I have many wonderful


I have many wonderful experiences with my dog Riley. Lately, I have noticed pet pitbulls everywhere around here! Last time we went to the dog park, there were 6 other pit bulls there 🙂 We had a great time. It makes me feel good seeing so many amazing dogs around. I take Riley everywhere, and I have never had any real judgement issues from other people. Occasionally, elderly people will be wary, but I love old people and it’s never a big deal. Having a dog is a wonderful experience 🙂

@ringotherednose, If I were in your position, I would bring a flip camera or other video recording device with you next time you go on a walk and start recording as soon as you see the guy coming. You don’t have to talk to him or make a big deal about pointing the camera at him, just have it out and casually begin recording your walk when you see him coming. I’d think that would deter him, and if not, you have everything on camera next time you have to phone the police. Clearly this guy isn’t a thinker. I say that not only because of his clear lack of knowledge about pit bull terriers, but also because if he really believed your dog was a threat, why would he want to risk the safety of his own dogs or possibly himself to prove it?

Hope this helps, and best wishes for good experiences with your dog in the future 🙂