Initially, after reading the


Initially, after reading the initial comment on this thread, my emotions took over. I am, by nature, a woman–we are born to be emotional beings, and I am true to that, right down to the ‘t.’

However, when it came to adopting our pit, it was all about how we connected with him on ALL levels. We took the time to research the breed, to decide if it was indeed the best for us. We knew it’d be a challenge in the beginning, simply because pitbulls are known for their stubborn nature and strength. HOWEVER, this was not going to stop us from weighing the pros and cons of owning a pit. Our community has no ban on pits, but rather “vicious” animals. We took walks with him weekly for two months straight before we decided he was right for us–my husband’s in construction and I am a music teacher. We took him out into our community immediately, to get him acquainted with any and all who may meet him someday.

We’ve owned other dogs in our families–labs, husky mixes, retrievers…none have been so obedient, intelligent, and lovable as our pitbull. I sympathize with the loss of your pet–BELIEVE me, if something (dog or not) had killed a pet of mine, I’d be devastated, and would want justice. But we’re taking steps in our family to ensure the safety of all around us, including that of our pitbull, O’Shea. We’d be doing him a HUGE dis-service if we didn’t train him, and continue this training throughout his life.