I understand.  I’m just


I understand.  I’m just saying that people who don’t know why you named your dog Kaos are going to assume the reason behind the name is a negative one and unfortunately those very same people that are going to ask for or are going to strongly support a breed ban.  We named our pit Maximus after the Gladiator and we call him Max for short. 

It is extremely sad that we have to be so conscious of such things but like I said we can’t name them vicious or dangerous sounding names and then be angry with people who fear our dogs knowing nothing more about our dog than his name.  Not judging, just saying.  I am a pit bull advocate who is working very hard here in Portland Oregon, and anywhere else I can, to undo the damage that has been done to this breed by so many before us.

I do understand your reason behind the name and it sounds as if it fits him well.  I often think we should have named our pit Tornado…LOL.