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Food Recommendations

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    Whatever you are going to feed your pet, you should always make sure to do your research. My dog eats Dogswel as of right now, but there are better foods out there. Evo, Innova, and California Natural which are all made by the company Natura were just bought by Procter and Gamble which do animal testing and own Iams and Purina. Most foods sold at grocery stores are complete and utter crap. Read the label. Dogs should not be eating SOY, WHEAT, OR CORN! Besides those fillers you might see things like cellulose, aka, sawdust. You might see BHT or BHC which are chemical preservatives that cause cancer and are banned from human substances. Many pet food companies just throw in whatever meat they get cheapest. This mean buying protein from rendering factories that just grind up dead animals. This means your dog is eating euthanized horses, dogs, cats, road kill and so on. It doesn’t stop at the grocery store though. Prescription foods are just as bad if not worse. They contain little to no meat sometimes and can cause even worse health. Vet’s are not always trained in nutrition and are provided texts books via Purina! Therefore all they know is to put a dog on prescription food when sick.

    Not all pet food companies are evil. Many are affordable and offer a complete nutrition for you loved one. Premium Edge, Taste of the Wild, Halo, Solid Gold, Nature’s Variety and many more are great companies with great tasting food!


    hey check out diamond brand food!! much cheaper than what u r using and much better some with no corn,wheat or soy, and like 26 dollars for a 40lb bag?? cheap as pedigree!! good luck :}


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    While I’m sure that Wellness is a good food nutritionally for dogs, I have personllay experienced 3 bags of this food being infested with moths and larvae. UGH!!! There was actually live things crawling in the food!! I wrote the company and they never responded to two emails. I am very leery of their products now. Gave our dog very bad gas, upset stomach and she’s prone to it anyway, so this didn’t help. This shouldn’t happen is such a premium food. Have switched to Blue Buffalo. No problems.

    Reece’s Mommy

    I cannot express enough how thankful I am for all of you and this site period. I’m so new to being a dog owner and my Reece is seriously the greatest thing to come into my life but I’m discovering that I’m doing him a great disservice by giving him food that he LOVES but are not appropriate for him. He doesn’t have food allergies or a sensitive stomach at all but he has serious skin allergies that I need to get under control. I think based on all of the info above we are gonna try the Blue Buffalo. Thanks for this thread!!!

    Chris L

    WE feed our 4 month old gilr Acana for large breed Puppy. She loves it. I have given her a Bone with some raw beef on it is this ok or should I cook them first?


    Has anyone ever tried Satin Balls with their pit? If so, what were the results?


    When we got Bruce, he was eating Pedigree. He was so gasy and just about stunk us out of the car the very first day. His coat was dull and he had dry areas. KoKo has the same coat problem. Dry areas that are itchy. Sooo…we got both on Iams. Then we talked to the office girl at the vet and SHE said that because of the fillers in the food we have been giving them that they are probably having an allergic reaction to some of the stuff in the food. She fosters pits and says she uses Blue Buffalo. I did some research and we have introduced Acan Grassland blend to their diet. I like the fact that its grain free. The base ingredient is Lamb. Orijins Regional Red is the other one we are going to rotate it with. That is also grain free. THey both LOVE the Acana. I cant wait to see what their coats are going to look like.


    I feed my Bowser Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul


    The best ist raw meat…thats what i giv for my Pit

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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