Diligence is the answer. At

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Diligence is the answer. At first the crate n rotate method bothered me a great deal but it has made everyone safe and a lot less vet visits. You may also want to invest in a break stick (only to be used on pits)in case a fight does break out. Learn how to use it properly. IMO Ceasar Milan is an idiot, he reminds me of a power hitter. I do not train my dog obiedence through fear. I am the pack leader in the house and I taught it by positive reinforcement. Once they are fixed the aggression MAY subside due to his age and is never guarenteed. Train thru positive reinforcement, crate n rotate, exercise, exercise and never leave an animal alone with children or other animals without supervision. You leave the room, so does the dog. As far as the yowling, mine does the same, it is just a part of the pits makeup. PBRC.net is a great resource