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Dog Aggression

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    I have a 9mo Pit ofcourse and he has developed aggression toward my other male and my moms male dogs he grew up with them.. He has been around my other mix breed male dog since he was 6 weeks old he use to do everything with him sleep eat play all that an now hes attacking him viscously and it stressed me out having to pull him off another dog every day… I need some help. I plan on getting him fixed as soon as i get the money to do so. If anyone has had this happened or has any advice to offer please do so.



    He should have been neutered months ago. Why did you have him at 6 weeks old? Taking a dog from its mother too early can most certainly cause behavioral problems such as this.

    Get him Neutered. Keep the dogs separated. Have ALL of your dogs spayed and neutered.


    Hey Jade,
    If money is a problem research the internet in your area for free pitbull neutering and if your area doesn’t have free call SNAP! I believe getting him fix will help with his agression and behavioral issues. Please make sure you separate these dogs when you are not home. I purchased a kids baby gate to separate my two pits when i am at work. My pitties love each other but it only takes one toy that they both want and if i am not there to supervise… well you get the hint! I can’t risk that! Good luck to you.


    Neutering is always a good idea for the overall health of a male canine. Bear in mind, though, that keeping the dogs separated is a temporary solution, at best. The aggressive behavior won’t fix itself without commitment and work on your part. Real balance in your “pack” can’t be achieved until you’ve established yourself as the leader, gained the trust of every dog in the household to control the situation, and properly rehabilitated the dog aggressive behavior. If you’ve never checked out Cesar Millan (“The Dog Whisperer” on the National Geographic Channel) before, now is the time to do so. He’s a genius when it comes to understanding the psychology of a dog, which is so vastly different than that of a human.

    Good luck with your boys, Gemini!

    Pit bulls ROCK! 🙂


    I had him at 6 weeks old one because some dumb idiot dumped him and his brothers and sisters in a box in a ditch. And two they were eating and drinking on their own at 6 weeks many puppies can be on there own at 6 weeks. When I first got him I was told they were unsure of his breed but I wanted to give him a home. As he got bigger I could tell he was a pit bull and theres no doubt about it. My Vet suggested I wait till he is 1yrs old to do the surgery he told me in bulldog breeds (pits, american and boxers.) Will not have a defined Masculinity if u neuter them too early. I plan on getting him neutered asap now that he is showing aggression issues. I was just listening to my vet.


    Money isn’t a problem. Im actually watching Caesar now.

    susan greene

    sounds to me like you dont have an aggression issue but have a dominace issue. if it was a real aggression issue he would go after all dogs not just males. if thats the case it should go away when you have him fixed.


    My aggression issues were not caused by my 1 1/2 y/o pitty it was by my 8 y/o mastiff. I felt it was a dominance issue showing my pitty who was the leader. One day I couldn’t separate them fast enough and my mastiff ended up with 12 staples and my pitty received minor head wounds. What I found in my home that has worked great is the crate and rotate method. Everyone gets time and everyone is safe.
    Check out http://www.PBRC.com they have amazing information on numerous subjects petaining to pitties.


    I also have a dog aggressive APBT, but he is only aggressive to dogs outside of our pack. He’s been neutered since the day we got him at 3months old, but he still developed aggression issues around the age of 3yrs old. I’m currently looking for a trainer in my area to help me break him of this aggression because I just want him to be able to feel calm around other dogs and now so defensive and tense. He is perfectly fine with our toy poodle, Max, running the house hold, and he grew up with a border collie also, who was his best friend & we NEVER have problems with him and our other dogs. But, I don’t think neutering your dog is going to 100% fix his aggression. You’ll probably have to either get a trainer, or dedicate to training him yourself.


    Ours is 1 year old and he is fine with our chihuahua and other pitbull, but he FREAKS out at the vet. We have to sit outside with him in the back of the truck until he is called in because he howels and cries every time another dog walks by. He is not aggressive towards other dogs at the vet, mainly because we don’t let him get very much slack on the leash or near other dogs, but he just howels and howels so loud it makes people afraid of him. We try to laugh it off so other people don’t think he is a mean pit, because he is not, but we are getting him fixed soon and hopefully it will help a little.


    We also use the crate & rotate method in our household, which has worked VERY well. My female Pit doesn’t get along with an older rescue dog we have, so we have to keep them separated. The 2 Pitties we own are from the same litter and verrrrry protective of each other, so the older dog gets torn up if we don’t break it up soon enough (or at least keep the Pits from shaking their heads and seriously hurting her until we can get them separated). So now we usually have the older dog (Cherry) in my brother’s bedroom, and keep the Pits with us at all times. When it’s Cherry’s time to play outside, eat, etc (a.k.a her “downstairs time” lol), we put the Pits in our bedroom.

    Also, the website is PBRC.NET 🙂 Great resource.


    My pit recently got out the door when my boys opened it and attacked two dogs hurt them pretty bad, and the owner got bit of course because she stuck her hand in between three dogs fighting, dog warden said my pit is the one that did the biting but I don’t believe that one of her dogs was every pit the size of my pit but not sure the breed looked something like a husky they said it was a eskimo something..well anyways our pit is very good with our chihuhua we have (we have had them both since babies) and we now have a pit/boxer mix that she is good with and treats as if she is her baby. Dog warden is telling me I need to put her down cause “she WILL turn on my children” in my heart I don’t believe this she is very good with my boys (ages 6, 3 and 9 months) they had my talked into putting her down which I was gonna do tuesday but my husband and I have been crying so much I have decided I WILL NOT let them brainwash me into putting her down. Dog warden is telling me I could face, 500 in fines, 30 days in jail and two years community service, but if I put Kya to sleep all charges will be dropped, I feel like she is trying to scare me. Anyone have any advice? Again my pit is GREAT with our other dogs just does NOT do well with strange dogs. Does this mean she will harm my children? I DO NOT want to put my baby down I love her like a child, someone help please….


    wow thats rough, sorry to hear that. first off you have to work something out with the kids or u will be forced to put her down. is the dog going to bite kids because it bit a couple dogs that made her bug out? apples and oranges, dog aggression is a pits trait, human aggression is not or they would never have been able to fix injured fighters or pull them off dogs in the middle of the fight. she loves ur kids,,,just not trusting of other strange dogs around the house nd you guys.
    the dogs lived, take care of the owner however u can and No u are not going to jail..they want 500$ just hand it over and have a trainer work with the dogs to keep a good distance from the door of say 7 feet when it opens,, tough to keep kids consistent. work on the dog as well and u will have a better chance. in the blink of an eye it will happen again, solve the root of the problem. next time you will not have an option.


    Thanks so much for the advice, someone even suggested keeping a leash on her for when she goes to head towards the door to grab her I usually keep her outside (we have a fenced in back yard) during the day but that day I decided to bring her in and bam the door gets opened and she takes off after those dogs, I honestly believe she thought those dogs were going to harm the boys and it was as if she was protecting them. I love her and in my heart I DO NOT believe she would ever try to harm my children. My baby is a pit so of course she should be “put down” well so says the “dog warden” but I’m not doing it she at first had me convinced it was the best thing to do for the “sake of my children”, but I think she just wants me to put her down to have one less pit in Ohio well not gonna happen (unless the judge would order it) but I will make sure that this never happens again cause I don’t want to have to go through this again.


    First off being stressed is not helping the situation. Your dog(s) can sense this. Be calm about it and handle it assertively without getting tense or fearful because that will only heighten the situation.

    Secondly, definitely get him neutered ASAP. This is important and thirdly, how often do you walk the dogs? How much exercise are they getting etc?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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