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Gas issues

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    lindsie christensen

    Does anyone have any issues with gas? My dog has really bad issues with it. I asked our vet and he laughed at me and told me it was natural. I understand that it is natural but my dog isn’t natural. He farts a lot and it is terrible.


    Sometimes it’s really rank and you have to hold your breath. Sometimes it’s just smells bad.

    But the gas always comes. I find the more exercise they get, the less gas they have. They’re probably just letting it out more gradually instead of as one big stink bomb.

    Kotas Mommy

    It could be natural ~ or could be some factor that if changed will, at least reduce if not solve the problem.
    Does he scarf down food really fast?
    Eating too fast can cause the dog to bring excessive amounts of air into his intestines; thus creating greater amounts of gas. Most pet stores sell “slow down” doggy dishes, which are specifically designed to prevent/correct this problem. (I used one w/ Dakota because she was getting hiccups everytime she ate – it works!!!)

    Have you recently changed his food? If so, it can take 6 to 8 weeks for a dogs system to adjust and begin digesting the new kibble properly. Give him some time and see if the problem goes away on its own.

    What do you feed him ~ what ingredients are used?
    Food allergies in dogs are common (especially in pits and Am Bulldogs) – and can cause excessive gas in dogs. Check out the ingredients listed – Studies found the highest “allergy reaction” causing ingredients to be: Corn, dairy, wheat, soy, eggs & (of all things) proteins! (Of the proteins – Chicken has the highest occurance, followed by fish & then beef). Testing for allergies can be done on him, but can also be expensive. If your boy has a food allergy, in addition to the gas – indicators of a food allergy would appear on his skin. Check his face, armpits, paws & forelegs (these are the areas most likely to show symptoms) – look for red or irritated skin, hot spots, or skin infections. Excessive scratching (not caused by fleas) and reoccuring ear infections are other signs of food allergies.
    Hope this info was some help ~ Good luck!

    susan greene

    when i feed mine a high protein diet it gives him really bad gas. stinks up the whole house. its really loud, you can hear him in another room. i think he knows it stinks cause he will fart and leave the room lol.


    Ha. I laugh when I see the ‘slow down’ doggy dishes. My pit Dayse-Mae scarfs her food down in less than five seconds. Swallows everything without a breath. I tried the dishes….didn’t work at all. I had gotten to the point where I was really worried. She could have gotten a ‘flipped stomach’ (for short terms) and been in a lot of pain….it scared me and everything I got did not work. I was going to home make a special dish….but my husband came up with a WONDERFUL idea. I now put a cup of whole ice cubes in her dish. She HAS to chew the ice…and it slows her consumption of the food. AMAZING….and FREE!

    I did train my pits to ‘watch’ me as I set their food dishes down, and they are not allowed to eat until I saw “go eat” …. this has prevented the food aggression….and they focus on me…not the food….


    Feed your dog a few sprigs of parsley and their gas will not smell 🙂


    Sounds like this is a common problem! Raleigh has terrible gas… it’s room clearing. I wish it was the “silent but deadly type” but it isn’t.

    I tried “Doggie Gas-X” but found no results.

    My vet recommended plain yogurt. We’ve tried that and it seems to work. It doesn’t eliminate it fully but it gives her and us some relief. I always make a little bowl of it for her at night. I’ve also tried the flavors and it works the same. She loves it! She thinks it’s a treat and laps it up in a few seconds.

    Calvin and Hobbes

    Hobbes’ farts are the gnarliest.


    My male pit had really bad gas. I mean it would run you out of the house it smelled so bad. He also had diahrria or very soft stools. When I got him from the Humane Society they were feeding him six cups of food aday and he wouldn’t gain weight. They blamed it on him circling his pen but once i got him to the vet she said to change is food to a sensitive stomach food for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and see if that didn’t help. I did and he started gaining weight and the gas almost is completely gone. So he has IBS and even Milkbone treats will upset his stomach. The Vet told me that some signs of IBS are more of a red tint to their skin, weightloss or unable to gain weight, and diahrria or loose stools. He fit the profile and now has gained about 15lbs and hes at his perfect weight. I feed him IAMS Lamb and Rice in the Red bag.


    We are new to the whole pit bull world. What is the best brand of food for them? All the research that I have done says to go grain free. It is supposed to help with gas and skin. Any suggestions??


    Actually gas isn’t all that normal or at least it shouldn’t be excessive. I was giving my dog probiotics because he has poor digestion and I was giving him too much, causing gas. I have also found that vegetables will also cause horrible gas in dogs just like it does in humans. For the most part they get used to a diet just like we do and the gas should subside. If it continues then I would suggest adding a supplement or changing food.


    As far as food goes, it is always case by case. My dog did not do well on grain free food and does best on Dogswell chicken and oatmeal so far. I have tried raw, probiotics, food with grain, and wet. My dog can’t handle high protein grain free foods like Orijen, but he always digests things better when I add plain yogurt, sweet potato, or a digestive enzyme. I would do research to make sure the sources of protein are from the USA as well as all the other ingredients. I would also research the company that makes the food you are feeding your dog and make sure they have never been bought out by another company or had recalls in the past. If you have any questions you can always email the producer.


    Oh, and companies like Iams and Purina are owned by Procter and Gamble. They own a lot of other companies that have nothing to do with dog food and worst of all they do horrible animal testing on dogs and cats. Read the book, Food Pets Die For and you will never buy food from the grocery store or vet again. Many commercial foods have fillers in them or don’t test their raw sources of protein. I won’t even say what can possibly be in your dog’s food, but often times you will see the ill effects as red/itchy skin, upset stomach, vomiting, or weight gain.


    We got Niyah Eathborn holistic dog food and some supplements for her skin. I now just have to stop the two year old from slipping her treats and maybe that will help with the gas.


    I feed Iams to my dog. Have ever since she was a puppy. Tried switching her and she either doesn’t like other brands or gets upset stomach from them. I also switched my cats to Iams and now they don’t throw up all the time from eating too much too fast. I’m sure there are all kinds of things in many kinds of dog and cat foods out there. If she had it her way she’d be eating deer carcasses from our woods.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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