Pit Bulls » Razor Edge Pitbull – Breed Profile, Price, Pics & Information

Razor Edge Pitbull – Breed Profile, Price, Pics & Information

Despites Pitbulls popularity among dog enthusiasts, many people are still unaware that this dog breed comes in various sizes, shapes, and bloodlines. One particular bloodline, the Razor Edge Pitbull, is loveable among people from all age groups. The reason – it is the friendliest pitbull bloodline.

Razor Edge Pitbulls are known to be friendly, mild, and have a laid-back temperament. On top of that, they have outstanding skills with people, a gentle demeanor, and a loving personality that you can’t resist to make them part of your family.

So, what makes Razor Edge Pitbulls the friendliest pitbull bloodlines? What makes them different from other Pitbulls’ breed? Let’s find out together!

What Is A Razor Edge Pitbull?

A Razor Edge Pitbull is a type of American Bully that originated from a specific bloodline that has a short but wide head with medium-sized eyes and ears that are set high on its head. They are well-built with a muscular physique, broad chest, and bulkier looks. However, their back is short, and their legs are more compact.

This breed of dog is known for its distinctive muscular build, blocky head, and shorter stature compared to the traditional American Pit Bull Terrier. Its name comes from their kennel – Razor Edge. The Razor Edge Pitbull is of mixed heritage, and Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale created this type of Pitbull bloodline in the 1980s to get a more family-oriented dog breed.

What Is A Razor Edge Pitbull

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Razor Edge Pitbulls are intelligent, loyal, and protective of their owners. They are great family dogs and are known for their affectionate nature towards children. They are very active and also require regular exercise to maintain their muscular physique.

Overall, Razor Edge Pitbulls are a powerful, loyal, and intelligent breed of dog that is perfect for families who are looking for a protective and affectionate pet.

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Razor Edge Pitbull Bloodline History

Razor Edge Pitbulls first came into the scene in the 1980s. Unlike other Pitbull breeds that were primarily bred for hunting or dog fighting, this breed was carefully crafted to be a companion dog.

Each trait is deliberately hand-picked so as to get the best temperament of a companion dog. And it takes approximately seven generations to establish the current bloodlines and attributes – size, coat colors, and appearance – we see in many modern-day Razor Edge Pitbulls.

Razor Edge Pitbull Bloodline History

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Basically, a Razor Edge Pitbull is a product of cross breeding Pitbull with at least five other different dog breeds. Although one knows the exact breeds used throughout their development, it’s likely to be the English Bulldog, the Mastiff, the American Bulldog, and the American Pitbull Terrier.

The thing is, Razor Edge Pitbulls are so unique that they are deemed to be its own distinct entity. You can’t just mix a Pitbull with a Mastiff and expect the puppies to be accepted as Razor Edge Pitbull. In fact, to be identified as Razor Edge Pitbull, the puppies need to come from a specific Razor Edge Pitbull bloodline.

In short, Razor Edge Pitbulls are not 100% Pitbull. Even so, they are a part of the American Bully breed, a recognition by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC).

How Expensive Will A Puppy Be?

Typically, a standard starting price for a Razor Edge Pitbull is $2,000. Still, keep in mind that the price can easily go up above $5,500 depending on their pedigree, breeder and location.

Since Razor Edge Pitbull one the friendliest pitbull bloodline, they’re very sought-after. Which means the cost of getting a puppy can be very expensive.

Razor Edge Pitbull Breed Profile


As you already know, Razor Edge Pitbull is the result of mixing Pitbull with several dog breeds, notably the English Bulldog or Mastiff. However, there isn’t much randomness and commonality in Razor Edge Pitbulls, something often seen with the mixed breeds. Which is to say, Razor Edge Pitbulls are born with similar physical traits.

Even so, Razor Edge Pitbulls still look very much like a Pitbull, with main differences on their body type. Razor Edge Pitbulls are slightly bigger than most Pitbulls, owing to the cross breeding with English Bulldogs and Mastiffs.

Their head and chest are relatively larger, whilst their body is short, stocky, and of solid build with a very muscular physique. Overall, they are much bulkier and shorter than regular Pitbulls. As for the weight, this breed weight comprises mostly muscle, with females between 40 and 55 lb and males between 55 and 70 lb.

In terms of appearance, the ears of a Razor Edge Pitbull are either cropped or at a point. They are usually born with either blue or blue brindle coats, thanks to their exceptionally nurtured bloodline.

As a matter of fact, they also get called the “Blue Razor Edge Pitbulls”. Of course, you can still find other coat colors like black and white or blue fawn, although there are not many and you need to get it from specific breeders.


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Razor Edge Pitbull have similar personality traits as the American Pitbull Terrier, thanks to the American Pitbull Terrier DNA in them. Contrary to the fallacy surrounding Pitbulls, Razor Edge Pitbulls are not a good guard dog.

The thing is that Razor Edge Pitbulls are extremely friendly and people-oriented. Their non aggressive behaviors means they might end up playing with the intruder rather than biting them.

However, they can still be a reliable alert dog. Razor Edge Pitbulls are quite alert and noisy. They will bark at whoever that passes by, although the dog barking intention was not due to aggression. Rather, they bark from the excitement of meeting people.

Additionally, Razor Edge Pitbulls larger size and forbearing quality also make them a great companion for children. Their patient and zest temperament means they are able to manage intense attention from a child and not easily get stressed out while with toddlers.

In short, Razor Edge Pitbulls are happy dogs. They are always excited and thrilled with everything around them, even the smallest things. They have so much love and happiness to give, giving you more reason to have them in your family.

Training and Care

Razor Edge Pitbulls are pretty easy to train. They’re quite compliant and are moderately intelligent, which means they’re able to learn new commands quickly. However, there are times that they’ll choose to ignore you.

This usually happens when you try to socialize your pup. Due to their pleasing and playful nature, Razor Edge Pitbull can be overly excited with the presence of people and dogs around them. Hence, never let them be off-leash or you’ll see your dog running around looking for new friends.

Another downside is that Razor Edge Pitbulls can be quite destructive. The big jaw and the love to chew means anything that they have their eyes on is pretty much gone. Which is why you need to standby a lot of chewable items for this purpose.

In addition, never leave them unsupervised, specifically when they’re still a puppy. It’s advisable to keep them in a puppy-proof room or a crate designed for Pitbulls in case you can’t keep an eye on them.

Altogether, we strongly recommend you to take your Razor Edge Pitbull to obedience classes, especially if you’re new to dog ownership. Attending obedience classes can assist you in training your dog effectively and efficiently, lessening any unnecessary frictions from both sides.

As for exercising, Razor Edge Pitbulls don’t need much. Albeit being quite athletic, they could only play hard for a short time and will wear out after, an endurance level that you’ll not be expecting from Pitbull’s bloodline.

So, the best exercise for them is two short walks daily, enough to get the energy out without overtiring your pup. Of course, from time to time, you may exchange the walking sessions with playtimes at your backyard or at the park.

Health Condition

Overall, Razor Edge Pitbulls are considerably quite healthy. Health issues caused by genetic conditions are less likely to happen due to the rich gene pools they have.

Even so, there are still chances that some genetic condition might arise, something that is unavoidable from mixing the same dog breed again and again. Worst, these health conditions won’t show any symptoms until much later in the dog’s life.

Which is why it’s essential for breeders to do a health testing on the dogs before letting them mate. Mating two dogs that have similar underlying issues, eg. bad hips, will only produce puppies with worse hips problems.

Below are the health conditions that Razor Edge Pitbull breeders should test prior any breeding:

Getting A Razor Edge Pitbull

If you’re thinking of getting a Razor Edge Pitbull, remember to only get it from reputable and ethical breeders. One easiest way to avoid getting unethical pitbull breeders in your area is by visiting a registered American Bully Kennel Club or the AKC.

Once you find one, you still need to do a background check on them, especially on their breeding process. It’s important to ensure the breeding process is done in a safe and sanitary way. Additionally, make sure they have health certificates for the dogs from a licensed veterinarian. This is to make sure the parents and puppies have been screened for common health issues.

In addition to health concerns, make sure the breeder also has papers from the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, or the American Bully Kennel Club. With these titles and claims, you can be sure your pup is of a championship bloodline or purebred.

Getting A Razor Edge Pitbull

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Razor Edge Pitbull – FAQ

Is Razor Edge A Bully Or Pitbull?

The Razor Edge Pitbull is a bloodline of the American Bully. It is often confused with the Bully breed, but they are not the same. The Razor Edge Pitbull is a hybrid of several breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. This breed is known for its impressive appearance, gentle temperament, and unwavering loyalty to its family.

Does A Razor Edge Pitbull Make A Good Pet?

Razor Edge Pitbulls can make great pets for the right owners. They are loyal and affectionate with their families and are known for their gentle temperament. However, like any dog, they require proper training and socialization to become well-behaved adult dogs. They need plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. If you are considering getting a Razor Edge Pitbull, make sure you have the time and resources to provide them with the care they need.

Are Razor Edge Pitbulls Aggressive?

Contrary to popular Pitbull misconceptions, Razor Edge Pitbulls were bred to become companion dogs. They are not naturally aggressive but still need to be trained and appropriately socialized to be well-behaved and obedient. It is important to provide them with plenty of exercise, socialization, and love to ensure they grow up to be happy, healthy and overall well-behaved adult dogs.


In summary, Razor Edge Pitbulls can make great pets for the right owners. They are loyal, affectionate, and gentle with their families. However, they require proper training, socialization, and exercise to become well-behaved adult dogs.

If you are considering getting a Razor Edge Pitbull, make sure you have the time and resources to provide them with the care they need.

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