I think everyone that has

raisins mom

I think everyone that has replied to your post has been polite and answered your questions in reasonable manner; and yet you still come onto a pro-responsible pitbull ownership site and take jabs at us.  I am going to reiterate I am a 911 Operator so I make stressfull decisions everyday. Did I also mention my boyfriend is a law enforcement officer? So maybe our IQ’s are not high enough to put us through medical school, but everyday we deal with people of every economic level and shocker for you some of the richest people are the worst to their families and pets. Vice a versa some of the poorest will give their last cent to help another.  IQ and wealth  will not make you a good person nor determine if you make good decisions.  It is unknown to me why you insist on this idea.  Was it not Mark Madoff’s son who hung himself in his apt while his child was there? His father was wealthy, made poor decisions and wound up in prison.  Apparently their high IQ’s that lead them to wealth did not help them in the area’s of good decision making.

I am begining to think you came on here just to incite us into fighting with you in hopes of saying that pitbull owners are as unstable as their dogs.  I would say we proved you wrong. 

You want to debate the the severity of a dog bite? Let’s see a larger dog will have a larger bite that just seems like common sense to me.  In Omaha NE animal control just released a report showing labs have the highest bite record.  You may wonder why? The answer is because they are popular in that area and that leads to higher chance of unsocialiezed dogs that bite. As for your comment regarding the bite, shake and hold I ask are you familiar with terrier breeds? Jack Russell terrier’s do the same things as a pitbull terrier does.  They too have prey drives and were raised and breed to flush out rats, gophers and other small animals from their dens.  Funny noone seems to notice when they chase cats or show signs of dog aggression.  I forgot its cute when lil dogs have no manners and jump or bark at people.  Those lil teeth can’t break skin ( yes that is ooozing in sarcasm).

What one needs to focus on is why at that moment the dog bite occured.  Are you expecting a dog to reason like a human does? Cause you expect them to understand they did something wrong ? I am not one of those people who says my dog will never bite because I know he is fully capable of biting and doing damage.  My response is I do the best I can to prevent my dog from being in a situation where he would feel he had to bite whether out of fear or for his protection.