i am by no means educated, i


i am by no means educated, i am a Marine, as is my wife and together we make over 100k a year if that counts? i own my pit because i love the breed and hate the reputation they get, i have loved these dogs since i watched the “lil rascals” and i wanted a dog like theirs. i got my pit from an irresposible owner who underfed her and showed her no love, took her from her mother too young and lied about the pups age, my dog is loving and shows that she feels real guilt like a child when she does something wrong. research the breed and you will understand they werent bred to hurt people but irresposible owners teach them to. i am sorry about your cat i truely am. but just a lil peice of info i am part of a pitbull club that tries to promote the breed to the public one of our members has a pit/lab mix and two pure pits and he says that his pit/lab mix is the meanest that she is mean to his other dogs and doesnt do well with his children, but his pits are great with his kids and each other. please do some reading about the breed and educate yourself about them and maybe you will no longer be a cat person, this could be your chance to cross over to the dark side and see how wonderful pits are