Hi,   To answer your




To answer your questions,  

Yes, actually my neighbor is a botanist and owns a yorkshire bull terrier, my best friend works for aircraft carrier engineering and owns a APBT and I actually work two jobs, one as a CBRNE with the military part-time and currently working for a research lab with the state university and just recently got a APBT mix.
In fact, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein both owned bullys as well as Fred Astaire, Woodrow Wilson, Humphrey Bogart, John Steinbeck, Mary Tyler Moore, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Walter Scott, shall I name more?   Or do a few of these not count as intelligent people because they are celebrities?  
Please show me documentation where one dog has been proven to be more dangerous than another? I actually don’t think there has ever been any scientific proof in that case.  How are Saint Bernard’s, Doberman Pinchers, Rotweiller, Boxers, Mastifs, any less dangerous than Pit-bulls?  I have been attacked by a St. Bernard, I have never been attacked by a pit bull.  
Grew up with boxers and I am fully aware of the circumstances a dogs jaws clenched on another dogs throat, or persons limbs and how hard it can be to release once the animal is caught up in the moment.   The serious truth of the matter is, no matter what breed the animal is, you train it poorly, treat it aggressively or threaten the animal and or it’s loved ones in some shape or form, the animal will turn on you.     
To start a post in thought that people who own a certain breed of dog must be unintelligent, shows me first of all that you did not think this post out very far and you base your views on opinions and hear say as opposed to actual facts, and you have created a stereo type of what your thoughts of unintelligence is.
I personally don’t like having serious discussions with people that tend to stress opinions over facts, nothing good ever comes out of it, and opinions always lead to insults.