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Dog attacks–why do they continue to undermine the breed?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Dog attacks–why do they continue to undermine the breed?

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    your right about the small dogs not to long ago in portalberni canada a pomeranian attacked and killed i 2 week old babby you could only find it online not on tv i laugh at alot of the news reports on pit attacks it will say a pittbull atacked blah blah and it will show the dog and ill be like what the hell thats not a pitbull


    Some people are just i’gnant!
    You don’t want those types around your Pit anyways! 😉


    LOL, I thought that only happened to me!

    FWIW, the only dog that’s ever bitten me was a Chihuahua. :/


    “my back home neighbor told me last week that if he sees my dog again, he will shoot him.”

    What a jackass…

    Tell him that whatever happens to your dog will happen to him.

    Better yet, report his threat to the Police. Tell them you’re scared! 😉


    Towards the dog attack situation dogs anyone ever care to put how many times a chiauhaha has attacked a kid and or adult? People have died from getting attacked by a chiauhaha.


    I can’t help you with statistics there but I can tell you that my Pit was racing around with a pug at the dog park this morning and they were both having a blast!

    They’re dogs just like any other dog. THey need supervision and training. Unfortunately the media needs a scapegoat.

    Maybe this site has what you’re looking for? http://www.atts.org/


    Haven’t been on here for awhile…but in the news in IA there have been LOTS of stories on, get this, PIT BULL ATTACKS?! What? Dare they report anything about a LAB or POODLE attack? Guess not…but that’s not going to sway my husband and I one way or the other. Our dog is a PIT BULL, and pretty darn proud of it! Has been through training, is NEVER without some sort of supervision, and is the most lovable dog we have ever known or owned. Here’s a story that’s posted on FB, for anyone wanting to read:

    A few weeks ago, her owner let her outside to go to the bathroom, but Kibbles (female pit) kept going out behind the barn and barking like crazy! Kibble’s owner didn’t want to make the trek through the mud and cold to see what was going on and just called Kibbles back into the house.

    Later that night, Kibbles went outside for another bathroom break and again went back to the barn and was barking like crazy. This time, when her owner called her back to the house, Kibbles was not alone! Gently clutched in her mouth was…a PUPPY!!!!! (a VERY large puppy!)

    Kibbles was carefully carrying Bianca, a beautiful white husky mix puppy, who was only about 6 weeks old but weighed almost 15 pounds!!! That’s quite a mouthful!!!

    Assuming that this puppy had been dumped on her farm, Kibble’s owner took the pup in, bathed, fed and cared for her. A few weeks later, she and Kibbles brought Bianca to the shelter so that we could find the loving permanent home she deserves.

    Lo and behold, it has happened!! Bianca will go home with a loving family later this week. But I wanted to retell the story of this gentle, loving pitbull and how she saved the life of a pup who had been recklessly abandoned on someone’s farm.

    The journey shared between these two loving creatures shows us how compassionate, nurturing and instinctive our canine friends can truly be! Thank you Kibbles for being Bianca’s guardian angel and best of luck to Bianca in her new home! 🙂


    My Wife works at our local animal sheler and a Shi Tzu was surrendered today because it bit the owners daughter in the face. Six stitches were required to close the wound.
    That never gets reported either, “journalists” just laugh it off.


    Im an owner of 2 Pitbulls, and a Mom to 3 kids ages 7.4,3 , and 2 of them have ADHD.  Our dogs are the best things ever for the kids, because they (dogs Duke & Steel) are energetic and super compassionate.  Because the kids are super active the dogs keep up with them all day long whether is fetch, soccer, swimming, but the dogs are more then willing to hang out on the couch and cuddle.  Duke (4/dog ) was top of his Obedience Class ,and Steel (1) is starting in May, and I have high hopes for him as well at taking top spot too 🙂   Therapy Certication is starting this summer, and I hope to volunteer with them.  They love kids, old people, other animals, and dress up in silly costumes ( the kids love to dress them up ) and are highly obedient & intelligent animals, what’s not to love about the breed!  I grew up with the breed and Rottis as well, and Im not ashamed to admit, Chows, cocker spanials and weiner dogs scare the shit outta me.  If I could count the number of times Ive been chased by one out walking my dogs…..   but a bad dog is usually the result of a irresponsible owner!  I will always own a Pitbull so as long as I live, and my kids proably will too 🙂


    AMEN!! I’m pretty sure my husband and I will love no other dog like we do the APBT! 🙂 Everywhere we went today, people commented on how well-behaved he was, and how fit he is…and then they ask what breed he is, and we tell ’em he’s a APBT…all of them had the same reaction–it’s all in how you treat them!

    Takes all of us out there, in whatever communities we may be, to spread the good word about the breed!! 🙂 Bless you and your pits!!!


    Hello everyone!  I’m new to the community but I wanted to share my 2-cents on some things I read here. 

    First, Rebeccajoshuaoshea, what we did when we had out pit before our baby was bring a blanket home from the hospital before the baby so Chiba(the dog) could smell it and learn the new smell in the house.  We also made the baby’s room off limits.  When we did bring Emma home, Chiba welcomed her with a sniff then went back to her spot on the couch.  She would actually wake me up if Emma was running a fever or something during the night and we were all sleeping (Emma included). 

    tere047, I would have called the police and reported a threat.  Nobody is going to shoot my dog in my own back yard. 

    Also, my friends had little dogs when we were little and I was scared of them.  They would growl and bite.  My family had Rotts and they never showed teeth to anyone unless you threatened a member of our family.  One of my friends actually had her nose bitten off by her Shi’tzu.  That was never in the news.

    My pit is still a puppy so when we are walking, she still has the ‘puppy appeal’ but some people still look at me like I’m crazy.  People ask me if she’s a Boxer a LOT.  I always tell them she’s a Pit, and their demeanor with her changes.  All she wants is love.

    Mama luvs Maximus

    I googled this site because I have a pitbull and I have questions…and nowhere to turn!  My dog’s name is Maximus he is 6 months old.  We got him for Christmas and have had no problems with him and my 3 babies (4, 3, and 2 years old).  He loves the stuffing outta them and they love him back.  Today, however, my husband’s nephews came over and my dog gets over excited when we have company.  He proceeded to jump on him despite my husbands calls.  I know my dog was only trying to “love” him, but the boy got very scared and began spining around, my dog put the boy’s arm in his mouth and when the boy spun he bit down!!  I felt so horrible for the boy, he was hurt and scared!!  I don’t know what to do…Max has never done anything like that before (the biting I mean).  He always jumps on people when they come over and we yell at him and send him to his bed, but this was outside in our yard.  Now my father-in-law wants to shoot my dog!!  He says that Max now has a taste for blood and he will “go crazy” and want to bite all of the time.  Could this be true?  


    @Mama loves Maximus      We seem to experience the same “excitedness” of which you speak with our pitbull. However, if I notice that kids are too excited, I remove O’Shea from the situation, as I know that often the people who are super excited are way young and couldn’t handle his excited nature. But I always try to educate people when they greet him, “You first should put out your hand, so he can sniff you…and I’ll bring him to you. Be sure to pet him -here or there-, as sometimes he doesn’t like being pet around his nose…” those sort of things. I know people will sometimes say “I know how to approach a dog,” but I think pits are a little different, in that they ARE high energy dogs, and if someone doesn’t know how to approach them, they could get hurt. And it’s NOT because it’s in the pit nature to hurt someone–because that’s BOLOGNA!

    Has you done different training exercises with your pup? I know ours still attempts on jumping up on people, but we use commands such as “down” and “sit…” keep it simple, with a real stern voice, and if he doesn’t comply, we place him in the other room….or, if you’re outside with the dog, is he on a chain of some kind? I am sure you’re taking all the steps necessary to be a responsible owner–I’m just trying to think of all the things I’d try to do to keep the people I love, and my dog, safe 🙂

    I do hope you’re able to find lots of help on this site. I’m a new owner (have had O’Shea for a year now), and am learning new things every day. Do consult people here–many have such good information to share, it’s wonderful!

    Mama luvs Maximus

    @rebeccajoshuaoshea I was so distraught at the thought of my dog being shot at when I wrote this.  Reading it now I see how ignorant I sound to think that he would become a blood thirsty crazed animal!! LOL  I do usually keep him on a leash when he’s in the yard because we don’t have a fence yet!  And I also have trained him to sit and get down when he jumps (it’s a work in progress).  For the most part he does as he’s told which is why we were so shocked that he bit the boy!!  My dog just got over excited, unfortunately the boy paid the price 🙁   We have since spoken to the boy and his mother and everyone has calmed down (thank God)!!  I’ve been browsing around the site and came across some training advice in regards to jumping and I’ve been trying to use some of the advice that I’ve read, so far so good 🙂  Thank God for sites like this one!!


    Well this will bring a smile to a lot of us on this site.

    My pitbull ‘s name is Faith. My son named her due to the person that introduce Faith and us was a different religion and we were devote Christians.

    Sad to say, my friends did not like that I had this type of dog.  I honestly was not liking her either.  As I work in the local school system, I have seen our youth being misunderstood.  That is what I have learned from this breed.

    Since I decided to keep her, I instantly placed her in classes.  The trainer was very impressed on how she was sooo sweet.  She moved from puppy, intermediate, now to advance.  She has her AKC CGC, and is a service dog for me.  She is my medical alert dog, since I suffer from a lot of things. 

    She goes with me to the grocery stores, and 90% of the time she is so my best friend. She has changed my family and friends mind of the breed.  She is now a working dog to change the public view.  One store employee told me to write the local press to show that the breed is a good breed.  I recently read that our Famous Helen Kellar had this type of breed as a family dog.  Look at the lil’ Rascals kids was around Petey the Pitbull.  Even so Roosevelt has his presidental dog was a WHAT???? At the White House, a Pitbull.  So the Pitbull owners if our famous society had them, give the history of our breed.  I guess FAITH is going to give us hope.  My 13 yr old son has also learned how to be a great parent to her with the responsiblity of the care of her. 

    Faith has brought a lot of joy to my family.  Thanks to all love this breed!

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