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How big is your dog?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion How big is your dog?

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    Hi I’m Travis I have two males and one female I’m guessing mine are the bullies because my male bubba 3 years old weighs in at 100-105 in the winter and 93-98 in the summer very muscular looks like a dog on steroids lol and my other male Chico weighs in at 75-80 all year around and my female is almost a year old and she’s almost 80lbs and still growing she loses weight also in smear months just haven’t weighed her in a couples months but I love my babies whether pit bullies amstaffs I don’t care there my babies tyre registered as apbt but they are way large according to dogbreedinfo but one is akc and ukc and another is just ukc registered so idk


    Hi, im new to this, but I was lookin threw this thread and saw everyone else talkin about how much there pit weighed so I put lil prima on the scale. SHe weighed in at 16lbs at 8 weeks old!



    My girl Deja is 6 or 7 mo and about 30. My last pit toped the scales at 70 at one pint and my mom’s 1yr old male is  65#


    my boy Bruzer (pit lab mix though) is about 55 lbs and will be turning 2 in December.  My baby BJ just turned 4 months a few days ago and already weighs 39 lbs.  they say to get a rough guess of the dogs weight fully grown take their weight at 16 weeks and mulitply it by 2.  with Bruzer it wa wrong, he ended up weighing a little bit more, not sure how big BJ will end up….

    thugg dogs only boo

    my dog is about a year and i think the heat slowed her growth down but she is like 40 pounds and kinda fat.all my other pitbulls i had grew fast.i had her mom and at a year she was like 70 pounds.so IDK’!!!:D



    My male pit at 5 1/2 months weighs 62 lbs. He’s a blue nose


    This thread is from a whole ago but reading the comments I have now been convinced to say somethig myself. I have a 26 week old male pit who is 22″ tall already and weighs 66lbs. I feed him a high quality food just the same as I have for years with my border collie mix whom is only 40 lbs and I must say this fella is huge, way bigger than expected when I bought him from the breeder not that I mind of course since I’ve always wanted a really big dog; however now I’m left wondering just how big he is going to get lol! To the question originally asked though I think it’s safe to say this thread has proven that pits come in all kinds of heights and weights, what I would recommend is to ensure that your girl looks even in proportions and isn’t physically limited in what she can and can’t do. 

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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