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pit bull/lab mix….what to expect?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion pit bull/lab mix….what to expect?

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    I recently adopted what I thought was a yellow Lab from a private owner. He is a nuetered 1 1/2 year old. I took him to the vet the next day because the previous owners had no documentation on his prior vaccinations/health. He is now Utd on all of his shots, heartworm medicine and flea medicine. The vet said he definitley has some bull terrier in him…probably pit bull, but listed him as a lab mix so we don’t have to deal with the stigma. Marley seems very well socialized, knows basic commands, is very very affectionate and has assimilated quickly into our family. I plan to take him to obedience class which starts in two weeks. Not knowing I adopted a bull of some sort, and having always been a bit freaked out by those breeds, I am just wondering if I am on the right track and if there is anything else I can do to ensure the best life for my dog and my family…….He shows no signs of aggression other than a bit of growling at the cats when they get near his food bowls and a bit of growling when a new person walks in until we cheerfully tell him it’s ok and then his tail starts wagging. Any helpful comments are much apperciated.


    Bauer is a pit lab, and we haven’t had any problems. If anything, he’s a bit too frightful of things, and way too submissive (pees all over the place when meeting new people).


    If he has any bully in him youare in for a treat! Start basic training to get him on the right track and socialize him in a controlled enviroment. Do your research, which it seems like you are, and as with any dog, always have contol have your new friend. Welcome to the wonderful word of Pit Bulls!!


    I’ve had labs in my family before (when I was younger), but now having a pit bull, we are very keen/aware of different things. Obedience classes are a must for any dog, no matter the breed. If you are able to take classes with other dogs, that is sometimes helpful (or at the very least, have play-dates with dogs in your area; here nobody really wants their dog playing with us, just ‘cuz he’s a pit bull). Pit bulls are big chewers, so having bones around (and not raw hides; they will scarf ’em down), maybe Kong toys (have worked for many, but not necessarily above and beyond chewers)…the lunging thing at cats will probably be easy to fix if he’s able to meet a few close up, or as you walk and the second he ignores them say “Good boy” and give him a treat.

    Your dog seems well on his way to being a wonderful companion and friend. You are doing your research and wanting the best life for him. 🙂 Yay!! I only wish more people would see pit bulls they way you are beginning to see them–I had never met a pit bull before we came to own one, and he wasn’t even our first choice…but after adopting and training him, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! congrats, and keep us up to date with how he’s doing!


    I have a black lab/pit mix. I picked her up from the pound when she was 8 weeks old. Not knowing what I had gotten I quickly realized that she was not full lab. She is about 7 years old now and a amazing dog! I can tell you that this mix of breeds needs a lot of exercise and many toys that have rewards. They are extremely smart and I have found that they Love training and being challenged! Now that Angel is older and have been thought almost every situation you can image she is very obedient. But it has taken lots of work and many chewed things. Just remember your dealing with lab which loves to run and chase things and a pit who is very smart and loves a good challenge. Welcome to owning one of the best mixed breeds in the world! Good luck!


    I had a shelter pit/lab mix. He was food aggressive toward my cats and other dog, but had no problem with my hand in his dish. Lab’s are very food driven. Pits are naturally protective of their things.

    He also growled at strangers but quickly accepted them. He seemed to be unsure about many things. He chewed through a LOT of toys too so buy the more expensive top quality ones (mydogtoy.com).

    I had a hard time with Jericho because of his stubbornness too. I had to remind him often that I was the pack leader (which is a MUST with pitbulls!)

    Definitely watch the food aggression. Jericho’s “little” problem that I avoided by feeding my 2 dogs several feet apart was his undoing. Long story short my at the time boyfriend was (not) watching him and he got into a scuffle with a giant schnauzer over a thanksgiving turkey that wasn’t being claimed or watched by any human pack leaders. Neither dog was hurt, but the other owner was angry. Just keep in mind the way a dog thinks. 🙂


    I have a 50/50 pit lab mix and a friend has her littermate. They are extremely affectionate, strong, and smart. They are eager to please and very responsive to people. Also, keep in mind that you have two hunting dogs (retriever and terrier) on your hands, prey drive will most likely be pretty high. If it looks like a pit, which mine does when she is panting, prepare for some nervous reactions from people. I made sure my vet records said “lab mix” and did not mention the pit bull because I am renting, but assuming your dog is well behaved i wouldn’t hesitate to use him to enlighten people.


    i got a fawn red nose pit as i live in crappy england and our government has banned them and made it illegal to own them i have to tell people shes a Weimaraner cross breed ,thankfully everyone whos asked say oh yer she looks like a Weimaraner lol were see what they say when shes an adult ill have to think of a new lie.

    Reece’s Mommy

    I have a Black Lab/ Pitt mix as well. Everything I have read above thus far has been pretty close to my experience. Reece in fact is incredibly smart and is always trying to please me; he learns tricks quicker than any other dog I’ve had growing up as well. He has never shown any aggression toward any other animal even cats (although squirrels intrigue him because of how fast they move). He loves all humans, especially children but can play rougher with them than he will with adult females. He does seem to be intimidated by the smaller dog breeds that yip at him. He is submissive toward dominate female dogs vs. males so far, until they give him the OK that he is friend material. The chewing EVERYTHING is what I can relate most too. We have given Reece his own toy box to choose from, we always have to lock up our trash, and he is blocked off from many areas of the house. He is afraid of water, yes even rain so we are unable to enjoy him at the lake or convince him to use the bathroom during the slightest sprinkle. I have never experienced the food aggression that others report – as I can even take a bone from him while he is chewing to move him out of the way of company – I warn him though first.
    The most important thing I learned is that Reece is so high energy that he needs to be exercised when I get home from work before I can relax or there will be no relaxing at all. After all, he has missed me all day long and has no idea how good or bad my work day was – he just wants to play with me and show me how much he loves me! Congrats on your new baby – I for one have never been happier!


    when buying mylo we were told he was a blue nose cross red nose but after the months came he started growing his hair longer and taller then are other pitty. so i started looking at pics of mix breeds when i came across a pit bull lab mix. I think thats why he pees eveywhere and has a hard time controling his playful side and screams at the top of his lungs like a child when scared witch is almost all the time if im not right beside him with other people. I started to limit him on the water he drinks. is that okay for him? i find he pees less and can hold it for longer when he only gets a little at a time. also he is attached to my hip when letting him out of his kennel he is only 5 months old. I wonder whats going to happen when he gets older or if he doesnt smarten up i might have to get rid of him.


    I have a lab/pit mix too and we have had nothing but fun with this dog. we have had him only a month if that and he has soooo much energy and is super smart. very loyal and attentive. you are going to have your hands full…of FUN!


    some dogs urinate when they get overly excited. other reasons too is a sign of being submissive to you or another dog. gotta figure that you are his pack leader, hes going to be the low man on the totem pole. Its also a sign of greeting. They see someone that they really want to please, or who intimidates them,they pee. Also, young dog really dont have all that great bladder control. . They get excited when they see you and yeah…you get pee. If they get in trouble, they pee too.Im reading this book called “The Secret Lives of Dogs” and its says “Unless your dog is still a puppy, its unlikely that she’s going to learn to control her bladder any better. But she can learn to control her emotions generally. The less excited she gets, the less likely she’ll be to make a mess. By far the best way to teach dogs to control their exuberance is to teach them basic obediance. Dogs who have learned to listen for instructions are generally calmer then those without any training”. The book is so interesting to read.

    raisins mom

    Raisin is around 11 months old and he still has issues with his bladder. If he is riled up and running around the house playing with our shepherd and I don’t put him outside right when he starts to settle down he will pee while he is walking. Often time he goes in front of the door, so he knows to go to the door just can’t hold it and I apparently to slow to notice. Anyother time he perfect and will sit at door and wait. Gonan look up that book. Thank you!


    We have now had Marley for 3 months. He has been thru his first dog class and was the teacher’s pet!! He caught on to his commands within seconds and was very well behaved around the 5 other dogs. We will enroll him in the next phase of training after the Holidays. The trainers liked him so well, they suggested we take his training as far as possible and they would like to use him in the community as a role model for the breed by visiting the elderly and disabled. Kudos to our trainers for accepting and recognizing the abilities and personality of the breed!!
    We have since nicknamed the dog Pumpkin because he is orange and has a big toothy smile like a jack o lantern. All of his food aggression has stopped and his behavior towards the cats turns out to be a mere eagerness to want to play with them…nothing more..although they want to have nothing to do with him.
    While in training we learned about appropriate toys to keep him occupied while we are away and when we have visitors. We don’t muzzle him while walking but bought a chest harness that keeps him more focused while in the neighborhood.
    Twice we have ended up with stray dogs in our yard while our dog was secured. Once was a larger aggressive dog that our dog barked at but did not try to bite or attack. Once was by a smaller more submissive dog that Pumpkin just sniffed and licked. Both times the owners were apologetic and seemed surprised, hopefully pleasantly, that our pit bull did not attack their dog.
    The down side to owning the pit is that he hogs the bed, tosses the cusions off of the couch, licks us constanly, and steals the cats’ food when we leave it unattended or within his reach…darn it. 🙂


    We also have a lab/pit mix. Best puppy in the world. He is adapted to the family very well. He has built a strong, and very different relationship with each member of the family. At first, he seemed very aggressive towards other dogs. I believe he just really wanted to play, but came across as a little aggressive. After adapting into the family and some training he has become very agreeable to most situations. I will say that our dog needs exercise… and a lot of it. My husband often takes him to the local baseball park where he can lock the fence and let him go. He LOVES it…. good luck and I am sure you will find this is a very sweet loving dog.

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