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Food Recommendations

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    Iams lamb & rice


    Wellness Core! Another great food is Orijen!
    To find out about great food check out http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/
    You’ll be surprised how bad most food are even tho your dogs love it.

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    Eukanuba all the way with one raw egg cracked over just once a week since we brought him home. He’s happy and healthy.


    We Do Regal Lamb formula. Another great one is Eagle Pac. We did beneful for a while.. and i cannot tell you enough to LOOK at the packaging. The first ingredient should NOT be any kind of corn. It’s like eating cereal for every meal. Georgie got ear infections all the time and we realized it was a corn allergy.


    BilJac. A must try, you will definitely see a change in your dog. Look it up! I’ve gotten all my friends who own pits as well as other types of dogs and they love it just as much..


    They now eat a combination of raw, organic that I prepare for them and Instinct Rabbit


    Our dogs get Taste of the Wild and they love it.


    I have 6 pits and I feed them Purina Pro plan. They have an awesome rebate program that helps me with the cost and I like the fact that all their ingredients are made in the USA> My dogs have all done really well on this food.


    I’ve had success with EVO Red Meat Formula Dry Dog Food. I’m reading up on raw diets, and may take the plunge.


    Taste of the wild High prairie


    i feed mine diamond dog food high energy formula the weight gain is great tons of energey 28% protien 8% fat and best of all its only 30 bucks for 40 puonds most tractor supply stores sell it its well woth the try


    A lot of people are suggesting crappy food.

    Good foods:

    Wellness CORE
    Innova EVO
    Solid Gold
    Natural Balance
    Taste of the Wild

    Do not buy anything from a grocery store, or drug store. Anything from Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Purina, etc are junk.


    I would have to agree with bullypaws post. I do feed my one pit Iams proactive Lamb and Rice. It seems to do well for him. He has allergies and my other pit was eating that as well and she has a poor immune system anyways and it finally had enough and she was having severe allergic reations and swelling of her face. The vet recommened precription or I could try food that have absoulutely no chicken, beef, lamb, rice, or grains of that nature. So she is on Natural Balance venison and sweet potatos and she LOVES it. I don’t care much for the price tag of $50 for 28lbs but she is doing great on it and no more reactions. I don’t think I could afford to feed them both that food right now but my male has a serious gas and intestinal issue before I put him on Iams Lamb and Rice so I’m going to leave that alone. I don’t need anymore drama. I looked at Taste of the Wild though and their Venison still has chicken meal in it. Cheaters!


    My husband/I began our dog (year and about 8 months) on Purina One Adult, but only because that was what he was being fed at the shelter, but we decided to switch because of what we thought was a skin reaction–switched to Eukanuba. It was recommended to us by our dog trainer–Maintenance formula–he’s done well on that. Healthy stools, not as much itching, although I’d love to be able to afford Natural Balance for him. He LOVES their tubes of food–fish/sweet potato, lamb, and turkey–awesome ingredients, no fillers/by products–all natural, wholesome goodness. Might end up switching over to Nat. Balance if Eukanuba doesn’t sit well with him at some point–but we don’t want to switch foods too often.


    Blue Buffalo is very good, our vet says alot of bullies are prone to skin issues and holistic foods don’t contain alot of wheat which some dogs are allergic too.

    Hope this helps

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 40 total)
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