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    I have a male Bully who is a little over a year old, he is neutered and has an amazing disposition. He is so lovable and gets very excited when a new friend comes in the house. He wants to greet them and jump on them, covering them with kisses. The only problem is I can’t seem to get him to stop, even after they have been in the house for awhile. He wants all eyes on him and he is constantly jumping on them, trying to get them to play with him, and on ocassion will get so excited he humps a bit. I don’t want to raise my voice or scold him so that he starts to associate new people with him getting in trouble. I am not sure what I should do to teach him that when people come over he must act like the gentleman he is when it’s just family! Any suggestions?


    I have the exact issue with Kira. If you seen the news clip on facebook of my two pits Kira did her favorite thing to the reporter. Kira is CGC certified meaning she shouldn’t jump. Well she forgets so easily because she is so excited. My technique of control is a spray bottle (water only of course). Works like a charm. All I have to do is grab it it can even be empty and she stops in her tracks. When people come in my house it is halarious to watch her. I have ignore her and just sit down. Well she will sit next to them and stare quitely then every time they look at her and don’t pet her she skoots alittle closer still staring the look is priceless. Then they pet her and its over she’s ok then she out attention we just laugh she’s a dork. But anyways try the spray bottle and when you start training with it say off no don’t use down because that is the command for laying down. Good luck


    Thank You Amber I am going to try the spray bottle and see how that works. Samson is the sweetest little guy, and I guess I am sensitive on having a well mannered dog, especially since he is a Bully breed and people tend to be more critical and over sensitive towards these dogs!! Makes me sad…..I will let you know how it goes, I am filling up the bottle right now!!! PAWS CROSSED!!!


    Cool I hope it works just as well for you as it does for me. You will have to let me know.

    Daryl Lim

    Cool stuff. Thanks for the tips, I’ll do that too!


    I need some help as well with the jumping. Red has been in my life now about 5 weeks. He is doing very well on everything else, but the jumping is hard. I have used the spary bottle, pushed him down its nto working. I am working with another lady and that is not working either. People in my complex think because his tail his wagging he wants to eat them, they are very ignorant. He follows my commands, but the jumping he just wants to meet them. With children he will not jump, but stays on ground. I am at a loss for what to do. Any other idas? He is a rescue and he well the Vet says he is about 1 year. Does it matter that he is a Red nose?

    Des Moines Dame

    They do have a bit of the Tigger in them! It takes time and you have to be consistant with them. Make sure he gets a lot of good exercise, like long walks, catch, and off-leash dog parks.


    Definately try the water and get TONS of exercise. I exercise my dog every single day by going on a long brisk walk. Then if she is still super hyper, I play fetch with her in our back yard. We are lucky enough to live on a large lot.


    Be careful with the water bottle! That is considered positive punishment, and that could actually do more harm than good in the future. Just keep that in mind. There are much better ways to handle the situation for the long term.

    For dogs that jump when you or guest come in the door, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the dog at all. By showing the dog any kind of attention, that is reinforcing the jumping. Ignore the dog until all four are on the floor. Then praise the dog for not jumping. It may be a few minutes, it could be 15 minutes. The dog needs to be rewarded for calm behavior and NOT jumping. Teaching the dog to sit when people walk in the door is also a good way to reward the dog. Make sure to let your guests know to ignore your dog until the dog has calmed down. Once the dog is calm, then you and guests can pay attention to the dog.

    Another way to stop the jumping is to fold your arms and turn away from the dog and walk away. Dogs don’t like for their humans to ignore them. Once the dog has calmed down, then you can give attention. But when the dog starts to jump, turn and walk away. Pushing the dog down is acutally reinforcing the jumping behavior because you are touching the dog. Yelling at the dog reinforces it too. Anything you do to acknowledge the dog will just reinforce the jumping/excitable behavior.

    When you are sitting on the sofa and a dog is staring at you…IGNORE hiom. He is waiting for you to give him attention because he knows it has worked in the past. Now you have to reprogram his brain. You give the dog attention on your own terms. That sounds harsh, but in time you won’t have to do it anymore, and your dog will learn. If the dog jumps up on you when you are on the couch, get up immediately, and turn. Ignore the dog.

    Dogs jumping is because they are excited. You don’t want to reward the excitement. That is the key. It may be cute, but it can cause issues down the road.


    I totally agree with your advice its perfect. I would like to add to this, a dog should have to work towards what it needs and want. Pitbulls are working breeds and they crave reward. Let them know that they have to earn your love no matter what the circumstance and keep consistence! Always try to be one step ahead of them as they are extremely intelligent they learn quickly and know exactly what to do when they want something so always make it learer not harder so that it become normal. Be the pack leader never give and always be calm with the dog.


    with a dog of his age u must be hard are u allowing him  2 jump up on u and then saying good boy ,then shocked when your friends find it a pain ?Harsh is at may seem when he jumps towards u raise your knee saying NO. when he stops jumping then bend and praise if u can get several of your guests 2 do the same this i hope will stop the prob. N.B.A LOUD CRISP NO WITH KNEE FEND AND EVEN LOUDER PRAISE WHEN HE IS DOWN


    Unconditinal   love for any breed of dog is only apt when you have the total respect of said dog which means hard work on the owners 1. teach the dog 2 obey you,2. exercise and feed as appt 3.remember when your dog makes an error its a problem u should have forseen in most cases so the command word  NO  should have been shouted at you before situation occured


    I had/have the same problem. The younger of my girls, Georgia gets so excited when someone comes in the house! My husband and I got her to stop jumping on us fairly quick but our friends seem to ignore our rules for coming in the house. If you come in and walk right by her and don’t acknoledge her she will sit down or just rub around your legs but if you come in and start pushing her down and yelling at her to get down she just jumps even more. Few friends who abide by these rules have no problem with her jumping on them. My husband has a 2 year old son and we got Georgia when he was about 9 months old and she has never tried to jump on him. The water bottle did not work for us because she enjoyed being sprayed. We also tried pennies in a can which was recommended by our vet but she thought that was a toy and ended up getting it and playing with it.


    I use a spray bottle, and it works, but keep in mind you have to start them out with it when they are young. All i do now is pick it up and show them and they lay down.I have six dogs and they all know when the bottle is picked up that it is time to be still. My pit is 15 weeks and she is already trained to it.



    I  have a real problem with the water bottle method, if this dosent work would u  use a tazar ?

    the correct way 2 bring up any dog is by rewarding not punishing.Jumping up is a hard problem but consider this did u encourage said activity when dog was a pup without realising? Praise your dog at all times by making sure it only does what u want never let the dog do wrong if possible very hard i agree but this early work is imperrative 2 ensure a contollable dog during the turbulent adolescent years. if you still have a problem with jumping read my comment on knee fend above and install these on any new freinds coming round with concistency comes results


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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