAS BAD!!! clear a room its terrible. When we 1st got him he was on blue buffalo a good food but still we didnt know why he had gas and would get red blotches the previous owners vet told them he had mange (wasnt true) but the vet bills were part of the reason they got rid of him. Before we knew it was allergies we tried a few foods he did very good on natural balance limited ingredent duck and potatoe then they did a very tiny ingredent change and BAM allergies back. So we searched on and found pinnacle trout and potatoe (also a limited ingredent) the stuff is AMAZING i mean my dogs would eat the natural balance but this they LOVE IT!!! It smells like a seafood market but to me thats a good thing dog food should smell of its main ingredent I hope this helps. The food could really be upsetting thier stomachs try a high quality food they are expensive but if you buy it at petco and keep your reciept and they dont take to it just return the unused portion for you $ back and you can try something else


heres the link to the food we use